Justin Bieber SNL Photoshoot Outtakes

Justin Bieber SNL outtakes justinbieberzone.com 5

Justin Bieber’s SNL photoshoot outtakes released today. For more pics, click thumbnail below. See also: Final cut SNL promo shoot and SNL skit video.

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 6.48.45 PM

  • Justins one less lonely girl

    Yaaaaaaay I’m finally first to comment haha in your face Jennifer anyways justin looks so Hott in those pics

    • Justins one less lonely girl

      Ahh he’s such a cutie I can’t stop looking at the pictures

    • angel nikki

      hi i’m angel whats your name

    • Ariella

      Justin Bieber really does have great pics.He also takes pictures of himself on twitter.I love Justin being shirtless and if he’s not shirtless that’s ok because he’s still cute no matter what.

  • Justin

    back when i had no tats

    • Kalani

      I love justin. He’s so amazing and such a hottie.

    • Kalani

      Justin always look hot in tats. Hot guys always look hot in tats.

  • angel nikki

    he’s sooo hot in those pics i’m falling in love with deeper and deeper every time I see his face and body his musles
    r so hot,sex soo cute! man i wish i can meet him I’ve never seen him in person only on a tv screen or on a computer and on a poster and in stores never in person and always a bielieber !

  • Lizzie

    I will like one of them to put in my room.

  • Jennifer

    I been first for about 5 times in a row so in you’re face justins one less lonely girl. And justin bieber look hot and sexy.

  • Fine Ass Belieber

    so perfect :))
    follow me please

  • Rogy

    Wow, Baby.. !!
    So great.. !!
    I’m proud very much ^_^ :* <3

  • Belieber

    Omg… those pics. are just too sexy. I just can’t stop looking at then. #perfect

  • Melissa Bieber

    Jennifer and Justins One Less Lonely Girl. YOU GUYS ARE SO DUMB!!! haha how can you be so stupid. Who cares about who comment first, I’m almost the last one always and I don’t care We are All Believers.

  • Barasha

    Omg he is sooo cute,cool,hot n sexy

  • Barasha

    I love him sooo much

  • Barasha

    Be my boyfrand justin!!!

  • Barasha

    Thats sooo nice

  • Barasha

    He is realy so hot n sexy

  • Bieber Girl

    I’ve only been first once and really didn’t care but I said “first” just to get the ones who cares to be all sad lol…Justin is super cute,hot,awesome,beautiful,sexy…I could go on :)

  • Mariah Bieber

    Those are some sexy pics!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicki

    I love all the SNL Photoshoots Outtakes you took. That look so amazing. My favorite one is the one with your hat on. I like the hat.I love you.