Justin Bieber on a Date with Model Ashley Moore in Beverly Hills CA

Justin Bieber romantic date with Ashley Moore

Justin Bieber was spotted picking up model Ashley Moore in his $400,000 baby blue Ferrari on Tuesday, and after that… according to X17online, that the duo went on a romantic lunch date at uber-swanky Bouchon in Beverly Hills.

A source tells X17online:

All eyes were on Bieber and his girl — the two caused quite a scene when they walked into the restaurant.

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 5.42.13 PM

Ashley was in a black camisole and tight leather trousers, keeping a low profile as she covered her face in large aviator sunglasses and covered up with a leather jacket. While chose not to dress up for the romantic lunch, sticking to his favorite urban casual style of baggy jeans and a T-shirt with matching white trainers and baseball cap.

Do you think Justin is dating Ashley Moore?

  • Justins one less lonely girl

    Oh ya first in your face JENIFFER again hahaha

    • HaileyLovesJustinBieber

      there not dating!


        I hope there not dating she looks like a fish XD not hating but I like it when juju dosent have a girlfriend cuz he is able to do more ( not drugs ) so my opinion

    • Ashley

      hahaha lmbo u got that righ! :)

    • maddie


      • King Candy

        That fast? TF are you on about…

  • Justins one less lonely girl

    By the way who is that girl,please tell me justin is ganna stay single!!!! Justin is mine!!!!

    • Kalani

      I hope justin isnt dating Ashley

      • Swagalicious

        Yeah she’s not all that pretty but (not being racist) he needs to leave the chicks alone for a while and c what’s out there my best advice to u Justin spend some time with ur music my ears r crying :( :D

  • Justins one less lonely girl

    I need to look that girl up on google, it’s not like I’m jelouse *pff*pfff

    • Justins one less lonely girl

      All I’m saying is that he should be with selena

      • Kalani

        I agree he should be with Selena. They so are made for each other.

      • Wolf

        Pfffff Selena is such a B****!!! No one deserves to be with her!!!

    • Mrs.BieberYE$!

      Same lol I already did

    • ahsan

      i <3 justin
      i wanna singing wd u……

  • Alexandra Lynn Cornelison

    Yes I think Ashley & Justin is dating but it doesn’t Concern us.. It’s his personal life let Justin do what he wants! He well learn from his mistakes!

    • lucy

      I so hope not. No offence but she doesnt seem his type

      • SweetiePie26

        like u know his type

      • Lizzie

        What’s wrong of JB going to a restaurant to get something to eat with some girl this doesn’t bother me but I don’t bout some of you’all that always like this Jelena thing get over it and im a JB fan is better off for him to go out with somebody else like how he is doing right now.

    • Kalani

      I would say there friends. It’s not like justin has come out and said I’m dating Ashley Moore. Or his reps comfirmed it. There not stupid to comment on his personal life. Since she’s part of his crew.

      • Kalani

        Wow I don’t think justin even has a type. He just likes girls.

    • Kalani

      Justin can’t stand the freaking paps. There stupid and retarded.

    • Kalani

      I love justin. He’s so adorable.

  • mizzbieber

    I mizzbieber an this ashley gurl aint gonna take my man …so no there not dating he probably just wanted a booty call….hes 19 thats all he thinks bout is getting in a girls pants

    • Swagalicious

      Justin is not like that!!!!! She’s not even all that Ithought that was lil za or someone in the car WOW :/

  • BettyBOOP!!!!

    Not my problem. Sure as hell doesn’t concern me. His life. Whether he likes her or if he wants a booty call it’s his life and it doesn’t concern anyone. So none of y’all get jealous. JUST BE HAPPY FOR JUSTIN!!!!

  • BettyBOOP!!!!

    seriously. Just let him be.

  • Crystal

    Doesn’t concern us. FORGET ABOUT IT!!!! If he’s happy with her I’m happy.

  • zee

    its nice he has another love in his life .

