Justin Bieber Sings “Happy Birthday” to a Fan in a Private Jet

Justin Bieber singing birthday to fan

Justin Bieber holding Erica’s hand and singing Happy Birthday to her in a private jet in Atlanta, GA. Watch video:

  1. When he first started his career I didn’t really like him! But I am really starting to fall in LOVE with him lolxx!!

  2. Justin bieber worked hard that night but he’s to nice of a guy to let anyone down , he’s loves all of us believers so think that you can have him all to yourself , I live super close by to him and my works in the music business so I can met justin bieber anytime I won’t .

  3. I just love the fact that he’s Always been so sweet and nice to us beliebers. I’ve seen some headlines in the news claiming that Justin doesn’t care about his fans and I guess you all know about all of this already. but anyway if you look at his twitter and of course at this video I Think you clearly see the opposite. he keeps Writing how much he loves us and I am definitely convinced he’s sincere about this love. I loved when he wrote”my relationship with my beliebers you can’t deny it’s real or something along those lines. I’ll Always love you sweetheart. please continue to make a possitive impact on this World. I love you so much Justin bieber.

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