Jaxon, Jazzy & Jeremy Bieber at Selena Gomez’s Concert in Toronto

Jaxon Jeremy Bieber at Selena Gomez Concert

The Bieber family attends Selena Gomez’s concert in Toronto last night.

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Jaxon Bieber Selena Gomez concert

Jazzy Jaxon Jeremy Bieber Selena gomez concert

Jeremy Bieber Selena Gomez Concert

      • “Not everybody don’t have to support for them” Did they say to…No so Sh say like if I wanna support I will support but I don’t want to so you can’t push people like that to support somebody just Because we are a Belieber fans.

  1. I was hoping Justin wasn’t there. But that’s nice for them to show up. But I still don’t like her. I love the Bieber family. We love you me and friends.

    • you should let him date anyone he wonts
      thats is if you love him
      witch i think you dont
      trust me i was once like you that i dident
      like selena gomez but now i support JELENA

    • You should be happy that she made him feel happy and selena still respects him and she’s still there for him what if you were his girlfriend and there would be girls that hated in ur relationship with him huh? You wouldn’t like it! If you think about it justin wouldn’t like you for hating a girl that was very important to him and still is

  2. it’s so wired for them to be theiir buut it’s normal cuz jaxon and jeremy love selena that’s why they went their i guess :p

  3. Maybe it’s a soundcheck? I mean, Selena does have a lot of fans.

    And I am pretty sure the wanted to go because they like her. Just because they went doesn’t mean Justin and Selena are together…

  4. Oh my goodness I hope Selena said hi to them. And she didnt snob them. And. She wasn’t fake with them. But she truly loves them even though her and justin aren’t together any more.

  5. They didn’t go to Taylor Swift’s concert but they went to Selena’s concert in support of Selena?? Also note that Selena’s staff seems to be escorting Justin’s brother, sister and dad on the 1st picture? Patience & deception!

  6. If the Bieber family was there, then so was Justin. I believe Selena and Justin are dating but they just want to keep it to themselves. It was Selena’s fault they told the world they were dating. Selena did not like hiding her relationship with Nick Jonas. So, she made Justin tell the world about their relationship. She had no idea that it would be so hard to keep the day to day events of their relationship private. She didn’t understand what OMEGASTAR meant. Justin’s star was so bright it blinded her. SHE DON’TLIKE THE LIGHTS IS ABOUT SELENA!!!!

  7. Concert must have been just starting, there’s nearly no one there… But I actually think it’s kind of nice. Weird, but nice.

    • I said I wasn’t going to watch the VMA’s but I am. Is the reason Beiber wasn’t nominated because he don’t have new music this year? I love Beiber’s music and where it is taking us. Not happy he isn’t there, so far????????

      • It’s good that he did not show at the VMA’s, he doesn’t need any drama. I’ve notice that the cameras have been pointed at Selena several times more than any other celebrity?

      • It wasn’t just Selena the camera had pointed at Taylor Swift too that when she win that award the camera turn to the one direction but not every time when the camera face her.

      • Anyway not like they the only once that had face from the camera it was Rihanna,Jaden Smith his sis William Smith and their dad,Lady Gaga her crazy a**,Drake and few others.

  8. hahaha, hey hey Miss Lawyer, take it easy. I just was messing around with u. It’s a joke, anyone here is a fake belieber, I was just hoping to see u angry telling u all those things and I think I made it. But now let’s talk about this list and fight. What do u want, WAR or PEACE. u decide. I can be good or a can be very bad. haha it’s your choice

  9. MTV VMAs 2013: One Direction booed as ‘Best Song Ever’ beats ‘Blurred Lines’ and ‘We Can’t Stop’! In comparison to Justin boo’s at the BBMA’s, Justin got a bigger award beating out TS and BM. At least Host Tracy Morgan came to Justin’s defense afterwards, saying: “Don’t be booin’ nobody, this ain’t Showtime at the Apollo.” No one came to 1D defense

  10. Gosh you’all get on my nerve with this crap you guys are the worst switch the topic or something cause is really annoying.

  11. hey when i went to selena gomez concert there wan’t a lot of people there like a hall maybe she don’t have that much of fans

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