  • Fan

    Honestly when I saw these pictures i just didn’t see a couple I just saw friends she just dosen’t look like Justin’s type… but if they are together well… good for him but they won’t last long

    • zee

      it matters wat she thinks about him and how she feels about him that’s why shes dating

  • brichu canalla

    amo a justin bieber desde que tengo 7 años por cierto tengo 13 lo amo tengo todos sus discos tengo posters 2 remeras y muchas cosas mas lo amo con mi vidaaaa

  • zee

    she is a very lucky women

  • zee

    I agree with Alexandra

  • zee

    guys just think of the bright side, Justin is movin on

    • beebee

      Selena I believe isn’t the same faith as Justin and his faith is very important to him. He needs someone who appreciates him.

    • Kalani

      Seriously STFU.

  • beebee

    Happy to see Justin seeing other people. Hopefully she appreciates his heart.

  • King Candy

    I honethtly don’t know. But whether he ith or ithn’t, doeth it really conthern uth? I don’t think it doeth. On one thide, it’th good he might be theeing thomebody. But on the other, can’t he jutht go to lunch with thomeone and not get hounded?I thtill believe it’th none of our bussineth, but go on. Talk about it. That’th jutht my opinion. (I thpell thingth the way I pronounce them. Replace the “th” with “s” when reading.)

  • eubene

    Oh Justin bieber is dating Ashely Moore hey I went to Beverly Hills it was so awesome there I love Beverly Hills what happen to justin bieber he got accident

  • darlene belieber

    But Why .?? Another girl again i thought Jaitlin are back . ??

  • belieber

    Um yea i do but also I don’t because look how she’s dressed and also I think Justin should get back with selena

    • Mrs.BieberYE$!

      No I think Justin should move on this is good that he’s seeing other ppl

  • eubene

    I went to Beverly Hills with my brother, my dad, also my cousin it was so beautiful we went there July 17, 2013 yea first time going there I love the house in Beverly Hills haha my brother went there for a swimming meeting

  • essie j

    lmfao u guys are dumb she was lil twist’s girlfriend and justin is friends wit hher that’s all justin would never do that

  • beebee

    Couldn’t help but notice your New World Order type t-shirt. Maybe you should read Dark Majesty By Tex Marrs, As The World Becomes One By Tal Brookes, The Late Great Planet Earth, By Hal Lindsey.

  • Jennifer

    Dating? maybe. A couple? no.

  • Jennifer

    Why can he just stay single this hole year.

  • KattyB$

    Really guys.you don’t know this girl.this girl Ashley is friends with lil twist.justin met Ashley at the 4th july party and yes selena gomez was there.justin met up with Ashley .so so what’s the big deal.friends go out all the time.and how is it romantic they are just going out to eat like normal people.and justin always hooking up with girls all the time. He hooked up with. Barbra from the Victoria secret.and then he hooked up the girl from bad girls club.and then Jordan ouzuna.after that he hooked up with theses girls at the club where justin got in a fight.then he hooked up a girl at a club again.and now finally this girl Ashley.don’t you guys get it hes always hooking up with girls all the time.and that’s all I got to say.I’m just tryin to get the story straight for you guys. And if he is dating her. Why dose it matter so much.let him live his life.

    • Never say Never

      Yes I agree Justin is on his own he has until Sept 23 to let loose before he goes back on Tour until the end of the year, if he want to hook up every day then let him it’s his life.

      I just wish he would pull his pants up in the back I love seeing his cute bum but it doesn’t look so great.

  • nina reitermann

    She’s dating LIL twist his best friend so… obviously they’re just friends and she was with Selena and justin on the 4th of July so its not awkward for them hanging out
    Forever Jelena

    • KattyB$

      thank you i agree

  • KattyB$

    You guys Ashley Moore is with Lil twist dont you guys get it!

  • Liliana

    Iam gald that he is going out with a knew girl. I want him to fine a nice girl for him. I love you so much Justin Bieber.

  • Mrs.Bieber

    she is so PRETTY!!!!!!!!!

  • Kathryn

    She’s pretty! I’m glad Justin doesn’t just date typical skinny white girls. Good for him (: