Join Justin Bieber Team – 2013 MTV EMA Biggest Fan! Let’s Beat Little Monsters & Directioners!

Join justin bieber tean for biggest fan ema 2013


The 2013 MTV EMA Biggest Fans award in now open. Join Justin Bieber Team and earn points for supporting him!

SHOW them we “BELIEBERS” are the most loyal, passionate fan in the world! Prove it! So what are you waiting for? Get in the game and join the TEAM!


1. Join JB team. Click here.
2. Earn points for Justin!
- Watch video
- Read article
- Like/follow MTVEMA on FB/Twitter
- Share MTV EMA page on twitter, fb and email
Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 6.01.23 PM
- Take a poll (start Sept 17)
- Like/follow an artist (start 17 Sept)
- Tag an artist (start 17 Sept)
- Vote (start 17 Sept)

NOTE: You must join the team before you start earning points.


Voting closes November 8, winners will be announced on November 10, 2013.
The 2013 EMA award is held November 10, 2013 in Amsterdam!

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  1. I hope Justin wins but feel this is another bullcrap vote to promote MTV. They could ignore the real winner and give it to whom they want which is what happened at a previous awards show where Katty Perry won up to the last minute, she was trailing both One Direction and Justin by millions of votes

  2. Wow things are gonna get so crazy because of this, everyone knows the biggest feud is between directioners and beliebers. Oh well, i’m voting for Justin! Woo, go beliebers!! :P

  3. Belibers are amazing the directioners havent been behind one direction as long as all of us have with justin plus justins got this adorable little smile that can light up a room and hes cuter than everyone lets go justin.

  4. I will always vote for Justin. Can more than one person win? If so I hope that Miley win and One Direction. But if not I’m going to keep voting for justin. I luv you guys!

  5. Personally, I think One Direction will win. The 1D fanbase has grow ALOT since the last three years. From What Makes You Beautiful, to the Best Song Ever, and right now their new film 1D in 3D, “This Is Us.” And let’s not forget their new fragrance, Our Moment! I, was a Belieber, but have become a Directioner in fact too. The boys are wonderful, and I think they’ll win, because of the fanbase, success, and talent! I don’t hate Justin, but I just like don’t love him or like him or care what the hell he does… So anyways, I know some of you Beliebers probably will be like what the fuck is this Directioner bitch doing here on this site for Beliebers. Well, as I said before, I used to be a Belieber, right from the beginning, in 2009. Loved Justin ever since, but lost interest in like the beginning of 2013. When he started smoking, going to clubs, inking himself, speeding, etc. I became a Directioner because the boys are so different, british, cool, fun, full of talent, and amaZAYN, extordonHARRY, phenomeoNIALL, fabLOUIS, and brilLIAM!!! At first when I first listened to WMYB, (I was a Belieber) I was like, “I will never like these boys not will I ever get their names right.” But, now I can tell the difference in their voices, lol. So yeah, don’t hate because I’m a nice Directioner, and I know some Directioners or mean or dumb or shitty as fuck but hey, I don’t hate Justin, so why hate me? #1D #Directioners

    • @Use to be a bieberforever Wow i can just tell everyone what a FAKE belieber you are >:( you just hurt my Idol Justin and my belieber family YOU NEVER WERE A BELIEBER STUPID GIRL Hello Belieber stay with Justin through thick and then >:( you are such a freak get a life thx for hurting justin and my beliebers ugly whimpbag >:(

  6. We are obviously gonna WIN BELIEBERS are the best fanbase in the entire world ;) but idk what the 1D-JB fans gonna support but I’m behind Justin 100% :)

  7. let’s be real Justin, One Direction or Gaga will win and out of these ppl i hope Justin wins cuz he is my second fav person on this world, but i gotta be real and be on my fav person team so #teamSELENA all the way baby <3 <3 <3

  8. Yeah is Justin.
    Hello Miss Lawyer how are u?? Did u missed me?? Oh sorry thaat a stupid question, OF COURSE u missed me. So, did u help a lot of people today??

  9. oh yeah I really missed u,I thought u were kidnapped,just joking so I don’t think u got my message ,so bad ,it was great,now its ur time to start a conversation.n I am fine thanks for asking,bye ,good night

  10. Go Justin Team Bieber, i love you Justin i am your belieber i will vote for you :) directioners and little monsters stink they are booooeeddd hahaha :) Bust Justin you deserve the best I LOVE YOU MY ANGEL, HERO AND INSPIRATION AND MY IDOL AND KIDRAUHL xxxxxx booo 1d and lady gaga you 2 are gay and ugly, Love ya Justin so proud of you can’t wait for your new album and movie TEAMMMMMMMMM BELIEBERS AND JUSTIN WE ARE ONE BIG AND PROUD FAMILY <33333

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