Justin Bieber & Ex Girlfriend Jacque Pyles Back Together? or Just Friends?

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Justin Bieber dating Jacque Pyles in 2009

Justin Bieber skipped VMAs (August 26) — hung out with his ex-girlfriend and friend of years — Jacque Pyles.

The two have been friends long before Justin dated Selena Gomez. In 2009, Justin and Jacque were basically inseparable, hanging out all the time, and it looks like they’re back at it.

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Justin Bieber and jacque pyles cinema

Justin and Jacque hanging out during the VMAs and Justin posted a picture of her on his instagram, saying “Get off ur phone Jacque” in the caption.

We’re not sure if they are rekindling their romance or not, but since they’re both single, anything can happen! They might have even grabbed dinner together too since Justin tweeted about having an amazing time out to eat at the same time they were together.

Do you think Justin and Jacque dating again? or just FRIENDS?

  • Jazmyn Beadle

    first i think! but idk i think they are just friends, but who knows?!?!

    • Swagalicious

      Well she is really really pretty so if they end up dating they would not b a bad couple :D

    • kalina mankova

      they are just freinds i hope Jb and Selena get back togther <3 I <3 JB

      • Kalani

        So do I. I really love them together. There so good together.

  • KattyB$

    She’s dating justin bieber best friend ChAz. Don’t you guys know that go on justin bieber instagram and click the picture and then look as the comments and find CHAZ name and it will say that that’s CHAZ girlfriend.so why would justin bieber do that to his best friend.but what I think is that they are just friends.

    • chuchu

      Chaz is dating a girl named Nicole. Not Jacque.


    OMG OMG OMG OMG! Jacque Pyles?! I just did a research on her and looked at all of her photos and and I recognized her from the movie ” School Gyrls” I love her! She was my favorite character. I forgot her name in the movie, but I love her. I don’t mind her and Justin date

  • Melina

    I think they are just friends,and I though she was Chaz girlfriend?

  • Zoey

    Oh Happy Day!!! I hope they are rekindling their romance. Why would she and chaz date. Chaz wouldn’t date Justin’s ex-girlfriend thats just wrong.

    • Melina

      I’m only saying what I heard from people,which they said she is dating Chaz,which I don’t get because why would Chaz date Justin’s ex.

  • monica

    justin is never dating jacque lmao

  • kidrauhl’s girl♥

    Idk if they r getting back together I also thought she is with Chaz and even if she broke up with Chaz Justin wuld never date her..alyhough maybe they are just hanging and NOT dating..but we don’t know I think Jacque was with Justin first

    • Kalani

      Justin is like the most cutest hottest guy ever.

  • ♥Beliebtioner♥

    i think if Justin wants to date her he can hes 19 if hes happy iam happy

  • Sad

    I miss when he looked like that ):

    • doll shona

      yyaaaaaaaa i also miss that killer look.this hairstyle was my fav

  • King Candy

    Doesn’t this article also say “FRIEND of years”? Last time I checked, friends do this kind of stuff too. If they are getting back together, it would make me happy that he would be happy, but until clearer evidence is shown, they’re friends to me. Sorry.

  • belieber4eva!!!

    idk. they may b just frenz or datin, it dusnt matter cuz as long as Justin’s happy i’m happy. altho i think Jelena was tthe BEST!!!
    anyways…… LUV YA’ JUSTIN!!!

  • Belall

    I think they are just friends.

    • Kalani

      Never say never. There probably just friends.

  • ivan

    They briefly dated before Selena. She may merely have been a friend of Chaz as well. Maybe she dated him briefly; but I don’t know what’s going on. There is never a dull moment with Justin and time will tell if he’s really dating her again. She’s very pretty.

    • honey

      Well unless something changed she has JB’s bestie Chaz all over her instagram with hearts around him. So no they are not, just good friends.

      • Kalani

        Justin did he say. He would love to be in a rs. He’s one of those guys that loves being in RS. And not single.

  • girl #3


  • girl #3



    • honey

      You’re logic is flawed and it says get off your phone under the pic. Don’t assume because every girl he hangs out with is dating him. Don’t be naïve and simple minded. No hate

  • essie j

    justin and jaque never dated lol get ur facts right they’re great friends and she’s dating chaz lol

    • ivan

      I am not absolutely certain about Chaz, Justin, and Jaque. I am reporting what some sites say. I usually check a lot of blogs and gossip sites. But you are right, they are friends. Beyond that I am not sure but time will tell. fair enough?

