Justin Bieber New “Virgin Mary” Tattoo – Left Arm

Justin Bieber getting new tattoo

Justin Bieber getting a new tattoo — Virgin Mary of Guadalupe — on his left arm, just under his rose bud tattoo at the Deer’s Eye Studio (August26).

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Justin Bieber Virgin Mary of Guadalupe

  • Never Say Never

    At least his tattoos are nice The Bless Virgin Mary is for protection, he does a very nice job. Good Justin did it before he starts back on Tour I don’t mind the tattoos as long as they are on ONE arm only.

    • Swagalious

      LOL :D feel the same way but most of his tattoos r confusing to as in y get them?

    • deshon withrow

      Justin needs ny name on him

    • dchopsey

      The Blessed Virgin Mary is more than Our Protectress. She is the Mother of God, Our Intercessor, Our Confidante, She is Our Mother. She watches over us, prays for us, keeps safe from evil and She will ALWAYS keep us close to Her Son, Jesus. The title that they used for this article is incorrect; there is only one Blessed Virgin Mary with many titles. The Sacred Icon that they are naming is “Our Lady of Guadalupe” She is the patron saint of Mexico & She also the Protectress of the Unborn. This Sacred Icon was made by Our Blessed Mother herself when She appeared to Juan Diego in 1531; since is was mid-winter, roses were in bloom. Juan Diego picked these roses to show his bishop that were miraculously growing at this time. After arranging the roses in his mantle, Our Lady imprinted this Icon onto his cloak; when the bishop saw the Icon; he came to believe in the vision that Juan Diego claimed to see. That is why “Our Lady of Guadalupe” is also “Our Mystical Rose” That is why I think that placing this Sacred Icon as a tatoos on one’s body is wrong; especially when Justin has already tattoos of other images of other cultures that are used as “idol” or “false gods”.

  • 1belieber4ever

    NO Justin!!! no more tattos plzzzz your arms are perfectly fine without them

    • bieberfever#1

      ikr he doesn’t need more tattoos :(

    • belieberrrr

      i know.. it was ok at first but now there are too many of them!!! :'(

  • Liliana

    I like your new tattoo Justin. I love you so much.

  • biebergirl

    No more tattoos! Hope they will only b on 1 arm. Haha! Love u Justin.. <3

    • belieberrrr

      ikr… i hope its only on that arm too. he looked better when he didnt have any. i would only leave the believe one. i dont want him gettng skin cáncer… i still love him though.

  • ChelseaC

    Love the tattoo but no more please !!

    • Kalani

      I knew justin would get more tats. As he gets older he’ll probably get more as he gets older. I don’t know what he’s mom would say about it.

      • Never say Never

        not much she can say about it he will be 20 soon, I think he has enough but as you said he probably will be more just hope it’s not all over his body.

  • Belieber

    Cool :) I like it.

  • swaggy123

    im happy Justin’s tattoos are important. he dedicates the tattoos to the ones he loves.

  • honey

    That’s really nice

  • Bieber Jijii

    Omgg Enaugh tattoooooos I really don’t like theem u’re so perfect without them plzz justin :/

  • nini

    I luv u justin but pls no more tats. At least ur smart enough to keep them on one arm

  • angeiris

    Hello i love you justin forever

  • Alejandro

    Ever since his 2nd tattoo y’all were saying “please no more tats”. He has almost 20 now and he doesn’t look like stopping, after this arm he will get the other one tattooed too, get over it.

    The tattoo looks really nice.

    • MayaLuvsJustin

      Ikr? If he wants to ge them, let him. I think it looks good

    • Mexicanswagg

      I agree…..i dont think hes gonna stop getting tattooed…..pretty soon his right arm will be tatted too….but the Virgin Mary tattoo does look nice,…. I really don’t care if he tats da other arm I’m more for his music den his looks…..his look is just a bonus ;)

  • beebee

    Even though I am not Catholic I sleep with my rosary. It can be like the white arts to protect against the dark arts and evil intentions. This works for me. The rosary also reminds me to pray more. Hope we see this tattoo soon. He has a world with a cross which I’d like to see also. Am I wrong or are any of his tattoos in color?

  • Briah

    No more tattoos. If he keeps getting them at least out it on the other arm. It’s getting to crowded on the one side. I thought he looked fine without them. But I still love him :-)

  • Mrs.Bieber


    • Kalani

      I love justin. He’s so amazing and so adorable. He’s so hot

  • JBfan

    Sexy beefcake!!!

  • Nicki

    I love the tattoo. Love you.


    RIP to Justin’s perfectly good skin

  • BerePanBelieber!

    I Like new tatto!!

  • Lizzie

    Next is His left arm needs to be covering up.

  • KattyB$

    NEW SKINNNNNN! i already knew he was going to get new tats. hes addicted to it.

  • Shut up

    It’s not ur body to judge. He can do whatever he wants to HIS own body. Back uppp

  • Sassy

    Justin really needs to stop. i used to love him sooooooooo much but now he is getting all off these tattoos and doing everything that i don’t want him to do and that he isn’t suppose to do. He is hanging around the worse kinds of people. I’ve really lost a big chunk of respect for Justin over the years. I mean I absolutely love his music but i just don’t love him anymore. Everyone always says, ” Your body isn’t paper, don’t cut it. ” But no one ever says. ” Your body isn’t paper, don’t write on it. “

  • Bybemond

    too much tattoos about jesus..

  • laila is belieber until the world end

    your tattoos r verey nice but justin please stop you look so pretty with theme but if you get more i think you won’t look so pretty as you are now i lov you justin

  • Caitlin

    How can he have a tattoo on that part of his fore arm if he already has a knight there? And believe on his left arm..

    • beebee

      I believe it is under the second rose. If you type in rose tattoo in the search column it will take you to a close up of his arms and the rose tat there is room if it is under the second rose, If it is under the first I don’t see enough room. We’ll just have to wait to see it on him and where he put it.

  • BelieberDude

    I don’t see the problem with him getting tattoos. He likes them, so what!? Do they have any negative effects on him? I think not. That shouldn’t affect whether you like a person or not, especially an artist, where his voice is meant to be his best feature. If his tattoos and other personal decisions make you not like him as much, you can’t really call yourself a Belieber. Opinions are fine, but they shouldn’t determine your love for him, our idol.

    Besides, it could be worse, he could have made bad choices in artists and ended up with 20-some crappy tattoos. But no, he chose very wisely and has a collection of what I’d call masterpieces. If he runs out of room on his left arm and moves on to elsewhere, so be it, and I’ll probably love them all just as much. He enjoys them, it’s his body, and we’ve no right to judge him unless he starts going ink-crazy (20 tattoos is nothing compared to some people). I’d love to get a tattoo or two someday similar to his to show my devotion.

    Just keep doing what you enjoy, Justin. :)

    • beebee

      Look at Harry from 1D his tattoos look horrible. There is no rhyme or reason where they were placed on his body, Beiber’s tats are well thought out and strategically placed. I think Beiber:s Dad or someone has given him good advice how to go about his tattoo art.



  • Mrs.Bieber

    It looks good and u know what his next tattoo will be my name on his chest…..!! I love u sooo much justin

  • ♥Beliebtioner♥

    yay a new tattoo but i know there one under his arm i saw it has like a dagger or wing but i love his new tat and i love how he is so close to God