Video: Justin Bieber’s BFF Lil Twist Arrested for DUI

Justin Bieber and Lil Twist driving fisker karma

Justin Bieber’s best friend Lil Twist was arrested for an alleged DUI after being pulled over for speeding while driving one of Justin’s cars, reports TMZ.

Twist was pulled over for speeding on a California parkway on his way to Justin’s house.

He was believed to be under the influence of a substance when police stopped the chrome Fisker Karma at 3:30 in the morning. He was taken to a nearby police station and booked on a charge of driving under the influence.

According to the site, Twist did not appear drunk but he may have been under the influence of drugs.

Watch video: 

Lil Twist leaving Jail. He was ARRESTED for DUI in Calabasas, CA July 11.

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