Justin Bieber ft. Miley Cyrus New Song TWERK Leaked!

Justin Bieber MIley Cyrus Lil twist Twerk

Just 3 days after Miley’s controversial performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, a track titled “Twerk” featuring Justin Bieber and Lil Twist was leaked online Wednesday, Aug. 28.

In the chorus, Miley sings: “I came up in this party time to twerk.”
While Justin sings: “Hey pretty girl, tell me your name. The way that you move, baby I’m happy you came. I’ve been looking for ya for a while now. I would come and talk to ya but it’s [inaudible]. Baby we can take it slow. Don’t need nobody to know. Let me see you get out on the floor now. We gon’ party all night until it’s over.”

It’s unclear if this is the final version or a work in progress, but being an unauthorized leak, the widely circulated YouTube and Soundcloud versions have already been taken down.

‘Twerk’ will be appearing on Lil Twist’s upcoming album. Production on the single comes from Maejor Ali & Chef Tone. Take a listen to ‘Twerk’ after the jump and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

  1. The best concert ever of the 21st century, and it would have to be performed in all stadium venues, would be if Justin and the future Mrs. Bieber “presumption on my part” where to tour together. Just saying!! Say 2015!

    • Did you see her rendition of Overboard when she replaced Jessica Jerell on his First Tour…She Realllllllllllllyyyyyy SUXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX- Him and her is a NONO….She sounds terrible, I would never pay to see her!!!

  2. OMG What Has This Become.Miley is Not Going To Drag My Boo Into Her Twerk Shit.This Is Pathetic.!Miley Needs To Take A Seat And Leave The Good Stars ALONE.!And Just Put Her Famee Into The Past.She’s Dead And Gonee. -.-

  3. Ayyyyye now this song just might be accepted in my hood tho
    This is definitely A turn up song love Justin’s part ,miley eh?
    Her voice is kinda aggy in this but good song

  4. Miley sounds like Crap as usual…Bieby sounds good… and he is way to fine talented and wonderful for her non-talented Foul pancake BUTT!!lol

  5. Omq he sings so sexy and hot i love hem he is my angle for ever i in love with hem so much and i wish that i cant see hem in person but i will seehem in person hem he came to miami fl and i will kiss hem so much and huggy hem so much

  6. It should not say “Justin Bieber ft. Miley Cyrus”, because that implies that the song belongs to Justin Bieber. Terrible grammar on this site.

  7. This song was started before her performance in the awards show so Justin should not be blamed for anything. Miley has collaborated with top notch pop and rap stars recently, are they going to be trashed because they worked with her? Guilt by association?
    He’s good in it and it could be a big hit if it is promoted well.

    • Justin sounds amazing on here. His voice is Sexy on here. I can listen to justin all day. I love how justin and Miley collobrate together. Since there friends.

  8. I luv that song so much I would start twerking when I listen to it if only I can see justin it will be my dream and if I could I would so twerk for him and you no wut justin is not only my fav singer but also my hero like I can trust him and always make me smile im 14 and my life has been sad and hearing justin saying words that can touch u like to believe and (well you no wat i mean) i take that in seriously it makes me happy/smile, wen I see him on my posters or videos I wish I can see him for real. ILUVU : D Muah

  9. the song is actually pretty good and but Justins part is sooo amazing… <3 miley sounds like crap! and i just cant stand lil twistt! but of coarse i love justin!!!!!! :D

  10. I actually like this song and Justin’s part like OMGB he sounds soooo SEXYYYYYYYY ihate that Miley is all like “I’ve got a big ass and I can twerk when I wanna” its getting kinda old I LOVE Justin’s part

  11. Justin biebers part was the best he killed the whole song haha im valid the car throw me the keys is what killed me :D best artist and super star on the planet ain’t nobody on my idols level, Btw believe 3D comes out December 22

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