Justin Bieber with Tiny Toddler at Fort Lauderdale Airport FL

Justin Bieber holding toddler baby and greets fans at airport

Another cute pic of Justin Bieber holding an adorable infant baby at Fort Lauderdale Airport, Florida. He seemed to enjoy his interactions with his young fan. His travel bags were searched before he left the airport by sniffer dogs – looking for illegal drugs.

Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 3.32.21 AM

  1. Are you serious? Wow, people are so judgmental! If Justin were doing drugs (hopefully he isnt..), he wouldnt be dumb enough to fly them. Ugh, people are so ignorant and dependent on the false media and accusations. Omg, so made right now! Like that’s so rude of them!

  2. Like we don’t have enough small drug offenses over flowing our jails. What are they trying to do deport Beiber. That is probably what would happen if they found a lot of pot. It wouldn’t have to be beiber it could be anyone in his group and he would get blamed for it by the media especially.

  3. why would they search for drugs when they already know that justin doesn’t do drugs ugh some people… #nice pic

  4. Do you notice Justin has never been caught with drugs boarding an airplane or riding his car? This shows he rarely, if at all, smokes since he admitted it on Saterday Night Live. He does drink, for example, beer or other on occasion however, which is ok as long as it’s not in a club where the legal age is 21.

  5. That is soo rude!!!Justin isn’t dumb enough to go to the airport with any type of drug and he only did it once as far as I know…other than that I think its swEet that he was being super kind to the little cute baby,Justin is the best of the bestestttt…

  6. Good man. He’s going to be a good father someday. But looking for weed on the airplane, when God was giving out common sense, they ran to the back of the line. As far as I know (key words right there) he’s not smoking it at the moment, or if he is, occasionally. But come on, who would be stupid enough to bring it with them on a plane? Common sense. Anyway, I love pictures like these. Shows how much he loves kids. :)

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