Justin Bieber Naked Photo With a Guitar Leaked

Justin Bieber Naked Photo with guitar Leaked justinbieberzone.com

TMZ has obtained photos of Justin Bieber getting NAKID for grandma on Canadian Thanksgiving — holding an acoustic guitar in front of his body

Justin Bieber Naked Guitar with Grandma

Justin was apparently singing to his grandmother who’s standing in the doorway and wondering what in the world is going on.

According to TMZ‘s sources, It’s all just a prank and Justin was attempting to mimic the scene in “Forrest Gump,” in which actress Robin Wright performs Bob Dylan’s “Blowin In The Wind” naked with a guitar.

These photos were taken in Toronto during Canadian Thanksgiving back in October 2012.

Is the photo FAKE OR REAL?

JB had been staying at his granny’s house during the holiday … and slept in a little too late on Thanksgiving morning.

Bieber finally woke up after hearing family and friends stirring around the house — so he thought he’d prank ‘em … by grabbing his guitar and playing a naked set a la Jenny from “Forrest Gump”.

We’re told birthday-suited Bieber went right up to his grandma and started belting out some impromptu lyrics … like, “I Loooove you grandmaaaa … how are youuuu … helloooo grandma.”

Here’s the NAKID scenes video from Forrest Gump / Jenny-Blowin’ In the Wind

  • Kalani

    Oh my goodness. He’s so cute.

    • cris molina

      cris Molina naga city

      • cris molina

        god love

    • cris molina

      god food

  • bieberlove

    its is not true cause hes missing tattooos

    • ames

      He is missing tattoos because it was taken over a year ago…

      • Keiara

        Ok lol just to settle this all….. he was at a concert on the Canadian thanksgiving, not in Canada and this is the stupidest picture ever hahahahahaha because look how tall he is! And he didn’t have that owl tattoo at the time :) so TMZ. Can say whatever they want ya know? Because he’s the one that got the diamond award not them

    • jb’sbunnie

      it was just last year that’s why all his tattoos weren’t there it was thanksgiving

      • blieber forever

        Hey if u were listening they said it was a prank but its not funny but he is cute :-):):):):):):)

    • belieberswagga

      i think that isnt photoshopped. and i dont know but it doesnt shocked me. i mean she is his grandma and when his relAtionship to his grandma is so big, that he isn’t embarrassed that his grandma see him nude is all good, right?. i just wonder who took that pic and sent it to tmz. it must be someone of his family but who would do that?????? :/

    • JB lover forever

      no but it was last thanksgiving soo but tmz r peices of sh*t i hate tmz they also do make things up. i kinda do and kinda dont know what to believe about this

    • Ana

      Tht was back in 2012 lol but he looks 2 tall in this pic but watever he does do alot of pranks and even if he did do it so what tmz shouldnt be in all his buisness like he cant do anything. In private wothout someone finiding out lol

      • honey

        He looks way too tall

      • julia94

        actually he isn’t too tall in this pic. look closely! his gramdma is standing a few steps below. usually she is more than a head shorter than him as you can see in so many pictures

    • Kalani

      I love justin. He’s amazing and so oh my goodness.

    • Beleiebr for life

      Its must be true it was last year

    • milu

      That’s because this happened in 2012

  • anne

    are you really believe that this is Justin? can you just recognize that this is photoshop? there are many proofs that this ain;t true.

    • Swagalicious

      As much as I love Justin this made me a little sick and he has zero tattoos so this was so long ago y the hell r they bringing it up now?

    • Keiara

      Exactly!! and he’s already shown us he’s butt so why does it matter?

  • Belieb!

    That’s October 8 he got the owl tattoo on October 28 and he’s Canadian so he doesn’t celebrate thanksgiving and he had a concert too

    • Lauryn

      People celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada it’s just on a different day than the U.S.

      • Kalani

        How can anyone’s not love justin.

      • Kalani

        He’ll probably get more as he gets older or in a couple weeks or months.

  • crindana

    I LOVE yOu TOOO Justin bieber !!!!! :*
    AS Vrea sa ii in rominia

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    i don’t know if this is real or not and why are you doing cases that took place last year idiots but if it is JUSTIN MOVE THE GUITAR LETS SEE JERRY

    • Justins one less lonely girl

      I’m with u on that one!! LETS SEE JERRY!!

    • mrs.swaggiebieber

      Yeah I’m with ya. SHOW US JERRY!!!!hee

      • Beleiebr for life

        Yeah we want Jerry

  • Lizzie

    WTF what he think he is the guitar naked men in Time Square.


