NFL Star Keyshawn Johnson to Sell his Home to Get Away from Justin Bieber?


Former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson reportedly has put his Calabasas home on the market for $8.49 million to escape from Justin Bieber, reports RadarOnline.

There has reportedly been tension between the two neighbors ever since Johnson complained about Justin’s alleged freeway speeds in their gated community in the Calabasas.

From RadarOnline:

Keyshawn Johnson perhaps fed up with the skid marks his fast-driving neighbor Justin Bieber leaves in the neighborhood — has places his Calabasas, Calif. estate on the marked for $8,495,000, and has a look at the property for you.

He’s continually cut the asking price, as high as $10.5 million just nine months ago — as his problems with the notorious-behind-the-wheel Bieber have grown. In once instance, Keyshawn reportedly confronted the Baby singer at his house after the big-headed pop star denied he was the one driving.

Could he be moving just to get away from Justin?

When asked by Fox News, Keyshawn’s rep did not immediately return a comment.

  1. Keyshawn Johnson has a net worth of $35 million. If anything the state of the US economy and California’s economy are forcing many to down size their homes, and rethink their financial well being.

  2. This is the nasty guy claiming Justin was speeding through the neighborhood. The problem is a video shows Tyler the creator was the driver. Also, how the heck is he trying to get away from Justin and his driving when Justin is almost never there? As far as I am concerned, he could move to Atlantis the lost continent. By the way, Justin does have neighbors that like him including a basketball or football player who said he was very nice with kids and said he had no problems with him.

    • Yes of course he is good with neighborhood kids look at his track record with kids. He loves kids and wants to get married and have children when he is young. Yep! The houses I am sure are not close together so a party once in awhile I don’t think is a problem. He has a beautiful house and property.

  3. Oh shoot Keyshawn Johnson moving Because he is so fed up with the skid marks from when Justin was speeding yep he could be moving cause he not into that all that noise.

  4. Raderonline is one of the worse Justin Bieber sites I have seen. Almost every day they have a nasty article about him. Recently they printed at least 3 stories that proved false but they still have not admitted it. One was that Scooter wanted Justin in rehab. This was repeated all over radio, TV, other gossip sites. It was not true. they reported that King Kevi was the one throwing parties at his house as a close friend of Justin. This was not true; this guy lied. And it goes on.

  5. Common keyshawn Justin’s not that bad he’s
    Younger than you and I bet u did all the things
    Jbs doing so man up and don’t just move because
    Justin leaves marks on the California road

  6. F radaronline. Keyshawn is moving cause he did lie bout justin. And second of all he drives a pirius in CALABASAS. People who live there drive Rolls Royce Phantom’s

  7. it would be great but I live in mauritius,but will ,contribute,just imagine,ur neighbour is JB,mine neighbour ,don’t talk , to avoid headache,I agree for the contribution :)

    • and stop complaining about justin and what he is doing u r complaining about everything he does because this is his house not yours to judge and we did not ask ur opinion like the house then good
      dont like the then shut your stupid mouth that could not shut

  8. you guys are funny I think juju will want his privacy even though I am a belieber he should get his rest without a bunch of girls screaming I think that will make him move and it will upset him

  9. To Lama,I don’t know ur problem with me but firstly,if u read the first comment,u will understand why I wrote this,if u have a small…can not do anything for u ,n when did I complain about Justin,read the name well,don’t u know that without proofs ,we can’t accuse someone,shame,I am belieber not hater,understand,crazy guys !!!!!! Could u not tell others ,why only me,do I come in ur nightmares,my foot!!

  10. Funny he’s leaving a neighborhood which hardly sees Justin since he’s always away on tour. So this guy should just leave and close the door behind him.

  11. He said that he is not moving away from Justin because he was a good neighbor. He’s moving because he is coaching for his son football team and want to live close to his school. Love you Justin

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