1. I like the photo you took for the Teen Vogue. But in the picture you look sad. But I still love it no matter what. I love you. Keep taking more they awesome.

  2. HEY NICKI are u stupid?. U are not talking to Justin Bieber, he won’t listen to u. And is a picture, he is not sad in the real life, DUMB

  3. R u stupid or really stupid???? “melissa biber” , u think because u wrote first u r the first to see ,all wrong my dear,there are many who saw it before u but have not comment,nicki can write what she wants,u r not her mother to correct her,believer :) :) :) fool!!!!!!

  4. F-ck YOU!!!! Miss Belieber, what the hell is going on with you. What, Nicki can’t write??, what are u her lawyer?? AND NO i am not stupid maybe u are. I just enjoy watching u all saying stupid things to me or each other

  5. U ARE THE FOOL HERE MISS stupid BELIEBER!!!!!! KISS MY ASS, I am not talking to u I was talking to Nicki but it seems like Nicki is not talking or texting or whatever. U are all dumbs, except for Kidrauhl.

    • just ignore them instead of answering to people who obviousy have nothing to do but to correct and bully others to make them feel bigger. when someone puts you down think or say by all means. look at you you go out of your way to make me feel bad to make you self feel bigger and better about your self. but you should be the bigger person and not respond because the people that try to put you down arnt worth replying to expecialy when you dont know who they are (:

  6. i actually wanted to comment on the pic…but suprisingly my eyes caught on the chat conversation by some fans….i must say it was really a shit..hahahaaha..lool..anyways i love the pic…just awsome..i rearly like justin with suits… :)

  7. Ladies, please can you be kind to one another ? We need to set an example showing compassion, kindness, tolerance to each other. ;-) PEACE AND LOVE <3

  8. either they covered his tattoos or photoshoped it or its really old but anyway he looks hot like always hope he keeps going up with his carrer love you justin

  9. Man…just perfect how could u be so handsome:-D we really dont understand…for us u are the perfect guy…we luv ya

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