Ariana Grande Talks Duet with Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato [Video Interview]

Ariana Grande interview

Ariana Grande talked with Buster Wired96.5 backstage after her show at the Electric Factory in Philly, PA. She talked about writing a duet with Justin Bieber, hoping to work with Demi Lovato, the correct way to say her name, singing do-wop, and playing charades with Big Sean. Check it out!

Watch video:

  • Mrs.Bieber

    I know who Justin is dating right now and it’s not Ariana

    • Kalani

      How can you not love ariana. She’s so cute. She so reminds me of Mariah Carey. She’s not fake like Taylor swift is. And Selena they both have feelings whatsoever. I truly can’t stand Taylor swift. Selena eh she’s aight.

    • skyclabbur

      love love love 100

    • Cassie bieber

      True he is dating selena Gomez and they are such a cute cuple I love them together they are sooo happy together I love to see justin happy

    • Zia bieber

      Yes it is arianna I have most every app for him and I know everything about him and if u don’t think it is her then tell me who it is not trying to be mean

    • 1belieber4ever

      who, he;s not dating anyone, is he?

  • Nicki

    That’s Great! They should have a duet together. Also with Demi in it. It will be awesome. Luv you guys

  • Belieber

    It’s great that they’re doing a duet. It’s gonna sound perfect. I’m excited.

  • Krista

    Im so happy their doing a duet and they ar really cute and adding Demi will be even better love you more than anything Justin goodnight.

  • Barasha

    Wish justin n selena get back

    • Kalani

      So do I. I would love to see them together. There both amazing together.

  • Rose

    Selena is a user o_o she used Justin to become more famous .-. and when she broke up with him, she is getting more famous.. so Ariana is perfect for you

    • Nhunhu norma

      Selena is d perfct 1 for jb no mattr wat u sai guys

  • kidrauhl’s girl♥

    I can’t wait :D I’m sure its gonna be awesome……….I love Demi and Ariana and now they are doing a song with thEE Justin I’m sure its gonna be awesome,great,sweet,touching,lovely I could go on :D

  • ivone

    They would be a great power couple. Go for it JB!!!!

  • jazzy bieber cute together in a duet

    • KALANI


  • Florish Abigail

    I must not lie u guy’s are compatible, so loving

  • Florish Abigail

    I must not lie u guy’s are compatible, so loving and God will bless your union

  • hannah mahone bieber

    i hope they do :)

  • skyclabbur

    sophie dog love

  • maria

    I wish they could have a duet together