Justin Bieber Adding a Rose Tattoo to his Body Art Collection

Justin Bieber tattoo Rosebud

Justin posing for photographs with fans after getting a rosebud tattoo at the Bang Bang Tattoo parlor in New York.

Justin Bieber debuted his new tattoo after appearing on stage for a concert at the Prudential Center in New Jersey on Thursday night.

According to reports, Justin was staying at the Bang Bang tattoo parlor in NYC for four hours as a tattooist worked to complete the huge rosebud ink on his left arm.

He was later snapped leaving the parlor, stopping to pose with some waiting fans.

Justin also took to Instagram to share images of his new design, accompanying the pic with the simple caption: “Art.”

He has now brought his total collection of inkings up to 20 with a new rose motif.

Do you like his new tatt??

MORE pics and video:



  • Barasha

    How any tatooes will he make

    • Kidrauhl

      It honestly looks disgusting now. I am a huge Belieber but I am not turned on by his tattoos…its starting to looke like Lil Waynes . He should spread them equally between both arms it would look better. He doesnt need tattoos to create a grownup image he can use words. Rip Justins no tattoo skin :'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:

      • AJ

        He wants to have a sleeve. You can’t spread them out. That would look retarded.

    • Mrs.BieberYE$!

      I love it just don’t cover yo whole body

    • Lizzie

      I know right he will probably do his right arm next cause he might feel like doing his other arm with tattoo so he might do the other or some where else part of his body. This is some nightmare.

    • Kalani

      He’ll probably get more at he gets older. Have you seen his dad.

      • belieber2.0

        Ikr. His arm is covered now :p

    • sarah

      how many he wants . leave him alone . hes happy .

  • Barasha

    I dont hate his tattoos but its too much

    • Kalani

      Hot guys always look hot with tats. Justin’s tats is so hot.

    • Kalani

      I hope justin still has the tat of Selena on it. There so meant for each other. I love justin and Selena together. There so good together. I love them together.

  • Justin Bieber Fans in Azerbaijan

    I like his all tattoos <3

  • belieber :)

    thats is to much please stopp you look hot whitout tattos

    • Swagalicious

      OMG!!! Do u not c where Justin’s hand I at (his fingers) I might b over reacting but it looks odd and then the way he’s looking at her :D LOL anyways it looks hot like him :)

      • beebee

        What are you trying to say?

      • Kalani

        Pls a lot of hot guys gets tats. Justin included. I love justin

    • Wolf

      YESSSS!!!! This is exactly what I am thinking, Justin needs to stop it! I am losing faith of being a Beliber :/

      • kisha

        If he keeps getting tattoos let him be . Like honestly its his life . & If you start ‘ loosing faith of being a belieber , then your not a true belieber . Everyone grows up and gets a new style and does what they like to do , its his life . Unlike some of you people saying he needs to stop with the tattoos or else you wont like him as much ? no . that’s just dumb . like what if one of your family members got many tattoos , would you stop liking them ? no .exaclty . We all grow up and change . If he gets more tattoos good for him , i will still and always LOVE him <3 Its sad to know that many of you aren't true beliebers . To me hes perfect . He can do whatever he wants to himself , hes still my idol . I honestly think that no matter what he does , i still love him , a lot . He's our idol , we should be happy with whatever he wants and we should still love him .

      • ally

        your seriously fake . ^

      • ally

        that was to @wolf .

  • why

    why does he keep getting tattoos? doesn’t he know that he’s not immortal. he will bet old and then they will look horible. I don’t understand why some people enjoy ink injected under their skin.

    • Alex

      Tattoos in older people look LIKE A BOSS. I think he’s pretty original, he could have stayed with his infaous hair bangs but he’s getting older and setting trends. Btw, it’s not one rose actually there are 2 ROSES, one on the inside of his arm and the other one on the outside.

      • Never say Never

        I agree he is getting older and if he wants a one arm of tattoos then so be it they are done very well as long as it’s just one arm but I have a feeling that’s not going to be the case. I love Justin I am glad he is happy and enjoying his life he works hard.

  • Dora gnkBieber

    I love him but this is too much.. I mean he is only 19 ..!!! Why he keeps getting tattoos??? Why he is doing this to his skin ??? :-/

    • Never say Never

      it’s an image issue he is changing his image from little guy to big guy he will be 20 soon and I am sure he wants to spread his winds and fly. We can only love him for who he is and all that he gives. He has a right to a private life.

    • Jennifer

      I like it. It looks a some. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Dora gnkBieber

    Ok I still love him !!! <3

  • tHe cHoSeN oNe

    oh no not with the tattoo again… it looks so dirty now

    • ally

      stfu . ^ seriously its his LIF , you heard me HIIIIIIISSSS LIFE . hes perfect <33

  • havebieberfever

    And one less lonely toaser

  • JustinBieber


    • Desss

      and you can stop right there you sound like a ignorant racist tattoos aren’t just for black people they’re for everyone

      • Amy

        Amen!!! He looks amazing – I LOVE ink on a guy and he just gets sexier!!!

