Justin Bieber Puts a Fan’s iPhone in his Pants – NJ Concert!

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Justin Bieber put a fan’s iPhone down his pants during his concert at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

After he begged the fans to “refrain” from throwing objects onto the stage, one fan seemed to not get the memo and threw something at him anyways. Not her bra, not her underwear – but her iPhone.

Do you guys want me to keep performing or what? Refrain means DON’T throw things on stage.

Just then an iPhone landed at his feet:

I said don’t throw stuff on stage and this is what they throw — a phone on stage. I mean, I do need a new iPhone.

Justin then stick it down into his droopy pants, right next to his JERRY. :)

Watch video:

  1. I think he was somewhat disrespectful with the audience, kicking the stuff they threw at him. Justin’s going just a bit overboard lately, not caring very much about his beliebers. I’m worried about his uncertain future, his attitude has really changed this 2013.

    • I think he is tired and it’s all too much at times. I do love and support him always but I think he needs a break which he won’t be getting he is on tour until November or December long time.

  2. OMB if it were my phone thrown I would go crazy but he asked them several timesnto stop throwing stuff but I would die if he put it in his underwear :D

  3. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! can’t breathe. Jerry!!! Jerry Jerry Jerry!!! oh my bieber! love you so much Justin with every single bit of my heart!!!!i would do anything to meet you Justin! so Sexy,Hot,swaggy. Oh my bieber!!!! I would ask him to use my phone. I don’t have one but I if I ever get one and I meet him I’ll ask him to put my phone down in Jerry

  4. did he actually put it down jerry???? If he did then OMFB!!!!!!!xD xD xD xD!!! I would be dead and not even be breathing oh my bieber

    • no just in his in pants not the underwear really it’s no big deal, yes it is like omg but it’s Justin’s pants it’s his concert he can do what he wants.

  5. I’ve just read this comment on the Youtube video and I can’t agree more. It’s not my comment, I just copy & paste it:

    “I agree. I’ve never liked his music, but he didn’t become a douchebag to me until fairly recently. I feel like his mental development was upset by the polarized masses who either a) mock him mercilessly, causing him to overcompensate behaviorally, or b) worship the air he breathes, causing his ego to inflate beyond belief. I don’t know if he’s too far gone, but if he is to recover, people need to stop treating him like a target or a god.”

    Justin, please, look for help, build a healthy identity, take a break… and come back stronger. Stop working so hard, you’re a workaholic.

  6. Why did he throw the iPone the other side now some one could of take it or step on it oh well she shouldn’t throw it on stage how stupid can she be she worth alot of money for that and throw it on stage smh I guess she wanted a new one.

  7. UGH!!!!!!!!!!! would you please get back to the old Justin!!!!! this needs to stop!
    no hate please I’m just so upset!!!!!! Why is he doing this!
    Beliebers you need to realize he’s doing something wrong. if he like hurt someone not a paparazzi but it was someone else or anything else thats bad..You can’t always defend him!!! I don’t get it I feel like I’m done but I’m still here its just so upsetting and confusing ! I can’t don this! I’m not letting someone act all crazy and difficult! I can’t! I know he does charity and he’s so nice but I’m so sick of his behavior! I want to just leave but you guys wont let me youre going to be like: you can’t come back . so I have to stay cuz of you but I feel like leaving but I won’t . its like a rule.ugh so mad!

  8. THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING ! I can’t!!!!! I’m not going to have my idol make me upset by acting all stupid. no hate plz! im just talking about how I feel!!!! ugh so mad!

      • *cough* that’s part of being at a concert, people throw shit on stage. out of the 30-32 concerts I’ve been to and all different celebrities, I’ve never once seen the stage not be overrun with stuff at any given minute. That’s how fans give the people they idolize things like photos, letters, flowers or in the case of apparently Bieber concerts and every rock concert ever held since the 60s; bras, panties, any article of clothing and anything in general in throwing distance with constant screaming.

        To Justin; stop acting like a d!ck and humble yourself. These teens and tweens who treat you like an untouchable, never wrong God won’t always have your back, especially when they’re dwindling in numbers while you’re too busy finding buckets to take a leak in. I don’t know, in all honesty, what the hell has happened to your state of mind but he’s clearly headed down the road of either growing up to be a giant asshole or Lindsay Lohan 2.0 as a media target and an absolute joke.

  9. Ok I do agree with justin bieber he said don’t throw things in stage justin don’t like that at all he pick up iPhone put in his pant pocket that is a smart idea yea I love his smile I wish I should go to his concert man he change lot in 2013 I know why Justin doing this because he just what he need to do yea I totally agree it yea my option is nobody is not defend him by the way I know it is so confused, upset, behavior I don’t like people make a bad comments about him no that is not true what I believe he is so friendly it not paparazzi yea you all to need to learn your lesson I don’t care what you say yea threw iPhones like that onstage is your lost whatever

  10. Can JB just get real like the other pop star guys and stop acting like a moron everyday like that geese peace nobody is into that we into your music not his behavior is so not cool at all.

    • But than is that girl she shouldn’t throw her own iPhone on stage like who does that what an idiot and Justin should of throw back her phone the other way when he should of throw it back to her now she have to get a new one.

  11. she is soooooooooooooooooooo lucky justin touch her phone i cant believe that

  12. Smart move there Justin,and really? An iPhone,your gonna throw your phone on stage,wow she probably didn’t get that back haha her lost.

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