Keyshawn Johnson: “I’m Not Moving to Get Away from Bieber”

Justin Bieber and keyshawn

Ex-NFL star Keyshawn Johnson admits his move from his Calabasas neighborhood has NOTHING to do with Justin Bieber.

Keyshawn rep says:

Keyshawn is not moving to get away from Bieber. He’s moving to be closer to the high school where he’ll be coaching and where his son will be playing football.

Just last week, RadarOnline reported Keyshawn put his Calabasas home on the market for $8.49 million to escape from Justin.

  • kaleighcameron

    Justin is so hot

    • Fammi


  • essie j

    that house is so close to justins ugh i want it lol

  • I am Turbo

    Love when stuff like this happens. It proves the stupid media wrong. :)

    • Swagalicious

      Ditto :D they put they’re nose in stuff and end up being wrong even if he didn’t move he could just b moving

  • Lizzie

    Lol yeah right he making it just an excuse.

  • Kalani

    Oh my goodness the media and TMZ is stupid. They always make up lies. Can’t they ever tell the truth.

  • Justins one less lonely girl

    Umm hi haha Jk but Justin is a hottie

  • Jennifer

    Lets buy it people.

    • Swagalicious

      When u want 2 buy it :D

  • ivan

    One report says Justin is thinking of buying Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch to get away from neighbors and the troublesome neighborhood he lives in. His crew is encouraging him to move out.
    Think that would be great for him. What do you think?

    • rb

      Justin brought the house in the Calabasas neighborhood with the intentions of starting a family. How that interest is not in his life, I think it would be wise that he sells his US properties and move to Colombia; this will enable him to save an additional $20 million a year in taxes and operational cost. His finance team should have moved the bulk of his money offshore to a financial institution that is tax free. In Colombia he will be able to purchase a private jet, and maintain a hanger for it for far less that what it would cost in the US. The paparazzi will have to fly down to Colombia to pester him. He’s been keeping a tight lip on his Colombia home.

  • Sup

    We can buy this house peop

  • Barasha

    Jb is so good that no one wants to live him

  • eubene

    What Keyshawn is not moving why?! He was be a coach at his son football oh ok that a smart idea

  • Amir Berisha

    Hahahah, f-ck u TMZ stop lieing.

  • rajivmathur

    Why are you not come india
    Pelice come indie in delhi

  • kidrauhl’s girl;)

    TMZ and radoronline are just tryna ruin Justins career…jealous much!!

  • brii nicole kadi

    i didn’t even believe that story and i knew that justin was not the reason #Love the BIEBS

  • brii nicole kadi

    kinda like a foretune teller

  • ariel

    justin is hot naked

  • Nicki

    I don’t think he wanted to get away from Justin because he said that Justin was a good neighbor. Justin was not the reason. (#1) Don’t believe them. Love you:)

  • ivan

    Raderonline is wrong again. Yet. people that go on that site to trash bieber continue to believe them. I have pointed that out to them buy then I get trashed. They never answer specific points or quetions I give them. Wish I could question them in person where they can’t get away with it like in a courtroom.

  • jbhater

    that Justin bieber 30 years later thing makes him look a lot better but still makes people scream

  • jbhater

    he makes kids cut them selves ug hes turning into a dlck that’s what happens when u get money I mean look at mily cyras her newest song says shakin our shit like we in the strip club omfg do these people piss me off its great that he gave money to a homeless person but that’s not goin to make up 4 every thing. I love his music I just don’t love him I mean check out everythin hes done and youll understand

  • jbhater

    the media should find out the whole story becus they cluless