  • cutebelieber4

    i love love love love love you justin bieber ha!!! ha!!!!
    ad me in twitter #cutebelieber4

    • Kalani

      I’m sure his bestie didn’t mind that he was taking her out to dinner.

  • Lizzie

    Well that the real JB he go’s out to eat with other girls is not like he making um Selena Gomez jealous Justin been with Jacque when they had came out this School Gurls movie and he was in it.

    • Kalani

      I would hope there just friends. Isn’t her and Chaz dating.

  • Lizzie

    Man whoever was watching him text her give Justin some privacy damn.

    • Lizzie

      He wants privacy just like everybody else he not doing this to whoever spreading their gossip rumor and If he didn’t skip the VMA’s they going to still make up some crap like oh they see Justin sit far away from Selena and she sitting next to Taylor Swift or something Justin wasn’t going to be in the VMA’s anyway they even didn’t show where he is going to sit so he wasn’t going to be on their or I could say they didn’t invite him so that means he is dating or he went out with some girl that he knows thinking they might be dating or a friend of his go out to eat so what making a big deal out of it.

      • Kalani

        Taylor is the most dumbest girl ever. She need to grow up and stop acting like a bitch. She seems like a total snob. Her RS sucks. She can’t even keep a boyfriend. Who the hell would want to date Taylor when all she does is bash guys. Unless she’s gay.

      • Lizzie

        Tell me about and she doesn’t deserve that award if she didn’t she will be set up that she didn’t get so then if Selena is getting award Taylor have to get it too cause they are BFF. But what happen with Demi and Selena they not BFF anymore? any how I liked Demi more than selena

  • biebergirl

    I agree. As long as he’s happy, I’m happy.

    • Kalani

      I wonder why Demi or her other bestie wasn’t there with her like Juliann or lily, or the gorgeous talented actress who I think she’s amazing and so cute. She’s amazing actress Bridget mendler. Or jennifer Stone. She’s adorable. I rarely see Selena with jennifer anymore. Or Bridget. She’s usually with that bitch Taylor.

  • ivan

    If I met Justin in drag in a club, the media might think we are dating-just joking.


    he took the pic so it wouldn’t make sense if u say he needed privacy … And why do u people keep bringing up dumb ass selena?? She’s been out of the picture .

    • Kalani

      I truly hope justin and Selena get back together one day.

  • selenaforever

    am so sad right now i wish justin and Selena went back together hes only making Selena sad why THE f–k DOSE HE DO THAT IT MAKING ME BEING AGAINST HIM AND SELENA DOCENT DESERVE HIM OR ANY GIRL HES A GAY GUY

  • Nicki

    It’s Justin decision. If he is happy going out with her,that wouldn’t be a problem to me. As long as he is happy. I luv you

  • rb

    OK Selena, Justin wasn’t supposed to be at your B-day bash, but he came anyway and there were lots of PDA’s going on according to your friends, and I believe them because you and Justin were caught by photogs of both you leaving under cover to a vehicle that ended up at Justin’s house. SO your parents gave you a crushing ultimatum: them or him!! Justin recently revealed his dreams “I can’t wait to have a beautiful wife and little kids running around”! This sounds more like a proposal? It’s your move girl! You know Justin, and your parents will always be your parents no matter the choices you make in life. Further proof JB is on your mind; you’ve been ask pre MTV VMA about cute guys and you dodged the question. Again you were asked the same question when you were promoting your movie ‘Getaway’ and you said that “Drake is always good to look at”, “PLEASE”! Girl, Justin is not an ordinary man! The only thing he is missing is you!! There is no set-in-stone age to get married and despite that the human life has been extended because of modern science and better living habits, the female clock has not!!

  • m lowry

    justin was with her before selena so i think it’s ok if they are dating again. as for selena i feel sorry for her. she is allowing swifty to cloud her judgement. taylor seems to have a great need to separate justin & selena. the question is why. she is the last person to be handing out relationship advice with her track record.

    • rb

      Justin’s not the type to break “guy code”. Justin and she are good friends; also she’s dating his best friend Chaz Somers. I’m sure Chaz asked Justin for permission to date her.

  • hannah mahone bieber

    awwwww i just looked at pictures when they dated and they made such a cute couple.i think they should date.they really make a cute couple :) hopefully they will get back together

  • Michelle

    They’re just really good friends. She is the girlfriend of Chaz Somers which is Justin’s best friend.

  • Fine Ass Belieber

    follow me please

  • Julie

    Why’s she only in a bra??????? Hmmm