Justin Bieber Attacked at a Night Club in Toronto!

Justin Bieber Attacked at the night club

Justin Bieber was attacked at a nightclub in Toronto last night, but he was not hurt. He was reportedly charged at by a male partier when he left the VIP section of the venue.

According to TMZ, an angry man rushed at Justin, grabbed his shirt and attempted to take him to the floor.

Justin Bieber attcked at nightclub justinbieberzone.com

A security guard intervened and pulled the man off Justin. Justin was allegedly attempting to defend himself by kicking the guy.

MORE PICS: Justin Bieber clubbing in Toronto.

The attacker was escorted out of the club, and police were not called.

      • He’s not a 7 year old girl. He’s a 19 or 20 year old man. I don’t think he was a “huge directionee”

      • Umm excuse me, how the hell do you u know if he was a directioner? Not all directioners are like that, in fact most of us are genuinely lovely and friendly people, so why don’t you just f-ck off and leave us alone! We ain’t done anything to you! Leave other fanbases alone! don’t you dare hate on us.

      • What the heck is wrong with you? Why would a 30 year old guy be a directioner? Maybe your the one who needs to use there brain a bit more. That guy could have been drunk and i’m quite sure he was, and he could have something against Justin aka the reason for attacking him. Don’t go around saying that directioners are attacking Justin, think a little….

      • well you better shut up. no one talks about our fandom.
        well listen i dont hate jjustin im a fan and i actually saw him.
        but when it comes to our fandom.. Dont You dare to talk about us :).
        and if he is a huge directioner? so what?
        he wont make a huge fight just because justin isnt his idol.
        if somebody said ‘ugghh i hate beliebers’ what will you say? nobody dares to talk about us.
        ariana,miley,and idkk who are the rest.
        we have lady gaga and rihana and too many others.
        you know what? you dont deserve any respect
        and sarahh there’s 70 years old directioners :).

      • All of you guys better shut up. Directioners suck. You can’t be a Belieber and a Directioner. Choose . Don’t come on this fansite if your a Directioner. What is wrong with you guys. Beliebers rule. 1 Direction only has 15 million followers Justin has basically triple. JUST GET THE F***** OFF THIS SITE IF YOU ARE NOT A BELIEBER. ONE DIRECTION SUCKS.

      • @Kidrauhl why don’t you go and fuck off yourself you horrible bitch! Directioners don’t suck AT ALL thankyou very much, how wud u like it if we sed bieber sucked? And of course you can like bieber and one direction you idiot! I’m a Directioner but I still like Biebers music. WHO gives a fuck how many followers they have? Not every single fan is on twitter you no! I USED TO BE a belieber and I signed up to recieve the e-mails, now I’m not a belieber but I still get the e-mails, so no, I won’t leave the site. Your not a very good belieber anyway, Justin and 1D are very good friends and I don’t think Justin wud be very happy to see you hatin on his friends and their fans! @directioner I like your comment! Well Said! :) and @Kidrauhl Just keep yer mouth shut, stop hatin on directioners, go home to yer mumm y and play with yer barbie dolls and re-think your life and then consider going to get a life, I’d highly reccomend it! Okay rant over, nuff sed, thankyou, GOODBYE.

    • Um… ok no. Justin Bieber gets a lot of hate about a lot of things. And he makes me wonder if he is still person i fell in love with all those years ago… but he did not provoke that guy. He just charged after him. I was there so don’t make ignorant snap judgement. k? thanks.

      • i wish this page had ratings for the comment cuz id give u a thumbs up rightnow. You were at the club? I know beibs has alot of hate but clearly he’s changed a bit i mean cause he’s just trying to find his place in the world weather or not hes famous u know? But just cause he rebels, we all do, doesnt really make him a bad person right? =] I got biebs back too.

  1. Judging by his previous behavior, Justin probably provoked the man, and then acted innocent whenever the man attacked. Don’t call me a hater, I’m actually a belieber, but I’m just guessing. He acts like he’s top shit and it pisses a lot of people off

    • Um… ok no. Justin Bieber gets a lot of hate about a lot of things. And he makes me wonder if he is still person i fell in love with all those years ago… but he did not provoke that guy. He just charged after him. I was there so don’t make ignorant snap judgement. k? thanks.

