Justin Bieber Adding a Rose Tattoo to his Body Art Collection

Justin Bieber tattoo Rosebud

Justin posing for photographs with fans after getting a rosebud tattoo at the Bang Bang Tattoo parlor in New York.

Justin Bieber debuted his new tattoo after appearing on stage for a concert at the Prudential Center in New Jersey on Thursday night.

According to reports, Justin was staying at the Bang Bang tattoo parlor in NYC for four hours as a tattooist worked to complete the huge rosebud ink on his left arm.

He was later snapped leaving the parlor, stopping to pose with some waiting fans.

Justin also took to Instagram to share images of his new design, accompanying the pic with the simple caption: “Art.”

He has now brought his total collection of inkings up to 20 with a new rose motif.

Do you like his new tatt??

MORE pics and video:



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