Justin Bieber & Ex Girlfriend Jacque Pyles Back Together? or Just Friends?

Justin Bieber and Jacque Pyles Dating justinbieberzone.com

Justin Bieber dating Jacque Pyles in 2009

Justin Bieber skipped VMAs (August 26) — hung out with his ex-girlfriend and friend of years — Jacque Pyles.

The two have been friends long before Justin dated Selena Gomez. In 2009, Justin and Jacque were basically inseparable, hanging out all the time, and it looks like they’re back at it.

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Justin Bieber and jacque pyles cinema

Justin and Jacque hanging out during the VMAs and Justin posted a picture of her on his instagram, saying “Get off ur phone Jacque” in the caption.

We’re not sure if they are rekindling their romance or not, but since they’re both single, anything can happen! They might have even grabbed dinner together too since Justin tweeted about having an amazing time out to eat at the same time they were together.

Do you think Justin and Jacque dating again? or just FRIENDS?

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