Justin Bieber Clubbing at Everleigh and Uniun Nightclub in Toronto! [Video]

djmorganshim- Yes even @justinbieber party’s vintage @EverleighTO w: me and @ericthetutor

Justin Bieber partying at the Everleigh and Uniun nightclub in Toronto, Canada last night.

Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 1.36.22 PM

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  1. He should cut down on going to clubs since haters may try to do him harm and TMZ is always there to keep an eye on him for dirt. A guy tried to attack him yesterday in a club and his gold chain was snatched from his neck by another guy who then ran away. The guy who attacked him rushed toward him but security got him off Bieber who kicked him several times.

    • The thing is this is the business he is in. This where his music and others music is played. Unfortunately I have to agree with you about these haters and TMZ looking for dirt.

      • Beiber needs to denounce ownership of that necklace it has his DNA on it just for protection against evil intentions. It is like having someone’s hair.

  2. he likes clubbing too much and he always got in to fight but that nave make him stop justin you can have a lot of fun in life with out clubbing please lestin to me

  3. It makes me happy to see him having fun and enjoying life. And smiling. Please remain happy justin. And I notice when he goes to clubs he is usually by the dj side partying. In the first video what was he saying?

      • I don’t know what he said. All I could hear is noises. You can barely understand what he’s saying. I hope justin has fun with his boys.

  4. The higher profile you are the bigger the target. People are jealous and try to become famous by attacking him. It is sad but that is how the world is. The tabloid media is causing a lot of these problems.

  5. Justin love you but noooooo more clubs dont wantyou getting shot not trying to be negitive have fun remember look but touch not nooooo girls but me if they throw thierself at you just ignor them act like you dont even like girls so you dont end with another mariah or that aint my baby want a paternity test story

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