35 yo Pedophile Jailed for 14 Years For Posing as Justin Bieber


A 35-year-old British man was sentenced to 14 years in jail after he pleaded guilty to convincing minors to send him sexual videos by posing as Justin Bieber online, according to BBC News.

Police reportedly found 800 illicit videos in Robert Hunter’s possession. He targeted hundreds of underage girls and boys from all over the world.

According to Sky News, Robert used Facebook, Skype, and MSN to communicate with the young victims. He also posed as a teenage girl to lure young boys into performing sex acts on camera. He then used those videos to lure more girls.

Sentencing Hunter to 14 years in prison, Judge Peter Bowers said:

This is one of the most serious cases on internet abuse that the courts have dealt with. It’s a warning to all parents of teenage children of what can be done via the internet.

The public will be disgusted by how you have behaved even after you had been arrested and bailed. It represents callous and sadistic exploitation of a number of girls over a number of years.

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