Justin Bieber Eating Fat Burger

Justin Bieber fat burger

Justin Bieber hitting up a Fatburger on Sunset boulevard in Hollywood around 3:30 AM with his friend Tyler, the Creator.

@feliciathegoat: @justinbieber FIRST FAT BURGER HE IS SO NASTY HAHA


    He looks sexy, eating that burger ;)

    • Jdb

      Why is Nasty lol maybe of what he was saying ? We just don’t know

      • selena gomez

        @selenamariegreenberggomezbieber can you come and come to my house justin?

  • Lizzie

    Around 3:30 am man he making be hungry.

    • Kalani

      Just like Selena has her girls to hangout with. Justin has his boys and a lot of other celebs that he’s friends with.

      • Lizzie

        Noo he is not just like Selena at everything that Justin do is not just like Selena do.

      • Lizzie

        WTF is with you saying her name im getting tired of that.

  • beebee

    Sure their tasty glad I’m a vegan though.

  • Nicki

    LOL! The burger sure looks good. I had one in L.A a few weeks ago. They are really really good. (Luv you)!

  • Nette

    He sure does look cute eating that burger I wish I had the money to see him I would so cry (imabelieber) but at least its still good watching his concerts on youtube. ILUVUJB<3

  • Eubene

    What he eat a fat burger around 3:30am wow
    I could eat that too oh it was in hollywood

    • Kalani

      He’s so cute and adorable.



  • biebergirl

    AWW! he looks so cute eating that burger. :D making me hungryyy!

    • Kalani

      I wonder If they both went to in- out burger. Or they went to one of those fast food joints.

  • Melina

    That burger looks good,and Justin eating a burger is still hot

  • ♥Beliebtioner♥

    omg even when hies eating hes hot and why are you up in 3:00 am oh i forgot your with Tyler

  • believe

    omg justiiin i love you

  • Mariah Bieber

    He eats like a pro.Lol! Luv u Justin looking sexy!

  • kidrauhl’s girl

    Awwwww LoL that is soo cute Justin can make anything look hot sexy or even really sweet and adorable,,,and hilarious OMGB

  • Rebecca Bieber

    Awww he is so cute, im glad he is doing much better now <3 see i told you beliebers are stonger

  • Mckenzsie

    He. Need go. To sleep :)

  • hannah mahone bieber

    awwww my baby looks so cute when he eats lol.justin just dont get fat lol :D

  • Samantha

    Ok that’s just sad. Watchin sumone eat show that you have no social-life. Lol