Fans Meeting Justin Bieber in a Private Jet

Justin Bieber sing Birthday to a fan

@emluvskanter and @ericashnaider got lucky to meet Justin Bieber — in a private jet.

Fans Justin Bieber private jet

Birthday girl private jet

Justin sings a happy birthday.

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    i wish that i was that girl

    • Hallibelieber

      me too

  • Hallibelieber

    but every belieber deserve to meet him am happy for them

  • delandramcgowan

    Y’all 2 r lucky i wish i was Y’all, i would be all over him kissing,hugging,and other stuff i cant say. LOL

  • Mckenzsie

    I. See him last night he is. Soo. Cute :) I. Love him?

    • Kalani

      Aww he’s the hottest guy ever.

  • Kalani

    Aww he’s like the cutest guy ever. Why did Selena ever break up with him. He seem like such a sweetheart. Any girl is lucky to have justin as there boyfriend or future husband.

  • Lizzie

    She lucky it was her friend or sister birthday and They get to meet up to take pictures with JB if that didn’t happen it will be her worst birthday present if never get to take pictures with him so she lucky.

  • Lizzie

    That girl with the long hair she need to fix her skirt pockets are that the style.

  • jen

    but if its a private jet, how did those girls get on>??????

  • Linny6


  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    i wish i were them i think they won ennsencejb

  • Barasha

    Soooooo luky…..i m jelous

  • kidrauhl’s girl;)

    Am happy for them…i a perfect world evry BELIEBER would meet justin lol my world

  • rosewood

    I really wish that was me i watch is videos all the time i love more then any body more in the hole wide world am am a beiliver i love you

  • Nicki

    Every Believer will have a chance to meet him. Like I did,I met him alot of times and I was really happy. So I am happy for them. Love you Justin

  • tossin j

    u galz are bunch of fools luvin and tokin over a junk who doesn’t even no u exist

  • tossin j

    justin as 4 me u are v. useless galz wish u gud luck luvin him!!!!!