Justin Bieber Not Involved in the South Pointe Nightclub Assault, It’s his Entourage [Video]

Justin BIeber clubbing

According to E!news, Police in Southampton, NY, has confirmed that one of Justin’s entourage are being investigated for an alleged beatdown that occurred at approximately 4 am on Saturday night outside the South Pointe nightclub.

Authorities were not called to the scene but a police spokesperson said the unidentified male victim went to the Peconic Bay Medical Center at noon on Sunday and later filed a complaint alleging assault.

Justin Bieber south pointe assault - by his bodyguard

In footage obtained by E! News, Justin wearing a black T-shirt and red backward cap, is seen in the parking lot by his crew’s SUV when the purported altercation broke out between the clubgoer and his bodyguards, but Justin was not involved and is not considered a suspect.

Meanwhile, Justin tweeted:
bieber tweets

The South Pointe Nightclub said in a statement:

The police are currently investigating an incident that happened off premise and down the street from South Pointe in which Justin Bieber’s security confronted the individual after their car was struck with a rock after 4 a.m. The police have confirmed that there was no incident in the club or on the premises and the altercation took place off the premises. They have asked the South Pointe staff not to comment further as it is a police investigation.

Watch video:

  • beebee

    Love your T-shirt Justin. I am glad you are keeping the faith. God bless you.

    • angel nikki

      awww! that’s so cute your a sweet girl

    • HaileyLovesJustinBieber

      What happens in the video it wont let me watch it :(

      • beebee

        You may have to change pages then come back. Beiber jumps through the moon roof I believe and tries to go over to where the body guards are confronting the guys that threw the rock at beiber.s car. One body guard stops him from getting involved.

  • Kay

    Glad he isn’t in any of the bull crap that has been thrown his way by the media . Proud of u JB (:

  • Kalani

    I don’t know why people make up stuff. There stupid.

  • ann

    am so proud of u justin..ily

  • Purple Ninja

    I cant even see his tattoos

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    i hope Justin okay and am glad he did not get involved i love him so much♥♥

  • ivan

    TMZ which reported the story got it all wrong. This shows they can’t be trusted to tell the complete truth. Eonline is a more reliable source of celebrity gossip. The guy probably, probably jealous over a girl trying to talk to Justin but prevented by security, started the dispute outside the place. I wish Justin had the chance to deck the guy but Justin could have gotten in trouble and he has a concert.

    • Kalani

      That’s because TMZ has the most ugliest people there. That they always screw things for justin. There stupid.

  • ivan

    Some stupid fans will believe that he was the bad one here just as they still believe he spat on fans. They should leave and support someone else. He does not need fake fans who trust TMZ more than him.

  • essie j

    its all bullsh*t justin has nothing to do with it lol


    I just wanna see the video when justin jumps out of the sun roof and heads towards the fight

  • angel nikki

    he’s hot,he’s cute and other words I use sexy,smoken,adorabel and mostly sexy and such a hotty and a bad ass rebel !!!

    • Kalani

      That he is. He’s one of the hottest guy ever.

  • Jennifer

    He took two waitress to his house that night.

  • rb

    After all the false allegations that Justin’s been flirting with other women, inviting women to his hotel room, and shuttling women through the tattoo shop doors, it’s no wonder he’s trying to keep his distance from other women. This shows that he does care about the feelings for the one person that is dearest to his heart.

    • jessicalovesyou

      i aggre with you beacuse he does really care about selena and is inlove with her

  • ivan

    I hope his lawyers sue TMZ since they reports stories then they are repeated in newspapers and gossip sites damaging his reputation. This is one of the false reports from them making it seem he’s a thug and some believe it. Eonline reports what really happened. Now here are two reasons why he does not want pics and videos of him in clubs.
    1] TMZ and paps see him with a cup and thinks it’s alcohol when it might be soda or water.
    2] they see him talking to a girl that comes up to him and think he’s having an affair

    • beebee

      Another reason he wants some kind of private life. Why shouldn’t have girls with him he is single.

      • rb

        I have reservations on your comment! ‘Sel’s B-day bash July 27.’ Too be continued!!

  • Lizzie

    What happen now?

    • ivan

      The only one that could get in trouble is the guy with Justin [security?] who was rough with that guy. Justin is clear. But I think they won’t press charges since the fight started when this guy with his friends threw a rock at Justin’s car. Justin was restrained from going after this guy by his security after that.

  • beebee

    Justin boxes so for all the people that say he is like a girl, really?

  • Fine Ass Belieber

    follow me on twitter please

  • Barasha

    Justin u r sooo cute.i love u!!

  • Barasha

    Justin is my dreem prience

  • Linny6


  • Lo

    I just want to know how Alfredo is Selena and Justin friend probably seen PDA. at her birthday. But sees him hooking up with chick’s every week? It might be awkward for him

    • rb

      The paparazzi is up his a^s 24/7, have you seen any pic’s or videos of him being with or flirting with other women? Tell tale; looking back at when he was caught with Mrs. Jordan Ozuna in Las Vegas, also look up Ella-Paige Roberts Clark and Natasha-Jane Beech. The rest are just rumors until you see pic’s. Proof in point; have you read the media stories circulating of him at the Hamptons nightclub? Every media agency has their stories to tell! ‘Justin ripped his shirt off and turned into the white HAULK?!?

  • Me&J

    OMG!Really???TMZ sucks!!

  • el

    God i hate TMZ,like all they do is lie and people actually believe this stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ivan

    See the inquisitr site for a report today showing TMZ [ repeated by news sources and gossip sites] was all wrong in their report.

  • Bieber Girl

    TMZ is such a pain in the ass all they do I lie and lie oh and lie some more

  • Bieber Girl

    TMZ is such a pain in the ass all they do I lie and lie oh and lie some more I hope they get sued…

  • mikeelli

    lol i love your t-shrit jb

  • Bieber

    But why does he bring other girls with him ? And makes them sign something ? Like what does he do with them ?

    • rb

      Wise-up! Again, there are no pic’s or videos just rumors! What good would it be to girl signing a non-disclosure agreement that’s making $9 dollars an hour? Wise-up!

  • eubene

    I love your black t-shirt it so nice yea love it so much um so you stay at 4 am Saturday night wow that so awesome

  • jessie jessica I’m a belieber

    Well at least I’m happy he was not involved apparently his learning to be a better person not a complete mess but I’m still a belieber.