Justin Bieber at LAX, Heading to Miami (August16)

Justin Bieber at LAX airport – catching a flight to Miami on Friday afternoon (August 16) in Los Angeles.


    Oh, he’s so fuck*ng hot!!!!!!

    • Kalani

      That he is. I love justin. He’s so adorable.

    • Justins one less lonely girl

      Uh ya he is and he looks so cute with his sun glasses on

      • Kalani

        I know right I love justin. He’s so freaking amazing.

    • Jennifer

      He looks sooo hot and sexy.

      • Swagalicious

        Can we all agree that Justin is the sexist God on earth :D


    I wish I saw him there

  • Nicki

    I just left L.A 3 days ago. It was so amazing. Have fun Justin and behave. I love you.

  • Alee_RooJaaS12

    :3! Que Hermosoo Que Esta Justin♥

  • muwaguzi aisha

    i love your sty i wish i was gal friend i love u guy

  • goodluck

    great justine i wish you could come in Tanzania

  • leanna

    love you Justin wish I could see you one day wish you could come to st.louis mo plzzz

  • ivan

    Hope he stays out of clubs there; remember what happened last time. You have to be 21 and the paps might cause trouble like last time. Wonder why he’s going there?

    • rb

      I think he has a couple of court dates for the two incidences he had this year.

  • rb

    He doesn’t appear to be taking a private jet?

  • Chelsiebieber

    He looks so hot. I want him to come to NYC while he’s on his break. I wanna meet him so bad.

  • Lizzie

    He going to Florida that my favorite sunshine state. :)

  • brii nicole kadi

    woooh Justin is so cute… he kinda looks like Austin Mahone or Austin Mahone looks like Justin Bieber #Love ‘em both

    • Kalani

      I know right. I love justin.

  • meltina

    I in love with justin bieber

  • Belieber

    So fudgin’ sexy < 33

  • kidrauhl’s girl♥

    he is suppppppper hot and SEXY…i love him soo much i hope he stays out of clubs lol

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    aww i hope i how my baby has a safe flight

  • Mariah Bieber

    Lol u see the person bending down! Lol he so sexy!