    • He ain’t provoke shIt. is u talkin bout girl?
      His recent behavior was good if u was a real Belieber u’d keep up on that ish point blank bye ;)

  2. Why they can’t just have a good time and stop with this bull crap thank god Justin didn’t get hurt cause he not that kid that wanna fight somebody.

  3. Whiteness states that Justin did not provoke the man and his bud. The man bum rushed JB and got what he dissevered. He got an as* beat-down by the Bieb’s before club security was able to get the guy out of the club. THE BIEBE’S KICK’S AS*!! FYI, JB’s dad was an MMA, and the Bieb’s have been getting pointers from Iron Mike “Mike Tyson”!! Just someone trying to get publicity! I hope he’s not another want-to-be model trying to sue the Bieb’s because he already has a f—up face.

  4. Great here we go now TMZ going to talk a bunch a crap like they always do of what happen when JB at a night club in Toronto huh.

  5. Beiber can box and kick his asp down to the ground. Another guy who’s angry that he is a nobody and a loser so he tries to get his 15 minutes of fame.

    • He didn’t get his 15 minutes fame he only got 5! They should show a picture of him for the world to see what the idiot looks like. I bet that dude down in Florida is still looking for a modeling job

  6. Someone always gotta spoil the fun! Ugh there has got to be a reason to try an attack someone,who was having fun and a innocent guy.

  7. There are guys out there that are always trying to act macho by saying they would beat Bieber, slap him and so on. This guy was a hater who tried just that except he is the one who had his ass kicked by Bieber and his security. That’s why Bieber needs security because if he had fought this guy and hurt him, the guy would have sued him like the guy in the Hamptons although that guy started it and Justin, according to witnesses did not hit him.

    • exactly. insecure drunk douche attacks innocent kid and the media is gonna twist it to make biebs look bad.

      and driving past a stop sign at 430am isnt a real crime.

  8. That despicable worm, Perez Hilton,practically said it was a Directioner that did it[he crosses the word out] I did not see that neither on TMZ which has the original report or elsewhere. It’s not resposible of him and merely may cause tension between Believers and Directioners. Even if it was, don’t blame millions of their fans for what one idiot did.

  9. TMZ making Justin look bad
    but.I do believe that Justin was provoking the man in some kind of way because even though he might be a hater he wouldn’t just go up and start beating Justin up!

    • Desperate people are capable of anything. Stealing a chain off of Beiber’s neck is an act of desperation. Beiaber can kick their butts. Do you really think he doesn’t know how to defend himself?

    • Zari
      Actually people can straight up try to attack you for no reason. They call it a bum rush. Read the report he was stepping out of the VIP Section to go and mingle with other party-goers when the guy jumped out of nowhere. People who were there said so themselves.
      I hate people like you who always try to find something bad about Justin in every thing he does. FUC* YOU!!!

  10. if bieber didn’t have security bieber would of gotten his a*s beat. Bieber do think he is a tough guy and thinking he’s cool …he must of said something to the guy or something .And they are saying that another person snatched Justin’s chain. (Robbed)

    • Listen Little girl he was in a club. In clubs they play the music really loud. If Justin was talking to the guy who attacked the guy would have had to be really close to Justin to hear any kind of smack Justin was saying to him.
      And you can clearly see that the guy wasn’t near Jüstin before he started attacking him

  11. To those saying “Justin must have said something”

    First you Dimwits Justin was in a club, and in a club music is played really LOUD so if Justin said something to the guy he would

    a) Have had to Shout if he was saying something to someone And other people would have heard him.

    Eyewitnesses don’t say anything about Justin shouting!

    b) The guy who attacked Justin would have had to be close to Justin to hear him talk

    Eyewitnesses state that the guy rushed at Justin. (if he was standing near Justin he wouldn’t have ‘rushed at him’)

    Bunch of dumb c*nts!!

  12. Does not Bieber get Threats by people saying that if they met him they would slap or punch him? Read the comments in Raderonline or TMZ. This guy was an obvious hater who did not like him and went at him unexpectedly to attack. Justin was not ready for him; he was caught by surprise. Otherwise Justin would have landed a few punches in his face. That happened to me once going to a club. A guy with friends suddenly for no reason sucker punched me; next thing I knew I was on the ground. It could happen to anyone. Justin won’t back off from a fight. He did not with that bigger pap who is now suing him. He is also alleged to have even punched Moche, his bodyguard, in anger although that still has to be proven. It was another guy who sneaked up behind him and took his gold chair and ran according to some tweets and reports.

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