Elton John Writes a Song about Justin Bieber & Lindsay Lohan’ Fame

Justin Bieber Elton John Lindsay Lohan

Sir Elton John feels “sorry” for Lindsay Lohan and Justin Bieber, and has even wrote a song, “The Diving Board” — about them getting “swallowed up” in fame.

He tells Britain’s Event magazine:

You might think it’s about me; the drugs, the excesses, the millions on flowers, the tantrums, the outfits and the glasses… but it isn’t… It’s about Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber, all these kids who are out there now not knowing what the hell is going on.

I hate to think of Lindsay because she had a talent, she was a great actress, and then it became all about the madness, the parties and everyone forgets about what put them there in the first place; they get lost in the idea that they are famous for who they are, not what they are.

I feel sorry for these kids. I was 23 when I got famous. And I made every mistake in the book. But whatever was going on, the drinking, the drugs, whatever, I was still making music, I kept making music and I never stopped.

It was definitely rehab that saved me but it was music, that work ethic, that sense of – this is what I’m here for – that kept me from totally blowing away in a bubble.

I worry that these kids will just get swallowed up.

  • Belieba!

    Um. Justin hasn’t done anything but smoked a bit of weed. Elton John shouldn’t be writing songs about people, rude and stupid. Justin’s fame isn’t going anywhere, he drinks water at clubs for goodness sakes! Elton learned from his mistakes, why can’t Justin. Justin is NOTHING like Lindsay Lohan, why are they being put in the same song about the SAME thing when they are NOT the same.

    • jessica

      you guys are rude do u have any idea who this legend is calm down and elton maybe you shouldnt say thing like this but whateva

      • Swagalicious

        Oh please this is Justin we’re talking about I don’t give 2 fiddle ducks about him and whatever legend he is they need to stop comparing him to these other………….,….

    • Glice Lover

      I agree with you and I’m an adult. Like over 30 and a mother. But the fact that Elton mentions Justin and Lindsey in one sentence says enough. Elton is out of it and doesn’t understand young people. He’s just old and needs to retire. Justin and Lindsey have nothing in common except for being celebrities. Justin has not been to rehab once, NOT ONCE!

  • hannah mahone bieber

    ok he needs to stfu justin isnt like lindsey lohan.he didnt go to jail.justin has a good career and his fame doesnt have to deal with the way he acts or lindsay lohan so he needs to just stfu -,-

    • chloe

      He didn’t go to jail yet but for God sake the government is planning on banning him from America one more mistake he is done no matter what you 13 year olds try to do

      • Belieba!

        I highly doubt that “Banned From America” is true. Wouldn’t the president have something to do with that, Obama likes Justin. If America could throw him out for some mistakes then most celebrities wouldn’t LIVE there. And last, I’m not 13. I’m 17. Thank you very much

  • belieber4ever

    Elton doesn’t even know wtf he’s talking about! Justin has NEVER done anything even close to what Lindsay did. He doesn’t even drink! Elton made waaaayyy more mistakes than Justin and I think that the song is more sutable for him than my bby <3 Justin is going through a stage where we all know that he will make mistakes and he will fuck up so just leave him alone. Shit like this makes Justin feel like he's not normal. I don't see anyone making a Big deal about any other 19 year old fighting at a club or smoking weed, then why Justin? because he can sing? people like this make me sick to my stomach. ILYSM JUSTIN <3 STAY STRONG BBY <3

  • Belieba!

    Forget this drama anyway… i mean let’s focus on WHAT IS WRONG WITH JUSTIN’S FACE IN THAT PICTURE!? haha

  • anne bieber

    justin is not like lindsay lohan for pete’s sake. this is insane

  • E Bieber

    Justin isn’t anything like Lindsay but he does need to watch out. Fame can come and swallow him up :(

    I LOVE U JB :) xx

  • Belieber

    Why is he comparing Justin to Lindsay. They are nothing alike. Maybe Justin did a few things, but Lindsay’s stuff was extreme. But anyways, I think that its stupid to write about this.

    • belieber

      Why is he comparing justin to lindsay. They are nothing alike. Maybe Justin did a few things, but Lindsay’s stuff was extreme. But anyways, I think its stupid to write about this.

