Justin Bieber, Caitlin and Christian Beadles

Justin Bieber Christian and Caitlin Beadles

@mamabswag: God promises to give us strength to meet challenges but He doesn’t promise to eliminate them. If He gave us no rough roads to walk, no mountains to climb, and no battles to fight, we would not grow. You learn you’re never alone with these challenges, because God is always standing right beside us, teaching and strengthening us to face them. Putting the perfect people in place to help encourage each other through. These 3 teens all have different stories, different struggles, but God has used them in such big ways to share a love you cannot experience without Him. If I had to chose between loving them or breathing I would chose to use my last breath telling them how much I love them! @godsgirl8494 @justinbieber @magnumbeadles

  • essie j

    that’s so cute :)

    • Ariella

      I love Justin Bieber soooooo much.He’s super cute and he’s my boyfriend.#Amazing :)

      • Swagalicious

        Never fails to keep looking sexy :P

    • Jennifer

      Second in youre face justins one less lonely girl.

      • mrs.bieber

        oh my bieber he is such a good person

    • Justins one less lonely girl

      Aww that’s the cutest thing ever

  • Kalani

    Aww I bet there so close with justin. Since I would guess she has her friends and he has. But that also includes justin. I love justin




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  • King Candy

    Ah, Justin back with old friends. Good, he doesn’t forget where he came from and he’s still tight with the friends he grew up with. ;)

  • Mickey

    Just like old times. Notice, how there is completely no drama (no twitter foghts, club thumping, police, etc) ever since he started hanging put with his old friends again, but yet when he’s with Twost, Za, pr whatever, there is always something wrong, Christian, Caitlin, Chaz, Ryan has always been his true friends.The ones in hollywood are looking for Justin’s fame

  • Belieber:)

    i love this photo they havent hung out in so long glad to see the Reuion! oh & you guys can follow @bieberswagg5294 thanks… i always followback promisee

  • Julesa

    aww that was cute:)

  • ivan

    Twist has been a main reason for bad publicity to Justin; however, Lil Za is cool. And It’s true, aside from the lie he spat on fans and the incident in the Hamptons which was started by that model, he has been fine. TMZ had to dig out partially nude pics from a year ago[possibly fake] and trash his giving of money to a homeless lady as seeking good publicity when not him but a nosy pap took the pics.

    • me

      quit blaming the black guy for justin’s problems! if he was white you wouldn’t say a thing. Racist much?

  • SillyB


    Who wrote that it wasn’t jj cause he’s tagged at the bottom so who wrote that??

  • Zoey

    Caitlin is so f*cking Pretty!!

  • rb

    Sandi Beadles wrote that, Caitlin and Christian Beadles mama.

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    aw that so cute and it good to see Caitlin (she grown up) and Justin but im not saying tier together

  • maria

    That is real friendship , love justin

  • Bieber Girl

    These are the people Justin should. Be around with more!

  • Nicki

    They must be really close friends with Justin. They look really cool in the picture. Caitlin and Christian look like are really cool people to get alone with and hang out. Love you Justin

  • liaqm=

    cailtin was dating Justin before he started dating selena

    • Kalani

      Justin and Selena are friends. Can’t wait until justin comes out with a new album.

  • Mariah Bieber

    That’s cute! Justin looks sexy!!!!

  • julie

    thats a joke, biebers motive is to be the best and thats it. too many video of expressing that love is the last on his mind. Im a fan..but please..thats a straight lie. get someone who is broke, ugly and still shoes love even when its the hardest..they are an inspiration. plAese, whata joke.

    • Im batman

      I agree with you to be the best in what he dies, but unfortunately thats never gonna happen if his only motive to get more money and step up to the challenge making haters into fans…. He will never be like Michael Jackson or the singers before him in fact he’s ot even in 10 top singer of all time… He can never be the the same level as Michael when he was still in his prime ,NEVER EVER ……

      • Mrs bieber

        Nobody wants to be Michael Jackson!!!!

  • Barasha

    They look soo nice


    Caitlin and Selena both look cute with with Justin

  • Lala

    love jaitlin. not jelena

  • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    They look great! So nice they they spent time together to catch up!

  • Luigi Severus

    Justin isn’t cute anymore….

  • Lauren

    Justin isn’t dating selena or Caitlin which is probably best so he can find out who he really wants to be and do what he loves which is dance he does love his fans which shows when they need him he’s a really sweet guy its just Lil Twist and lil Za aren’t that good to be around since they do bad things even an article on the internet said Justin isn’t happy with his friendships with them