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Justin Bieber Death

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Justin Bieber is not dead. But he is the celeb most often reported to be dead, according to a study of death rumors on Twitter.

According to Synthesio, a global social media and analysis company — Justin’s death is falsely reported roughly every two weeks.

Synthesio tracked #RIP celebrity rumor tweets that had been retweeted more than 500 times. The top reason cited for Justin’s death was a drug overdose, with crashing his Ferrari coming in a close second.

Second on the dead-but-not-dead list was Zayn Malik of One Direction. Rihanna and Chris Brown also were regularly reported deceased in the past three months.

Catriona Oldershaw, UK managing director of Synthesio, said in a statement:

Rumors of major celebrity deaths are a constant feature of Twitter. But what is interesting about Justin Bieber is how prevalent and regular the reports are. The volume of tweets is also increasing, with the latest rumor spread by 2,600 users in one day. 

Reports of Zayn Malik’s demise are particularly strange as he is the only member of 1D who is a regular subject of these rumors. It may be because Zayn is the only band member who is not a regular tweeter, meaning that rumors about him are harder to dispel quickly.

There are a number of reasons these rumors spread. In Justin and Zayn’s case, their young and fanatical fan base is probably one of the major factors, with vocal users quick to pass on information without fact-checking. In terms of where the rumors come from in the first place, wider research indicates that it’s often rival fans starting RIP rumors as a form of trolling.

  • bieber’s shawty forever

    what is that i dont know

    • Cassandra

      They did a show when he was younger and they just brought it up he is not actually dead

      • Swagalicious

        People have no lives so they make stufff up most of the time it’s the dumbass TMZ making a big lie out of nothing

      • JB lover forever

        i hate tmz thir always making fun of celebs thir so mean and stupid dude get real job tmz people!

      • Kristathedancer

        Yeah I now he is not dead

      • Allison loves JB

        That is true :)

    • Justins one less lonely girl


  • Barasha

    Stop spreading this stupid rumors about justin…he dont take drugs

    • Hmmm

      Yes he does and you know it, you know what you are all in complete denial. A single piece of shit that crops up here is downgraded because you blind people cannot face facts.

      Justin Bieber has the most blind, idiotic fan base and that is why he is so hated, it’s because you are so painful, you can’t controlled, most of you are 10 year old girls who cry and type so furiously to defend this ticking time bomb.

      The guy will face the music, the drugs, the spitting, assault charges, nude photos. Your one teen idol is nothing but a crumbling mess and you all can’t see it.

      The time will come and the normal people who watch idiots like you kill music with your threats will end.

      • Barasha

        Whats ur problem Hmmm….what hav i done that u r calling me blind!!??…..n by the way i m not 10 years i m 12 years!!!

    • JB lover forever

      yikes justin better not die on me if he die i die

    • Kalani

      Seriously TMZ are the most dumbest people ever. There so retarded. Can’t believe they make up lies about celebs.

  • paria

    hello justin no enghlish im irani just ilove you

    • Cassandra

      I love justin too he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot he makes my heart skip a beat

  • Desss

    this is sickening that just because they don’t like Justin or a certain celebrity that they want him/ to die it’s really mean wishing death upon someone is evil & a overdose? really you can’t overdose on weed alone ignorance that’s all it is

    • Cassandra

      I just hate the fact that they are so mean to some what did he do to anyone he loves to help others and they don’t love him it’s so sad he loves kids and he loves everyone

  • ivan

    See you can’t believe everything you read about him. We should always fact check. Some sites such as gossip cop or the inquisitr do a great job reporting on celebrities; there may be others.

    • *cassiethediva*

      Yes we R justin bieber lovers of corse we believe everything Bout justin just not bad things …..

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    are you serious rip to jb why do you want him to die he is the greatest guy ever ugh is makes my sick and you bash on 1D you’ve done it now

  • Noor

    Oh! Thank god I still have somebody to love

  • essie j

    just because he doesn’t tweet alot doesn’t mean he’s dead lol

  • tj

    when hes alive they say hes dead

    when hes dead they gonna say hes alive

    • Kalani

      Seriously that’s what they said about the other celebs. They even came on twitter and said there not dead. They are alive and healthy. That freaking TMZ always make up lies about justin. Which they aren’t even true. There idiots and there UGLY.

  • Lashaybenet

    Y’all better stop with the roumers because justin dint do any to u so why the roumers I bet all the roumers are coming from justin drew bieber HATERS the hateing him because he is charming cool hair and a nice smile greatful cool smile

  • Bieber Girl

    This reminds me of the time Justin didn’t tweet for a day and people thought he was dead Lool…I don’t get why anyone would do such a thing spreading rumors about sumthing not true,its just sickening…

  • Mrs.tristen Bieber

    Justin is not dead and he gave me his number

  • King Candy

    This is really making me shake my head. People starting rumors that someone’s dead is ridiculous. Even if you don’t like the person, wishing death on them is inhuman to me. I don’t like Zayn Malik, but I don’t want him dead. I guess I have a soft heart. Anyway, don’t believe everything you’re told!

  • Nicki

    This is so stupid. Rumors all the time just get a life please. Leave people alone. Justin, Zayn, Chris brown,and Rihanna haven’t done nothing to y’all.

  • Belieber

    Wow, that is ridiculous. Justin does not do drugs. Just because somebody does not like a specific one, doesn’t’ mean they have to start the rumors up. It’s stupid. It’s not cool

  • *cassiethediva*

    I love everyone who likes justin bieber

  • FatimaBieberOfficial

    Really like i mean what the hell is wrong with this world? All these stupid rumors are so stupid. People really need to leave celebrities alone. Leave Justin Bieber most importantly alone. All the other celebrities leave them alone too they have not did shit to you so shut the hell up and go SIT DOWN. I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER!



    • SamanthaLuvsJustin

      It’s not true, Justin isn’t dead don’t listen to all of the rumors about Justin. Haters just like to rile up the fans to start fights bcuz they think it’s funny.

  • ivan

    It’s easy to post a false story that then spreads like wildfire all over the media and internet. I have seen a lot of examples of that. Don’t believe rumors or stories like the spitting on fans report unless confirmed by Justin or his associates. This spitting rumor did some harm to Justin’s reputation even among some weak Believers. TMZ was responsible for that and never admitted they had no proof he spat on anyone whereas over a dozen persons that were there said he did not.

  • Kristathedancer

    I love justin and he is not dead so it is a bad romer

    • JBlover13

      I love him way more than u girl and u know it

  • doll shona

    he is so famous so people are jealous

  • Downs

    How I wish he was really dead

    • ivan

      We wish you the same.

      • JBlover13

        that’s really mean guy how would you like it if someone wished u were dead :(

  • Jsha bieber

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    follow back. xxxx

  • biebergirl

    If that was real, I would have been dead by now. :(

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      i also can’t live without him :(


      Justin don’t die

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    don’t disrespect my future husband like that u r just RUDE!!!!

  • JBlover13

    :( that is just cold-blooded

  • JBlover13

    lol u should b ashamed :P :O

  • JBlover13

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  • laila isbelieber until the world end

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    Justin Bieber’ll be live eternally on mind and hearts his fans !