      • JustinBieber

        its about his attitudine stupid kid,he act like a black but he is white for god sake.what an idiol do u have hahahahah

    • Lizzie

      Is not a problem but he just a wanna be im sure he ain’t the only one that wanna be.

    • justin bieberlover

      what black got to do with his tattoo’s that he has. they are for everyone that went to have tattoos. its his life and as believers that we are if getting tattoos makes him happy than lets be happy that he has a new tattoo.

      • JustinBieber

        look at that fuckin videos he act like a nigga but he is a white kiddo ,thats awakrddd


    Justin ! Don’t make more tattoos !

    • Kalani

      I’m sure as justin gets older he’ll probably get more Tats. Though I dont know what his mom would say about his tats. I wonder what his mom says about his love life.


    I dont hate his tattoos but its too much and justin ! dont make more tattos please ! I love him but this is too much.. I mean he is only 19 ..!!! Why he keeps getting tattoos??? Why he is doing this to his skin i love u justin but u need to stop doing tattos justin please

    • Jess

      Its his own body he can do whatever he wants with it.

  • Desss

    Its his body he can do whatever he wants with it I personally love his tattos they’re very sexy and its a way to show self expression…bottom line is some of us love it some of us hate it but you have to deal with it he’s not gonna stop just because his fans want him to? no it’s his life his body let him do whatever he wants with it

    anyways vote for the TCAs

  • Mimi

    A few=Nice…Thats Wayyyyy to many. Tats r forever and i dont like all of them. Its nasty. Why do I feel like he is trying to cover himself up?! WTF?!

    • Lizzie

      Lol I guess he don’t like his skin plain :)

    • Jen

      It is way too many. The other arm will have to be covered now just to balance it out. It does not make sense to me. A couple are fine but covering that much of your body with them is not. They can NEVER be taken off now so I hope he really likes them. At a certain point they just run into each other and it looks strange. It makes me a little sad he wants to cover his body with them.

    • ally

      your stupid . he likes his tattoos and i like them too. leave him alone . fake beliebers now a days ..

  • Briah

    I love him but that’s too much. If he’s gonna do anything how about try the other arm! Lol still love him tho

  • krazyfrbiebs

    He has wayyyy.. too many tattoos. one or two is like enough bt its like his WHOLE arm is covered with tattoos!! He’s becoming too gangster-ish and I guess I don’t really like it!! An owl on his arm was actually more than enough!! bt well its my opinion….. :/

  • ivan

    Most are in his arm. I hope however, he does not put tattoos all over his chest or neck like Chris Brown and Harry who now regrets it. So far he looks fine, but I agree, he has to stop sometime. Otherwise I will send you girls on motorcycles to spank him.

  • Belieber Selenator

    please get a tattoo of us Beliebers !!!!!

  • Melina

    I like his tattoos,but this is a lot for a 19 year old,but it’s his body and he knows why he wants ink on his body,but I do think it’s hot.

  • Belieber Selenator

    Justin always looks hot with anything!<3333333

  • Alyx Bieber

    He actually has 21 tattoos! He looks so hott(:

  • KattyB$

    i just got a tattoo too i got freakin SIX TATTOS ON ME. IF HE WANTS TO GET MORE TATTOS ON HIM.then ok. why is it such a big deal thats his body not yours!

  • bieber’s shawty forever

    i just really love this tattoo ombbbbbbbbbbbbbbb that’s an amazing tattoo
    awwwwwwwwww ma sweet sweet sweet sweetie pie
    i love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
    ilove u i love u i love u i love u justin sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
    i love u ma sweet juju ma sexy and hot juju

  • essie j

    i love it :) it looked good on him

  • Lizzie

    I like it but is really too much well their nothing we could do about it like he cares what we say he still will add on more.

  • liz

    what’s wrong with our kidrauhl?

    • Cadia

      Girl you asking us we don’t even have no idea I guess he worth for too much money.

      • liz

        yeah! :( he’s changd. hurts even to think bout that

  • Lizzie

    He might be like Travis barker :(

    • Cadia

      Or those rappers.

  • Lizzie

    I wounder what his mom say when she sees that.

    • Jo teambreezy teambieber

      I don’t think she can say a lot..justin’s dad has a lotof tatoo too soo i me<3 :-) an he is hot with tatoos like chris it's his own body he does what he want to thats all!!!

  • Lizzie

    Everything that Justin does stupid Hollywood life is still saying is he doing this for Selena and this and that,blah blah blah blah blah that sh is like really annoying the more they bringing it up and the more im getting sick of her.

  • BeiberFever

    I think Justin is getting out of control and it really needs to stop. Justin is caught with drugs and drinking under age and speeding (even though I know it’s Lil Twist in his car but its still his car and he will take the blame not Lil Twist.). Justin tends to listen to his fans and beliebers so we need to tell him to chill out for a while and take a break from the fame. Many of us say its hot with him being all bad boy doing these things but imagine if one day he goes a little overboard and it causes his life or career? We would be devastated. We need to get him to stop this. Please share this with other fans and beliebers. #LetshelpJustin