Justin Bieber and Rapper Future “Got Great Chemistry” – Possible Duet?


Justin Bieber and rapper FUTURE in the studio on August 22

Rapper FUTURE tells VIBE magazine that fans can now expect a possible duet between him and Justin Bieber. Future tells VIBE magazine:

Justin and I got great chemistry. That was my first time in the studio with him and it went great. We just love making hits. When I work with him, we go straight to the music and get straight to the business.

While Future has shared wax with some of hip-pop’s notables, he was most surprised by Justin’s attention to detail.

He had a lot of passion for the music. He was really on ProTools and was like, “Hey man, I love the way you said that part,” and added a lot of influence into the record.

About a possible duet, Future said:

We gon’ work it out, that would be nice.


22 comments on “Justin Bieber and Rapper Future “Got Great Chemistry” – Possible Duet?
  1. Those who only know him from a few you tube videos don’t realize how talented Justin really is. He could be a drummer in a band like a Ringo Starr. And that is just one of the things he can do.

  2. ♥belieber&jelenator♥ on said:

    i cant wait tell it comes out and Justin loves those red and black pant and i think he looks hot in it

  3. People who criticize Justin don’t know how smart he is about the music making business and the studio techniques used. HE also writes or shares in the writing of lyrics to his songs although a few were written for him. Some artists are talented in one thing; he is talented in a lot of things. For example, he could have been a drummer like Ringo Starr of the Beatles in a band.

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