Justin Bieber Posing with a Yellow Snake


Justin and a yellow snake.

@justinbieber: Was playing with snakes the other day.. Watching the other guys again !! Will Ferrell is so funny

34 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Posing with a Yellow Snake

    1. Kidrauhl

      EWWW snakes are disgusting I was eating noodles and I spat them out once I saw this. Come on Justin i am terrified of snakes like I will literally faint if I see one.

  1. bieber's shawty forever

    ugh i hate snakes y juju like them i cant even see them
    i don’t want to see these snakes i hate them my justin love them
    how we will be together idk
    i love uuuuuuuuuuuu

  2. beebee

    Be wise as a serpent innocent as a dove. I don’t know who tried to set up the Beibs at the airport days ago but he does. The snakes (TMZ?) all I can say is Beiber is smarter than they are. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! There is nothing too low for the devil, the wicked one and his followers.

    1. beebee

      I’ll mention this one more time. Good books on the New world order. Dark Majesty, by Tex Marrs, As The World Becomes One, By Tal Brookes, and The Late Great Planet Earth, By Hal Lindsey.

  3. King Candy

    Am I the only one here who actually likes snakes? Ah, whatever. I think it’s cool. I’ve held a snake before. The kind of snakes I don’t like are the ones at TMZ!

  4. Nicki

    Ugh! I hate snakes they are so disgusting. Justin you must like snakes alot. I’m so surprise. That snake is really big. I like the color though. Be safe Justin. I love you

  5. Justin's Belieber

    I was there EXACTLY were he stood at I touched the snake that was around his neck :'( I was fangirling ♡

    1. Sel

      A vacation with the boys? Lil Za brought his girlfriend and the other woman is part of his entourage. What do we have to do to get a date with you??

  6. ivan

    He should not feed the snake and turn it loose on the hyenas at TMZ. We get to see Harvey Levin and his boys scream like girls while they jump out the windows.

  7. laila is belieber until the world end

    Please justin be careful snakes are daungros so please be carreful because there are alot of people realy do care about u i love you

  8. Noor

    Ewwwwwwwwwwww! Can u please drop it down it will eat u. I m saying this because I Worry about d people whom I <3 love

  9. KattyB$

    OH MY..if i saw that snake and i was there i would prob would just ranway or started screaming really loud. the snake is so big. when i was 8 years old my friend put a freaking snake around my neck and i screamed and the snake fell on the ground and i ran and the snake started hissing at me and i ran,


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