35 yo Pedophile Jailed for 14 Years For Posing as Justin Bieber


A 35-year-old British man was sentenced to 14 years in jail after he pleaded guilty to convincing minors to send him sexual videos by posing as Justin Bieber online, according to BBC News.

Police reportedly found 800 illicit videos in Robert Hunter’s possession. He targeted hundreds of underage girls and boys from all over the world.

According to Sky News, Robert used Facebook, Skype, and MSN to communicate with the young victims. He also posed as a teenage girl to lure young boys into performing sex acts on camera. He then used those videos to lure more girls.

Sentencing Hunter to 14 years in prison, Judge Peter Bowers said:

This is one of the most serious cases on internet abuse that the courts have dealt with. It’s a warning to all parents of teenage children of what can be done via the internet.

The public will be disgusted by how you have behaved even after you had been arrested and bailed. It represents callous and sadistic exploitation of a number of girls over a number of years.

  1. that is just awful! what a terrible man he is! that is so stupid how he would do that to trick people! he deserves to be put in jail! this is why most parents are very protective of their kids. Some parents are worried that if their kids are talking to strangers, then bad things might happen to them. So that thing with that guy is kinda like that. That guy is just not right!

  2. EEEW! That’s so damn wrong. Also, are those girls serious? If Justin Bieber ACTUALLY asked them to strip and play with their virgina, they’d do it? Lord Jesus almighty, what is happening to the world? What is happening to the world where yolo and swag become words, twerking is professional dancing, and now this? Seriously, you guys. I never thought anyone could score so low.

    • so true love justin and all but if he told me to send him that shit i would never talk to him again … that perverted disgusting guy

  3. Now we can’t trust nobody an two theirs fans that make a fake account of a celebrity like how could we know who is real and who is fake.

  4. Wonder how many people began to hate on Justin because of that creep. Anyway girls and boys can learn from this to avoid giving their number or email away to people they don’t know; some have pretended to be Justin. So be careful.

    • This pic of this creepy perv reminds me of the foul-mouthed papps in London that was calling Beibs filthy names when Beibs was really sick. Remember the red outfit and hat that Beiber has on. The guy was a total disgrace with the filthy words that were coming out of his moiuth. Not a good example for Let’s Plan A Visit to London.

  5. Hahaha Hello my favorite lawyer, I thought u wore dead, just kidding. No I didn’t saw it, sorry. But I will. In what island?? I live in and island too. So, I need u as my lawyer right now cause there’s a girl here who is making my life impossible. Yeah I say bath too, who cares anyway. Well very happy to know u wrote.

  6. That’s just really pathetic now. Im a 22 year old guy & im nothing like that at all my profile picture looks nothing like that, that’s just really pittaful. Disqusting a.f im a belieber & im 22 im not like that at all if you see my profile picture on my Facebook page it’s strictly clean and clear which is a real picture of me

    • Justin is amazing performer. That’s Just sick that someone would pretend to be justin. Who does that. That’s just sick. Who would believe that’s justin.

  7. Serves him right. This kind of goes to show how many teens would actually strip for someone on the internet, weather they knew it was actually Justin or not, I still find it degrading to other teenagers who wouldn’t do this kind of crap.

  8. that is disgusting hope he rots in jail I am a Justin Bieber fan I’m 50 years old and I’m not a pedo if any one wants to add me on face book it’s Norman Cacciattolo

  9. why the hellwould people believe that he is justin in the first place? I mean they’re tennage girls, not 5 year olds. How much more stupid can you be?

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