Justin Bieber Chillin at his Calabasas Home with his Boys

Justin Bieber at his calabasas home

Justin Bieber chillin with Basketball players at his home in the Calabasas.

@justinbieber: Chillin with the boys at home Kevin Durant, Tyson Chandler and Carl Lentz

    • I’m glad that hangs out with his boys. Just like Selena has her girls. Only her friends are dancers and his boys are basketball players And other artist who he’s friends with.

    • can you come to the beach selena and justin and can i be your one less lonley girl my phone number is 98988282547 brunsville north carolina 28714 meet me there at 8:16 pm and dont be late too1!

      • Yeah you might not want post your personal infor online. It’s so not safe to do that. I highly doubt justin or Selena even post there numbers otherwise there phones would blow up constantly

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