Ludacris Asks Justin Bieber’s “BABY” Royalties [Video]

justin bieber ludacris backstage

Ludacris congratulated Justin Bieber on the success of “Baby” and asked Justin for his royalties, as captured on Instagram video — during the Believe Tour backstage at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, August 10th.

Earlier this summer, Justin’s 2010 single “BABY” was certified diamond and named the highest-selling digital hit in history. With that news in mind, Ludacris acted as a music journalist — and the conversation goes like this:

Ludacris: How does it feel to have 12 million sold, of the biggest-selling single in the United States of America, man?

Justin: I gotta say it feels incredible. It feels amazing, and I want to thank you for being on that song (smiling).

Ludacris: Well, thank you man. I didn’t get my check though.

The look on Justin’s face says it all: For a split second, he wasn’t in on Luda’s joke.

Watch video:

@itsludacris: Justin Bieber’s face after I asked him where’s my check for “baby” sellin 12 million. Lol #nowthatsludicrous

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