Justin Bieber Clubbing with Jay Z & Kevin Hart in Miami Beach, FL

Justin Bieber and Jay Z in Miami clubbing

Justin Bieber enjoying his time off from his Believe tour, he posted a photo of his night with Jay Z and actor/comedian Kevin Hart at the Mansion Nightclub in Miami Beach FL, last night.

Justin took to Instagram to share a snap from his boys night, sayin:

Chilling with the boys @kevinhart4real and J

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  • Lizzie

    Clubbing for a 19 year old.

    • Swagalicious

      Shouldn’t Jay-z b with his daughter or something not clubbing?

    • Justins one less lonely girl

      Wow Justin sure loves to go to clubs

      • Kalani

        Since he does have friends that Are over 21. They can buy drinks he can’t in the US. Overseas is different but more lenient.

  • thd#

    He has a new tattoo on his inner upper arm. Looks like a feather to me

    • Kalani

      Justin is so adorable. I love justin.

  • Lizzie

    Maybe he gave them marijuana who knows he could do that too you know.

    • rb

      ‘WWHL’ Aug 16, 2013 Oprah Winfrey told Andy Cohen that the last time she smoked marijuana was in 1982

      • Lizzie

        Yeah lol I watch that but I don’t know sure if she still do.

  • Nicki

    Awesome! I hope that you guys had a good time. Jay-Z and Kevin Hart loom after Justin make sure that nothing happen to him. Be SAFE. I love you guys.

  • Belieber

    Hope Justin had a good time

    • Kalani

      There probably just hanging out and having fun. Justin is very fortunate to have friends in high places for his music career since most of his boys been where he’s at in there career.

  • essie j

    that’s cool :)

  • KattyB$

    Damnnnnnn! he sure love clubs!

  • fernanda fernanda

    mileidy es bien q beso q jajaajja

  • Fine Ass Belieber

    i want clubbing with you justin :))
    follow me please


    Jay-Z is so ugly

    • Kalani

      No he’s not. Though most of the celebs are ugly. And there of course are the hottest celebs. A lot of the young actors are the most hottest celebs ever. My TOP Ten of the hottest actor/actress are, Zac Efron, Juliann hough, Paul Walker, Josh hutcherson, Mila Kunis, Blake lively, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Channing Tatum, Jeasica Alba, Jennifer love Hewitt. Ryan Gosling, Bridget Mendler, Adrienne Bailon, Chelesy Kane. And of course the hottest gorgeous fashionista. Ms girl next door. Selena Gomez.

      • Kalani

        And my favorite who I love her movies. She’s very humble yet gorgeous. I’m so aww of her. Very poise and elegant actress. Eva Mendes.

  • Heather Ciesielczyk

    I think it’s cool that he’s hanging with Jay-Z. Jay-Z is awesome just like JB.

  • kilsy

    wooooooooooooooooooo k ricooo

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    ok i hope my baby had a good time

  • Roselyn

    Im so happy you are having fun with your friends justin , love you

    • maria

      Hi roselyn, im thinking the same thing im super happy that justin is having fun with his friends , that is super cute.

  • ariel

    kevin is so funny jay-z is so col and justin is so hot and perfect