    Are u people that stupid ?? Or what ?? Obviously it is him and there is no photoshopping .this is a raw picture

    • a rational belieber

      THANK YOU! guys sit down this is obviously justin tmz may make shit up but when it comes to theyre pictures they are legit….. lol i think this is more funny than anything XD

      • honey

        I don’t know technology is pretty advanced you can make a person look real and they really aren’t there

  • Lizzie

    Oh this is the old picture so why they bring this back like he just post this leaked that he was naked with a guitar.

  • Jennifer

    Wtf oh my goodness I can’t believe he did this.

  • Justins one less lonely girl

    Wooooe mama!!!! I’m not even sure what to believe if it’s true or not!! :(

    • JB lover forever

      im on the same page as u justins one less lony girl

  • Justins one less lonely girl

    I don’t think this might be true but I may be wrong,all I know is that TMZ hates Justin bieber and they always try to ruin his career! Who thinks I’m right?

    • Never say Never

      TMZ just kills me Justin is off his World Tour for ONE day and they find some old picture that he took in private and bring it up now, pure BS.
      Justin has a nice body and we have seen most of it already but I feel this isn’t for the public Justin needs to rethink his actions from this point forward TMZ is after him in a negative way.

      • Justins one less lonely girl

        I know tmz is stipid!!!!!

    • Justins one less lonely girl

      I hate TMZ!!! They just try to ruin poor Justin!!! Justin didn’t do sh*t to TMZ >:(

    • Jess

      I don’t think TMZ would go to such lengths to ruin just one persons career.

    • beliber

      im with you all they do is talking bad about him all the time everywhere like give it a break to all the hate like for real idc if it is Photoshop i still think he does need privacy i mean i loved the pics but seriously why all the fuzz ikno hes Justin Bieber and i’m a belieber so nobody should be making a bigger fuzz than us the beliebers still love justin Bieber and always will

  • essie j

    we’ve all seen his ass before so its not a big deal lol ;)

  • Allison

    Very inappropriate! Not good!

  • Chelsiebieber

    It’s not true cuz he’s missing tattoos and he’s not that tall. He’s 5’7. And his butt is bigger and nicer than that.

    • Jess

      He is missing tattoos because it was taken back in October 2012 and obviously it isn’t photoshopped any person with a brain can see that, and I don’t know why people are so shocked its not like no one has seen him naked before.

  • Chelsiebieber

    Tmz is a lying piece of shit.

    • Kalani

      You got that right. There idiot. TMZ, they have the most ugliest people.

  • munas

    what is wrong whit tmz thay stalk justin everywhere he gos to thay have to leave him alone

  • idiot people

    you people are so idiot if you think that this is real. first of all, he’s grandma doesn’t live in TORONTO. second of all, that day he was at his concert and 3rd he got the owl tattoo on 28th October so he didn’t have it on 8th, the day tmz says.

  • I am Turbo

    Heck, too much controversy. Who cares, anyway? This is more than I needed to know. I just don’t care.

  • PrettyGirlMoody

    Naked photo is fake

  • Sarah (@dabiebery)

    this isnt real because #1: he’s missing tattoos. #2 the owl tattoo is there and according to this post, this was taken in october 2012. justin got that owl tat in 2013. tmz can go suck d*ck

  • Sarah

    uh….ok what the f**k is going on????

  • Johanna

    Justin’s grandparents lives in Stratford, not Toronto. And Justin were on tour in October, he performed at Portland Rose Garden Arena on October 8.

  • Mrs. Bieber

    If it’s real then it’s not a fault it’s tmz that spread the photos all over the world not Justin everyone can do things like that in their home … It’s his private live and he looks so HOT !!!

  • Melina

    So fake! Like seriously is he really that tall? Think people

  • honey

    Well from the comments the reaction isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Secondly who the HELL would take pics of him and then release them a year later? It’s F’ed up that someone did this and TMZ can suck it! Everyone knows they hate Bieber and do anything to make him look bad. It’s just another to the list of naked celebs. I mean Harry Styles was filmed on camera walking around nude because he doesn’t like wearing clothes so they can STFU.

  • Sam

    Omg this is so fake!! One look at his nose in the first pic!! Tmz hates him and is trying to bring him down! If your a true believer you would know he would never take this picture but most Important why in front of his gramma?? This is Obviously fake!! But nice job tmz but better luck next time!!

  • KattyB$

    Ok first of all i wanna say…..He got a a**…..and second of all is that that picture is real.. you know it looks so real. if not real it still lookso hot lol. and i was laughing when i saw it on Tmz lol

  • Mrs.Bieber


    • Mrs.Bieber

      BUT HIS ASS IS CHUNKY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I am Turbo

      It’s alright, m’dear. Believe me, I’ve saved pictures that are a hell of a lot weirder. And kept them. And use them as my wallpaper. You wouldn’t even understand why I have some of them. I’m strange. No judging here.

  • Lizzie

    It looks kinda real to me the way how he is holding his guitar like.