Justin Bieber Driving Without License – Accused of Running Stop Sign!


Justin Bieber was pulled over in the early hours of Wednesday morning after he drove through a stop sign, and during the questioning, police discovered he wasn’t licensed to drive in California, reports TMZ.

According to the site, police noticed Justin’s white Ferrari go through a stop sign near his Calabasas home at around 4:30am. But he was then discovered to not have a valid California driver’s license, which new residents are required to have within 10 days of moving to the state.

Sources said Justin was cited for “running the stop sign and for being unlicensed.”

  • Bieber’s Shawty ❤

    Crap!!! Since it involves tmz ?!?,

    • Hmmm

      One word. Denial. TMZ is actually quite credible with news sources and information, just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it is fake.

      • Belieber kidrauhl

        More than 50% of tmz stories are fake

  • Lizzie

    Is this old. Because they showing him driving a white ferrari.

    • nicole

      thats his new custom ferrari

    • Natalie (Future Mrs.Bieber)

      So? He can drive other old cars he has driven in the past …doesn’t mean he will never use it again.

  • beebee

    Here we go again TMZ reports. Ugh!

    • hannah mahone bieber

      @beebee lol yep ikr

  • ivan

    He has been stopped before in L.A. Why did not the police, who must have checked his driver’s license, not cited him for that before? He does have a Canadian driver’s license and looks like he needs another to drive in California; but why, as I said, did this not come up in the last few years?
    TMZ must follow him everywhere he goes to find dirt on him. They are really bastards!

  • Alejandro

    Don’t blame TMZ, blame the white kid. He’s losing it, get over it.

    • hannah mahone bieber

      @ alejandro it is tmz bcuzz bcuzz they just make up all these stupisd lies and trying to make him look bad and why the hell are u on here if ur gonna be hating on him -,- this site is only for beliebers not haters -,-

  • rb

    TMZ states that Law enforcement sources? Whoever made that statement to TMZ is probably on administrative leave. Why do you think they call it the California stop? I live in a different state and my women got a ticket for that. She told me the first thing out the cop’s mouth was; “you made a California stop!” You know! I’ve forgotten my wallet at home several times and it has my driver’s license in it. So not a big deal! You go to court and present it to the want-to-be attorneys, and they let you go. Damn haters!! You’re flipping idiots!!

  • MayaLuvsJustin

    Justin’s not that bad of a driver, i mean yeah he drives fast but i’d love to be in a car with him! :D

  • Lizzie

    I don’t think Justin is that dumb to drive with out a license cause you always have to carry a driving license with you.

  • Abeler

    did u guys get Abel’s new song? you got to believe me you gone love it.

  • il

    yea i get Abel Alem’s song, its nice btw and he iw cute, i think he will likely more than Justin

    • hannah mahone bieber

      no one cares about abel alem.were here for justin not him so shut up

  • Nicki

    (OMG)! TMZ again just let him go they been having problems with him ever since. They act like they never driven a car without driving license and driven past a stop sign. No one isn’t perfect. (Luv you Justin)!

    • Kalani

      Wait doesn’t justin have his license. TMZ are the dumbest people so are the media. TMZ have the most ugliest people ever. Justin does have his license.

      • Martin

        They didn’t say he had no license, they just said he didn’t have the right one

  • Abeler

    did u guys get Abel Alem’s new song? believe me you gone love it. i love you Abel.

    • hannah mahone bieber

      dude shut up no one cares.no one doesnt even know him were here for justin not that abel guy so just stfu and leave -,-

  • Lo

    I think the passenger was a female. Just saying

  • Nette

    I luv your ferrari justin I so want one in 2 more yrs 16 u mind taking me for a drive in yours: D imabelieber

  • laila is belieber until the world end

    please just leave justin alone

    • Kalani

      I tots agree. Wait wasn’t justin driving with his close good friend Sean Kingston. They are friends. I hope justin and Sean collobrate together on his next album or his. Sean seems like such a sweet guy and he’s cute. Since justin does have Friends in high places.



  • ivan

    He’s been driving in California for since he moved there. He must have shown his license to drive there when he was stopped a few times for speeding and once for making a wrong turn. So what really happened this time? Did he lose his license, did he leave it home, did it expired? These are important questions, but TMZ does not ask, they merely want to trash him.

  • Jenn

    Sometimes if you move to a different county in the same state your license has to have your new address on it. That was probably the problem. I wish he would stop running thru stop signs tho. They are there for a reason. He is going to get hurt. Plus he has to know everyone is watching him. He needs to just go to a track or join a celebrity race car event if he loves to drive like that. Alot of celebrities do.

  • ♥Beliebtioner♥

    i f-cking hate tmz and i hope justins ok

  • essie j

    wtf tmz are f*cktards

  • honey

    who knows how true this is

  • rb

    Justin Bieber will be in Singapore Sep 23 to sing at the Formula 1 closing concert. I have a feeling that he is going to get behind the wheel of a Formula 1 taking it for a test drive. 

  • oliviabieber

    oh look tmz involved this is a load of fu–ing bullshit anyway Justin does have a license

  • hannah mahone bieber

    why is it always with tmz -,-

  • hannah mahone bieber

    ugh when will tmz stop.they just wont stop why wont they just leave him alone already. -,- like seriously and justin isnt stupid to drive without a license

  • rb

    TMZ should focus on Lamar Odom being arrested for DUI.

  • Natalie (Future Mrs.Bieber)

    Smh some of y’all need to stop defending him over everything. Just because its bad news that tmz is saying about Justin, doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Get over it.

  • Belieber kidrauhl

    So? Justin can do whatever he wants. He’s like god.