Video: Justin Bieber’s BFF Lil Twist Arrested for DUI

Justin Bieber and Lil Twist driving fisker karma

Justin Bieber’s best friend Lil Twist was arrested for an alleged DUI after being pulled over for speeding while driving one of Justin’s cars, reports TMZ.

Twist was pulled over for speeding on a California parkway on his way to Justin’s house.

He was believed to be under the influence of a substance when police stopped the chrome Fisker Karma at 3:30 in the morning. He was taken to a nearby police station and booked on a charge of driving under the influence.

According to the site, Twist did not appear drunk but he may have been under the influence of drugs.

Watch video: 

Lil Twist leaving Jail. He was ARRESTED for DUI in Calabasas, CA July 11.

  • KattyB$


    • Bieber

      THX GOD
      I believe that lil twist goin to jail is a good thing
      Not to b mean
      I just think that he was the bad influence to Justin’s life
      The one causing him his bad reputation
      I believe that Justin will soon turn into a better role model for his fans
      Justin needs to get better friends
      U know the friends that will always keep u grounded and give u a better influence to life
      Not drinking and clubbing
      Justin deep down under uve got a good heart
      But u HAV to show the world u do

      • Bieber

        Who agrees wit me?

      • Bieber

        Who ever agrees wit me
        Just send a *


  • 2010Bieber


    • KattyB$

      um your kinda being racist 2010bieber you didnt have to say black twist,his name is lil twist.that was not necessary for you to do that.ALL YALL OVER Exaggerating to much. yall need a chill pill!. DAMN ALWAYS GOTTA BE SUCH A BIG DEAL.. ITS NOT LIKE HE GOT ARRESTED. ONE MORE THING STOP BLAMMING HIS FRIENDS. JUSTIN HAS HIS OWN BRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • sk

        you so right kattyB$!!!!

    • Biebercrazy

      I so agree with you 2010bieber. He should hang out with people who don’t reflect bad on him. Also people that don’t use him. If you haven’t noticed lil twist only uses justin twist doesn’t ever use his car it’s always Justin’s.

      • Dymond purnell

        I agree with u.

    • Zoey

      @2010Bieber: Your mother should have aborted you. We don’t need racist people like you around.

      • KattyB$

        thank u we dont need RACIST PEOPLE LIKE 2010BIEBER.

      • sarahhhh

        okay racism is bad but what you said is over the top. tbh all of you need to grow up. but telling someone that they should be dead is too much. get a life hun.

    • Bieber

      THX GOD
      now Justin probably has all the bad influences in his life out
      Lil twist is just a devil that’s tryn to cause u trouble
      Look how much trouble he’s got u into jb
      U need to get friends that lead u to the right path
      Not to ⬇
      I need jb to turn normall
      But lil twist ain’t helping that

  • manalie bieber

    I personaly think that they just being boys.But they take it to far.I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER

  • ivan

    TMZ is reporting a source says they found pot. Justin must act soon to shut the door to their use of his cars before someone is killed.

  • ivan

    This is one of several stories in TMZ involving Justin. It is obvious they are out to get him. The comments on the part of some of the trash commenting in the site are horrible. Every article from them is sarcastic and hateful toward him showing where they are coming from.

  • Nadia

    follow me @nadiavier (WILL FOLLOW BACK) (:

  • Sally

    This isn’t a TMZ story, it’s real. Why does he hang around these losers? They use his house, his cars…his fame. Iil twist would be no one without him. Lil za, what does he do again? Exactly. Get your own money, own cars, own homes, and own VIP status! Losers.

  • chick

    It’s not really surprising really, but he needs to shut it down on the use of his cars. I found this website called birthdaypersonailty.tumblr.com and it sounds so right explaining one’s birthday. So I looked up Justin’s and it sounds very true.
    March 1st {READDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}
    People born on March 1 have a talent for lifting the moods of others and for transforming concepts or thoughts into solid achievements. They tend to have an eye for beauty, seeing the world with the vision of an artist. However, they can also be extremely practical and level-headed; anyone who dismisses them as lightweights will be making a big mistake.

    When the strong willpower of people born on this day is focused, they can accomplish miracles through their determination and conviction. Unfortunately, despite this incredible potential to succeed, they are also prone to panic, negative thinking and lack of confidence. When in a state of anxiety, they are easily influenced and likely to attract people who will take advantage of their talents. It is important for them to build up their selfesteem so they can steer their life in the right direction instead of others jumping into the driving seat.

    Until the age of nineteen it is likely that their plans for the future will be fairly vague or constantly shifting; this is the period when they are at their most vulnerable to negative influences or causes that aren’t worthy of them. Fortunately, between the ages of twenty and forty-nine they enter a phase when they became more assertive and self-assured, if a little controlling, selfish or impatient when things aren’t going their way. After the age of fifty they will feel a need to establish themselves and to devote themselves either to their loved ones or to a variety of humanitarian causes. In fact, throughout their lives they often feel a deep concern for the wellbeing of others, although it may not be until later in life that they inject practicality into those concerns and get going with them.

    Despite their tendency to self-doubt, these people have great intelligence, charisma and originality. Once they learn to take responsibility for their decisions, they often find themselves in the position of a leader making a difference and paving the way for others less fortunate through the power of their personality.

  • paige

    i fucking hate

  • Kalani

    Well lil twist is stupid and dumb enough to drive someone else car and get pulled over. If it was his car then it’s on him. Justin’s car that’s so messed up. He should get community service or jail time.

  • bieber’s shawty forever


  • essie j

    im not suprised

  • ivan

    Justin is too trusting and nice to these guys who watch over his mansion while he’s away which is most of the time. He has to tell them to drive their own cars if they have such. Every time they get in trouble, it reflects on Justin. So he has to say:’No Mas’

  • beebee

    Unfortunately TMZ had 3 zingers tonight on their show against Justin Beiber. I try not to watch their show I wanted to see their lies about Beiber. They did say officially Beiber and Selena are back together. The condition is that Beiber cleans up his act. No drugs, etc. Lie probably.

  • Likethemboth

    I hope they get back together i would be happy like yay

  • Barasha

    I dont want lil twist teach justin any thing bad.

  • LaLa

    Why oh why does he hang out with this free-loading delinquent? He’s done so much bad crap and Justin just seems to turn the other cheek. These guys are just bad news for his career and aspirations in the long run.

  • Barasha

    Why cant justin hang out with persons like harry styles or chris browh or some one like them.

  • oxBelieberxo

    Justin shouldn’t be hanging around with Lil’ twist anymore. He’s a bad influence to him. Also him using Justin’s car, he’s causing accidents and all that. Can’t he afford his own car?

  • oxBelieberxo

    Justin shouldn’t be hanging around Lil” twist anymore. He’s a bad influence to him. Also him using Justin’s car, he’s speeding and being pulled over all the time. Can’t he afford his own car?

  • Mariah Bieber

    Lil Twist is a bad influance in Justin Bieber. And Justin needs to stop hanging with him. And i luv Justin so im just trying to help him.