Justin Bieber ft. Michael Jackson – “Slave To The Rhythm” Collaboration

Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson Slave to the rhythem

A new Justin Bieber track “Slave To The Rhythm” has mysteriously leaked, and it features none other than the King of Pop himself — Michael Jackson.

Right after the song leaked, Justin took to Twitter saying:

Excited for what is to come. MJ set the bar. Not only for music but for being an entertainer and how u treat the fans. Wish he was here…

Listen Audio:

  • Kidrauhlll ___

    first !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Justin Bieber

      Congrats you won A new Phone And a ticket to Justin’s Concert See You There !! :S

      • Kalani

        Oh my goodness justin. I so love your songs. Your amazing artist. Such a hottie.

      • @Loveubeebs

        Hahhahaha thats funny.

      • Justins one less lonely girl

        Wow it’s super good!!!!

  • kidrauhl’s girl♥

    that must be a big deal for Justin because MJ is his idol…:) :) :) :)

  • BBBBiiiieeeeebbbbbeeeeerrrrr

    anyone else wondering how this happened?

    • honey

      They take MJ’s voice and mix it to the song

      • Larry

        No they take Biebers voice and mix it with MJ’s voice

    • Bieber’s Girl

      I HEARD that before Mj’s dead , he maked this song and gave it to his brother. He wanted a duet with Justin. So when he was dead, his brother gave it to Justin and in 2012 was the song done, but Justin gave it out like, now..

      Idk of this is true, but I heard that from my family.

  • Xavier bieber

    I knew it lol :) my boys dream came true so proud of him and what he does

  • King Candy Has Awoken

    Call me an idiot if you must, but I started crying. I’m sorry, I loved Michael. And just to hear his voice again, it’s killing me. Makes me wish he was still alive. But however this happened, it’s amazing. Justin got his wish. *smiles slowly*

    • Mrs.Bieber

      I did to… your not an idiot

    • Xavier bieber

      Your not an idot don’t never say that I got emotional to when I heard Michael and Justin had a song together I almost cried real humans cry you deserve to let it all out :) it’s okay add me on Facebook if your a belieber or a mj fan

  • Mrs.Bieber

    I absolutely love this…. as soon as I heard Michael I started to get teary…

  • hiba

    but MJ is dead!?!

  • Nicki

    I’m proud of you Justin. Just keep living your dreams. If Michael Jackson was still here he will be proud of you. Love you


    can some1 ell me how the hell did mjs voice came…i mean i need an explanation

  • hh

    First its a Michael Jackson song not a Justin Bieber song, secondly its not a “mysterious song” it was recorded and finished 12 years ago.. Michael didnt see it fit to be released and it stayed as one of his unreleased gems.

  • ivan

    Nobody was thinking of this song; It was practically forgotten until Justin, who purchased the song I believe, made it into a great collaboration. Why do some M.J. fans make it seem he did something terrible? Is it because he’s white and they never liked him anyway? I was and am an M.J. fan and think that’s stupid. Other artists such as Chris Brown have performed to M.J. songs and people did not criticized them over that. Should Justin and white people stop supporting black artists? What would happened then; sales would drop way down because they buy most of their albums. I think a lot of blacks do not appreciated the support Justin has shown for hip hop and black artists. It’s time for them to show some appreciation as they do for Justin Timberlake who has not shown as much support for black culture and hip hop. that’s my rant for the day.

    • joe

      MJ fans of course don’t like it because mj is literally music royalty and many people consider him that even the people who hate him. JB is considered to be a joke. You have to understand that it has nothing to do with race. And you can also say Justin Bieber is just riding the Black art form wave of hip hop that’s bring him a lot of money. Also the fact that Justin bieber is white makes him more marketable instantly more popular than his black counterparts. Just like elvis.

  • honey

    It’s an MJ song and Justin probably bought it or asked to make it a duet and just added his voice to the song. That’s called modern tech where you can alter a person’s voice even if they’ve passed on. LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • KattyB$

    Justin Bieber in the Prince of Pop.And Michael Jackson is the King of Pop. The song makes me wanna dance dance dance dance!!!!!!!I love it

  • Averie

    i really like that song. Its so cool! i love justin so much!! anyone eles wondering how that happened? i’m thinking maybe that song got passed to justin for him to finish or they took that song and mixed it so justin would be in it. But whatever way it happened, its still an amazing song! i love it! :)

  • Sara

    This is a great song!! I love justins new songs!!!! LOVE YOU

  • TeTE

    Michael Jackson died before bieber was famous dumb shits

    • King Candy Has Awoken

      Yes, but this was Michael’s song. Justin bought it and made it into a collaboration. Wow…. I hate to say who looks like the dumb shit now….

  • ivan

    One of Justin Bieber’s friends and music assistant worked with Michael Jackson and I believe helped him get this song. It belongs to Justin now. Others have done the same thing. M.J. purchased music by the Beatles. He could have done a similar thing with songs by the Beatles and nobody would complain.
    He is also, according to reports, thinking of buying Jackson’s Neverland ranch which would help the Jackson’s financially if they own that house still.

    • joe

      Ok first I don’t think the Jackson financial situation is in trouble since mj died they have payed off all debts and netted more than a billion dollars. And also you cant just buy peoples songs like bubble gum. But you can use other artist songs if its allowed and the lawyer family of artist has no problem with it. And that was a throw away song of Mjs.

  • ivan

    On an unrelated note: when will we get a pic of Justin with the other Justin? They were both in Miami yesterday. Have not seen a pic of them together since Justin was a fetus; you could see that on you tube. Two great performers together.

  • Sauren Clash

    Really justin it was the awsome song for me…. u rock :)

  • Nicole

    This song is a amazing!

  • Belieber

    This song is good

  • essie j

    it rocks i love it two legends in one song :)

  • ivan

    Some criticize Justin for this but never when Usher or Chris Brown and others imitate M.J. I will leave it to you to figure that one out.

  • Fine Ass Belieber

    amazing justin
    love it
    follow me please

  • hannah mahone bieber

    im not really a fan of michael but this song is amazing.if michael was still alive he wouldve been so proud. justin made his dream come true :) the song almost made me cry

  • Heather Ciesielczyk

    I love this song!!!! It’s awesome! Good job JB :)

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    Michael is died RIP so ow does he make feature with Justin um mm someone please explain

  • Gardener57

    Rodney Jenkins who worked on ALAYLM also Worked with MJ . There is your MJ connection He is also the man who told JB after one of his TODAY show performances that MJ would be proud of Jb

  • Happy Yum Yum

    The king of pop and the prince of pop! I am a huge JB fan and I’m still a huge MJ fan! This is now my favorite song cuz it has my 2 fav singers. MJ really would be proud :)

  • hayat

    iiiii lllooooovvveeeee iitttt congrat jjjjjbbbbbb love youuu