  • rb

    The Diving Board is a good title for Elton John to mention JB as a publicity point to sell his new album. EJ should not have dive off the board into swimming pool with no water. At 66 he should retire! JB issues are his one day wife to be relationship. I could be wrong, but let’s see how strong their love is. Lindsay Lohan on the other hand needs a man with a straight pole to keep her straight.

  • Mariah Bieber

    Justin is nothing like Lindsey!!!!!!!She is a crack head and Justin is not!#Belieber4life

  • Kalani

    I do think Elton John is just looking out for them. I just hope justin continues his music and of course hopping to get into acting. I love justin. He’s amazing performer not to mention a lot of girls adore him.

  • biebergirl

    justin is NOTHING like lindsayy lohan! idk why they are put together in a song.



  • ivan

    Elton John, a great artist but a cranky old hag is reading too many gossip stories. He hardly knows Justin aside from what he reads or hears as usual with his celebrity critics. To compare Lindsay Low-han with Bieber is now the thing with some celebrities who criticize him as if they never did any thing wrong when they were teens. Look at his recent pics. Does he look like he needs rehab? Does his skin tone indicate he’s a regular user of drugs or alcohol?. The cases against him are weak so they probably will be settled or thrown out like the case of the pap hit by his car driving out of a club with Twist.

  • essie j

    i can’t wait to hear it umm

  • Claire

    Check These out: they are a review and a preview of the album (just replace (dot) and (slash) with an actual dot and slash):
    It looks like it gonna a nice album, I like Elton and Justin ,so I can’t wait for it

  • jay

    phom ra khau mak makkkkk

  • Xavier bieber

    Screw Elton john justin inspired and changed so many lifes including mines and im 22 Justin bieber has a great future and career take your washed up old self and go retire we all love him and support him no Matter what

  • Rebecca Bieber

    oh my gosh elton shut up, Justin is nothing like of lindsey lohan my goodness gracious leave my idol alone he is amazing im proud to be a belieber <3

  • Directoner

    lets go crazy crazy i know we are going to take slow and never never stop for anyone tonight lets get some and live while we are young -One directon!

  • Directoner

    i’m crying because i love them sooooooooooooooo much!

    • Rebecca Bieber

      @Directioner you are a Gutface bye ;)

  • Directoner

    Baby you light up my world like nobody else the way you flip you’re hair gets me overwhelmed but when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell you don’t know oh -oh you don’t know you’re Beautiful – One DIrection!!!!

  • Directoner

    I can’t wait for their album it comes out in Novemember! yayyyy!!!

    • Rebecca Bieber

      @ Directioner Justin album comes out in October HA YEAH HE IS FIRST LOL AND YOU KNOW WHAT JUSTIN BIEBER OUR BELIEBERS IDOL AND MY IDOL he came along first stop talking about 1d here this is a Justin Bieber fansite not 1d site ok go away BELIEEBRS ARE ONLY ALLOEWED HERE AND FYI 1D ARE GAY GAY GAY so yeah lol and also your only gonna have 1d only in Novemeber well guess what JUSTIN BIEBER WORLD WILL BE GOING ON IN OCTOBER-JANUARY HAHAHA SEEE JUSTIN IS WAY BETTER THEN YOUR STUPID IDOLS OK GO AWAY OK BYE;) JUSTIN AND BELIEBERS ARE THE BEST FAMILY EVER AND HE WILL BEAT 1D FOR EMAS HAAHHAA BYE

  • Directoner

    ONE DIRECTION is the best idols!

    • Rebecca Bieber

      1d? Nooooooooooooooooo wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy JUSTIN BIEBER IS THE BEST IDOL IN THE WORLD LOL ;)

  • Krista

    Elton John is a good artist but i think someones been reading to much tmz and by the way i have a song for elton john because nobody wants to cross the line with me about justin tha song i wrote is for all the idiots(Elton John, tmz) It just basiclly says that they have no clue what there talking aboout. Last time i checked it was Justin who has over 25 million twitter followers.Elton and tmz are so jealous because they want everything justin has well srry elton but youve crossed that line luckily im singing at my homecoming so i will sing this new song and my whole school will know about jealous jon

    • Jen

      Justin Bieber should be flattered that someone like Elton John even cares enough to think about him ,not to mention inspire a song. This is a man who has spent his entire adult life being succesful in the music business. So few artist have the talent and drive to do that. He knows first hand how fame destroys talented people. Maybe fans should stop overreacting when someone who knows more about music offers a little advice. And no, Justin is not at a Lindsey Lohan level, but maybe he needs a wake up call so that he never does reach that point
      I would rather Justin Bieber listen to someone like Elton John, Bon Jovi or Sting…good god, they are all music LEDGENDS …..than I would him listening to lil Twist or even Scooter. Stop taking EVERYTHING as an insult. It may just be they don’t want others making the mistakes they made and are tired of seeing people with talent destroyed be fame.

