Justin Bieber and Rapper Future “Got Great Chemistry” – Possible Duet?


Justin Bieber and rapper FUTURE in the studio on August 22

Rapper FUTURE tells VIBE magazine that fans can now expect a possible duet between him and Justin Bieber. Future tells VIBE magazine:

Justin and I got great chemistry. That was my first time in the studio with him and it went great. We just love making hits. When I work with him, we go straight to the music and get straight to the business.

While Future has shared wax with some of hip-pop’s notables, he was most surprised by Justin’s attention to detail.

He had a lot of passion for the music. He was really on ProTools and was like, “Hey man, I love the way you said that part,” and added a lot of influence into the record.

About a possible duet, Future said:

We gon’ work it out, that would be nice.


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