Mark Wahlberg Warned Justin Bieber to Stop Smoking Weed and Focus on Career


Actor Mark Wahlberg has warned Justin Bieber to stop smoking weed, clean up his act and behave more appropriately or risk ruining his career.

During a webchat with The Sun newspaper, he joked:

Justin are you listening? Don’t be so naughty, yeah?

Be a nice boy, pull your trousers up, make your mum proud, and stop smoking weed, you little b**tard.

On a more serious note, Mark, 45, added:

He’s a teenager living in a different day and age. I was in prison before I got a record out and I don’t think he’s been to prison.

He’s a nice enough kid and you’re going to be a teenager. But if you’re being a teen in the spotlight you’re going to be criticised for it.

This career can be short lived – you might as well be the best you can while you’re doing it.

Mark is also planning to work with Justin on a film and may even get behind the mic again for the soundtrack. He said:

Justin and I were talking about doing a movie, which could still happen.

We have a great script which could be a vehicle for him to make his debut in movies, then maybe we could do something for the soundtrack.


      • seriously, Miley? dont get me wrong but miley is not an angle and her behaviours are showing it. he cant stick around her and lil twist. these people are ruining him and we all know that.
        didn’t you notice how he gets to be himself when he’s around jazzy and jaxo, and he return to that humble, down to earth guy that we once knew him.
        and tbh since he started hanging out with lil twist, he started to get meaningless tattoos and smoked weed.

        and again, i dont hate miley but i just dont think that she’s the right person to be with him at the moment

  1. um when was the last time he smoked weed. i get whats he saying but…..i think just should fix his behavior so everybody wont be talking trash to him. and you guys its not lil za because he has been good for the past few months. but lil twist is pretty much a troublemaker . but.. yea :)

  2. I’m tired of the low Blows he receives from celebrities that don’t know him but yet deals with the same issues he goes through. I mean I just wish justin would take some time off. He looks like he could sleep for two days straight. I love him enough to take a break and for him to find his medium. With much given much is required and with a lot of success comes a lot of negativity. He is the center of my universe and I’m 21 years old. He means the world to me and I couldn’t stand to lose him due to all that is happening rn. Just please get rest. So happy this leg of the believe tour is almost over. He needs rest. He really does.

    • I agree with you. He does needs some rest. He looks store tired. You can tell during his m&g pics. The media is an ass and he has such a good heart. #JustinNeedsRest

    • Girl yessss!!! People just needs to back off and let him breath. I would hate to see him listen to all the negative people

    • People really do like to reflect on the past. I don’t understand why negativity spreads linger than positivity. People listen to these media sites like TMZ & Perez Hilton when they have nothing but negative things to say when it’s not even caused for. I really don’t get it. Just shut up and let him be.

    • He probably knows him better than any of you. The fans just read and see the pics that he puts up instagram. Just because you guys are “family” doesn’t mean you know how he acts when the cameras are not taking pics. When you have hung out with him without security guards being around him then you can say that you actually know him better than mark wahlberg.

  3. Jesus! Who died and made him king?! People seriously need to stop thinking they can control what Justin does. But i am worried him though

  4. Why is guy singling out Justin? There is Miley Cyrus, Rihanna!!! His comments would have been best served if he had an interest with Cory Monteith before his death. Chris Brown is in worst shape. They should talk! Who has the best a*s? Miley/Justin/Rihanna?

    • Um Chris brown is retiring from music. Rihanna well she’s a lost cause. I love justin. I would love to see justin back with Selena.

  5. I agree with Mark Wahlberg he really need to stop smoking is not going to make you any better than make you get into trouble and of course it kills you too.

  6. I understand wht Mark is saying but Justin is really letting this fame get to his head nd is upsetting his fans i dnt like JBiebs becuz he’s famous i like him becuz he’s cute he like singing i look up to him i think he has a wonderful personality nd i knw Justin is trying to turn up let every body knw he bout tht life but plz just focus on yo career then whn u retire then u can turn up i still love u :)

  7. Mark has been a friend of Justin for a few years; he’s like a big brother who is giving good advice although his thinking about Justin may have been influenced by the nagative reports. Justin does need rest because he could burn himself out and end up in a hospital. He should cut down on clubs; That’s where much of the bad publicity has come.
    RE Lil Za, I like him. It’s his brother Lil Twist that has been the problem. I don’t dislike him but hope he also straightens his life out.

  8. Everything Justin friends does,it always come back to him i agree with Mark and stuff but he smoke once or he didn’t,we don’t what happen behind the scene so we can’t really judge and yes i do think he need a break and people who are hating did the same sh***t when they were a teenager so i don’t why people like TMZ are judging,like it makes me mad and sad for him,like no one deserve that kind of hate like no one,not even Chris Brown after what happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • but seriously who’s say that Justin shouild stop smoking we only know that he smoked once. just bc one picture came out doesn’t mean h smokes 24/7

  9. If he don’t stop he could end up in Rehab for that and for his Behaving problem we just want the best of him not the worst of him.

    • I understand Lil Twist is his friend but he should not be fallowing a rapper that smoke weed cause that what all of them do which they are doing the wrong thing not the right thing to do his friend making him do the wrong thing when he not suppost too.

  10. It’s good that a few people are giving him advice for his carrer. With all the countless lies and bullsh*t that people are dirrecting towards Justin- It’s only trying to make him look bad. It’s only making things worse. All the hate he gets, It makes me sad. He doesn’t deserve any whatsoever. Most people pay attention to tmz, and people are believing all that sh*t coming from that site that is about Justin. Only the negative. I know that Justin tries to go on and ignore all of it, but It probably still gets to him… allot.


  12. I know that he is smoking, and he should stop…I mean really he is my everything,ok,maybey I never met him before and maybey I will never meet him if he will smoking weed…I can’t say that Lil make him smokeing things like that but, if you are famous is so,so,so,so hard to be a good child.Yeah, I agree with Mark,he is right, but I think that the situation with Selena makes him get in trouble and really he is so tired, everytime he had to performing and that preasure it isn’t a cool thing…It’s hard!But I will love Justin no matter what I just care about him and trying to make things more better I hope He will stop smoking…Please do this for you and for us the Beliebers!!!!!!!!!:/

  13. I don’t know why so many people hate and attack Justin Bieber ?

    Apparently he disturbs many scoundrels and they by reason of it they whant annihilate Justin Bieber .

  14. Justin only smoked once and he already makes his Mom proud. Justin has his friends, family and Beliebers by his side so, I think he’ll be just fine.

  15. I recommend you see the actual video. He called him Lil Bastard in a joking way. He actually spoke well of him and pointed out he was no saint when young. They should give him some slack for he’s a teen still.

  16. Justin stopped smoking weed a long time ago and he ain’t no saint he is gonna make mistakes on his way…buuut I do agree with mark just a bit am happy the Believe tour is almost over he needs a break…he’s a workaholic LoL…Justin works too hard and I would Die if something happened to him

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