  • Ashley

    I swear you people do not read. The entire comment is saying that he is afraid that Justin will get swallowed up in Hollywood and make the same mistakes that HE did. he is not dissing him whatsoever. Gee man, calm yourselves he doesn’t want Justin to end up like him and lose it. Calm down. No need to get defensive do you even know who you are insulting? Get some musical education. Read up on this man before you make ignorant comments like those above! He is a freaking legend!

  • ivone

    Is bad enough that the media makes a huge deal about JB and poor Lindsey but to have your own peers talk trash about you, a new low for “Sir Elton John”.
    He has hit many, many, many lows in his own life. 90% of the trash we hear is just that trash!! Jealousy and envy are EVERYWHERE…………

    • Jen

      Justin Bieber is not Elton John’s peer. If 40 years from now they still play Justin’s music and he is still recording..and touring and he has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…and the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame and has possibly been Knighted, then and only then will he be considered on the same level as Elton John. I admire what Justin Bieber has accomplished, but he has a loooong way to go before he will be considered on the same page as Elton John. Not sayin he never will…..just not now.

  • TrueBieber Babe

    When anyone wants to be sure their project gets the most attention they have to mention @justinbieber. Without his name their comments would not get much play. Like Selena (sorry to mention that name) wanted to sell a lot of records she faked an audiotape of @justinbieber’s voicemail and she sold the must records she ever has and made her first #1 billboard record. So @justinbieber’s name sells and draws attention. So my fellow #beliebers no worries. Our boy is doing just fine. Of course the music business is very dangerous world and drugs are everywhere. If @justinbieber did have a problem with drugs his team, especially his mom would get him help. Elton John words or song would never be a help to him and Elton Johns knows that each person has to make his or her own choices and his song or words would not help @justinbieber, his words will only help sell records. Everyone will want to hear what he said about @justinbieber.

    • Ashley

      I think he’s just giving him advice. People blow things way out of proportion. Nothing that came out of his mouth was a diss at all, he’s just stating facts. Lindsay lost it and he doesn’t want to see something like that happen to Justin. That’s all he said. BTW,
      Elton John doesn’t need to sell records anymore. He’s sold millions. He’s well respected and he’s already got his accolades in the music world. He is also personal friend of the royal family of England. I’ll end that their because the rest of what you said was unnecessary. I’m a belieber but i’m only defensive when someone is ATTACKING Justin. Please learn the difference between attack and advice. All of you.
      But I get what your saying though. People use Justin’s name to get attention. Like how Kim Kardashian’s ex called her out in I hit it first.

  • munas

    when is this nightmare gona be over seriously enough is enough justin is a good person and he always will be one thing i know for shore is that i will always like him nomatter what nobody is perfect we all makes mistecs and i can careless what the haters thing’s

  • rb

    FYI for you Jen! Justin has accomplished more in 5 years than Elton John has done in half of his 40 years in the music industry ‘social media/changing of the times’. Justin doesn’t have to be EJ’s peer, they are both megastars. Yes, EJ is knighted, but JB received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for which is equal to the reason they both achieved their award from their country’s highest states person. JB Jun 6, 2013 Bieber’s “Baby” is the highest certified single in history, and receives the Diamond Award on Aug 1, 2013 overlapping Elton John’s ‘Candle in the wind’. Have you looked at EJ net worth? $355 million for 40 years of being in the music industry. On the other hand Justin is at $208 million and is projected to be at over $300 million at year’s end. Did you know Justin’s Beauty and a Beat is a classical baroque Justin Bieber cover (bbc.co.uk › Music › Classical).

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    justin is far away for lindsay she does crack and aother drugs justin only smoked once so f–k off