Justin Bieber Almost Loses his Pants at Jacksonville FL Concert #BelieveTour (8/7/13)

Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena Florida 1

Last night in Jacksonville, Florida Justin Bieber did not disappoint his Beliebers, but he may have shown a little too much if you ask your Mom! Justin almost loses his pants, live on-stage at Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, FLORIDA.

Check out some HOT photos and videos below as he steams up the stage – performing “Boyfriend/Baby” HQ.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 3.28.04 PM

Watch video:

Credit: radionow979.com/

  • Kalani

    Oh my goodness justin is so hot. I’m so aww of Justin.

    • Jennifer

      I wish he did I would love to see that view. Am a belieber forever right here.

      • Kalani

        Any girl would love to see justin trousers.

      • Swagalicious

        I would want 2 b that girl :D

  • Kalani

    Aww, I’m sure justin felt embarrass when he almost lost his pants.

  • Kalani

    He’s still hot. I so love justin.

    • Barasha

      He is hot n sexy

  • Kalani

    I wish justin would fly to Hawaii or the South Pacific.

  • Kalani

    Any girl is lucky to have justin as there boyfriend. I love justin.

    • Barasha

      I will be realy jelous if some one become his girlfriend

  • Kalani

    I hope justin performs at the TCA this weekend

  • Kalani

    Hope justin is there at the TCA along with his besties.

  • ivan

    Personally it does not bother me, but I wonder what the parents who take their kids might think. Not a good idea, Justin. We should send him a belt to hold his pants up or one day they will end up on the floor to the delight of Believers and the criticism of the Bieber bashing Media.

  • ivan

    One small point[ I know I talk too much]. Don’t the same parents see guys walking around in bikinis at the beach and pools? So why should it be a big deal showing a little underwear on the stage. The Janoskians[I like them] showed more on stage at an awards show the other day and there was no big deal made of it.

    • Never say Never

      Justin doesn’t see to care he just keeps performing I think he likes it he looks great I see not harm but with little ones I can see where it could be a problem.
      He has a great body and I am older so I don’t mind, maybe one his next tour he will wear short pants who knows.

  • KattyB$

    Justin looks awesome …..but his pants went far down low..lol at lot of his underwear was showing.. lol but he always looks great ! :)

  • beebee

    Yes he is a man now so the underwear in front of children I don’t think it is a good idea. Does Beiber realize he looks like a man and he is a man and shouldn’t be showing his underwear now. He has a macho mustache now and he is a man now. Compare him to June 2012 and now. So Beiber pull up your pant you’ re a man now.

    • beebee

      It isn’t a big deal to older people but to children it probably isn’t a good idea to show your underwear.

      • Never say Never

        so just show the top of the underwear the band.

    • Kalani

      It’s his signature look. He always look hot shirtless. Justin always look hot shirtless. He’s so hot.

  • essie j

    damn we like it lol ;)

    • Kalani

      Of course we like it.

    • beebee

      Maybe he should do his perfume ads in his underwear, LOL.

  • Lizzie

    Dance in slow motion lol.

    • Lizzie

      So ya it is really not right to wear your pants hanging over your butt everybody could see his underwear does know how to wear his pants in the right way like it doesn’t make any since for those boys to wear a belt because they still wear their pants down.

  • ivan

    They should have ambulances ready at his concert in case he drops everything and the girls faint and are carried away into bliss-lol

    • beebee

      Girls will like it yes, parents maybe not.

      • beebee

        In front of little kids guys do you think it looks good to show his underwear that much? Seriously?

  • Barasha

    O my goodness :o

  • Lizzie

    Warning this not JB.What happened to my Biebeeer!

  • Mariah Bieber

    Ithink people would have wanted to see that! Lol i would! He looks sexy!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tamia bieber

    Take of u pants sexy boy!

  • keisha bieber

    my mouth was open the intire time

  • Jacob

    Should’ve just pulled pants off

  • So…

    When does he almost loose his pants? Not seeing it

  • Linny6


  • Belectioner

    i love justin bieber\one direction but i absolutely LOVE underwear(no pants) like this

  • Susie

    Oh,the part where his girl dancers run their hands up his body…lol. I do think Justin’s gotten a bit arrogant though.

  • citizen

    at the end of the day it shouldn’t be a big deal that his under crackers were showing am not being funny but if showing your under crackers is a big deal then maybe tv adverts shouldnt advertise perfume and stuff cause david beckham has been on tv with his under crackers on display and what dose he get more publicity and more cash so if beiber wants to do the same who is anyone to judge all am gunna say is the biebs got the same right as dose beckham. david gets the glory and bieber gets punished grow up it shouldnt be 1 rule for 1 and another rule for the other stands to reason tbh

  • Nicki

    It would have been funny and hot if his pants just fell off. All the girls would have been shocked and excited at the same time. Love you.

  • Jenny Rosario.

    Justin Bieber
    Justin you went to my hometown like August 8,2013 i just miss your concert
    Love u more & miss u very much
    I’m. Your big of u