Justin Bieber Playing with Nurse Sharks in the Bahamas

Justin Bieber Lil Za and Sharks Bahamas

Justin Bieber on vacation with Lil Za and Ryan Butler in the Bahamas… where they hung out with some local Nurse sharks at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club. 

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FYI: Nurse sharks generally don’t attack humans. So don’t worry!

Justin Bieber and Lil Za in Bahamas Swimming with Sharks justinbieberzone.com 20

Source: TMZ

  • Justin’s girl

    Good to see he has taken time off to relaxe

    • Kidrauhl

      Justin is working on his 8th album My world, my world acoustic, my world 2, never say never remixes, mistletoe cd,believe,believe acoustic…Most Beliebers know that this site has wrong info :-(

      • Jennifer

        I don’t now if you people noticed but aren’t the underwear that Lil za is wearing the one’s that justin was wearing once.

    • JB LUV


      TWERK IT TWERK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • belieber

      i was with him for a few hours
      best time of my life ♥♥♥

  • SuperMoulla

    I guess Justin’s fear of sharks isn’t there anymore?


    I. Thought “Nurse sharks” were people who take care of the sharks

    • Kalani

      This the first time that I see Ryan hanging out with justin. It’s usually justin, lil twist or lil ZA with justin . But rarely Alfredo or Ryan good.

    • Heather Ciesielczyk

      Me too at first lol

  • I love Abel

    did you guys Know Abel Alem? i mean the new singer Abel Alem who sang Justin biebers’ Baby song perfectly? i love his Voice.

    • Kalani

      Is he A new artist or someone we havent heard of.

  • MayaLuvsJustin

    I reckon he does deserve a break after all the concerts and shows he’s been doing. Did he attend the VMA’s?

  • Julie

    Wow Justin’s the only one without a beer

  • bieber’s shawty forever

    I didn’t see Justin in VMA’S he was not there I thought that he attend the show but he didn’t awwwwwwwwwwww bcs my Justin is bz in making his fourth album so I think he was tired so he didn’t attend the show

    • ♥Beliebtioner♥

      i thought it was his fifth you know MY WORLD MY WORLD 2.0 UNDER THE MISTLETOE AND BELIEVE



    • ♥Beliebtioner♥

      he is scared oh water that he can’t see the bottom of and yeah i thought he was scared of scared

  • ♥Beliebtioner♥

    i hope he had a good time because if those shark bite him i would have them for tuna

  • ivan

    He was not at the vmas. these sharks are not that dangerous[ they are nurse sharks] and he is slowly getting over his fear of them but hope he does not become reckless and tries to pet the dangerous ones.

  • Mrs.Bieber

    at first when i read this i was like Justin doesn’t like sharks. but then i read the FYI

  • essie j

    tmz are so annoying just let the boy enjoy his vacation damn

  • ivan

    TMZ compares him to the sharks in a nasty way saying they don’t attack unlike him showing the video of his spat with that pap in London. They are absolutely despicable and obsessed with him.

    • idiots.idiots. everywhere

      So they are Beliebers.

  • rb

    The question is: Who gave the pictures to TMZ? Justin it’s time to get rid of your back stabbers!! Maybe TMZ has someone following Justin’s every move?

  • zee

    way to dare . u got some spooky vibes man

  • Lizzie

    Oh TMZ leave Justin alone let him have a good time is enough talking about him.

    • Kalani

      Seriously they have the most ugliest people ever working there. They need to back F**ck off him. It’s not like he drinks or does heavy drugs or has groupies following him everywhere he goes. That’s Selena. And she says she’s normal. No normal girl has paps following them. Or buys a thousand dollar purse or shoes. A lot of girls don’t have the kinda of moola. They usually shop at Target, Dillard’s, Nordstrom, Macy, and of course urban outfitters.

      • idiots.idiots. everywhere

        Then how is Justin a normal guy?

  • biebergirl

    He’s no longer scared of sharks!! And he’s the only one without beer.. <3 it's good to c the guy take a break. TMZ should give him some space and privacy. Fyi- he looks so hot in the pics!! :D

  • Nicki

    OMG! I was nervous. I thought all sharks was dangerous but since they not them okay. (Have fun)! (Be Safe Anyway You Guys)! (I luv you Justin)!

  • Belieber

    Glad he’s having a good time with his friends. Why can’t TMZ leave Justin alone, instead of acting like they’re stalking him by taking pictures everywhere he goes? Like… Give him a break.

  • Nicki

    (I agree)! Justin is having a good time with his friends so just give him a break. He is sick and tired of TMZ saying bad things about him and taking pictures of him when I trying to relax. (Luv you)!

  • Nette

    Wow its nice to see he having fun especially with sharks that’s so cool but I would kinda be scared:D

  • Eubene

    Oh Justin is so awesome love his hair

  • Noor

    He did not came at the VMA’s this time and I was sad. He stayed at a saver side because both Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift were there. :((

  • emily bieber

    I am a beleeber

  • Mariah Bieber

    Lol He looks scared but ik hes not

  • erica

    justin has wide hips
    omg that butt
    that body hot