Justin Bieber Leaving NY hotel

Justin Bieber leaving newyork to washington dc 2

Justin Bieber leaving his hotel in New York.
He’ll be performing at the Verizon Center in Washington DC August 3, 2013.

PS: we’ll be attending JB’s concert in DC, section 100.

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  1. Wait, is he not performing at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn today so how can be be leaving to washington D.C. this morning?

  2. I know right he was suppost to perform August 2 which it’s today but he perform in New Jersey so why he came to NYC like he is going to perform for his concert today.

  3. I read the article that he will be performing tonight at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn. So maybe after his concert he will go to Washington DC to perform at Verizon which is tomorrow.

    • he is performing in NY. My guess is that he was leaving the hotel to stay at the venue and get set up… and then right after the concert, heading to dc

    • ugh lucky, I’ll be sitting at home watching bieber o’clock and mopping about how close he is to me and I’m not there, worst feeling ever

  4. There is a great article on him in the New york Post newspaper today. The writer seems to like him because of his personality and lack of blandness compared to most male pop stars today and compares him to the bad boy rock stars of the past and present.
    He does perform in Brooklyn today and Scooter says there will be surprises-don’t know what.

  5. Do you know Justin will have 50 million followers by the end of the year at the rate he is adding followers? That might never be beat.

  6. You’re going to the concert? And sitting in the section I sat in on November 5th? Man I’m jelly, I tried so hard to get tickets two presale days and the full sale day, they sell so dang fast. I hate that he’s going to be so close to me, but I won’t be there. Well…have fun… and take pics and video!!

  7. Omg I can’t wait to see him tomorrow this is going to be my fist concert!!! I love Justin so much!!! And I can’t wait to see him!!!

  8. awwwwwwwwwwwwww ma sweet sweet sweet sweetie pie ma juju looking so so so so so so so much sexy and hot ombbbbbbbbbb i love u justin i love u i love u i love u justin

    • Pshhhh, I wish man, I wish, I’d be there in a heart beat, like I’m sure you would be too. I wouldn’t care if it’s a 45 minutes drive, I’d still go. Lol, us beliebers.

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