Justin Bieber at Rich Fan’s Birthday Party – Private Concert for $60k?

Justin Bieber shows up at fan Erica birthday party justinbieberzone.com 1

Justin Bieber at Erica’s sweet 16 birthday party in Toronto. According to reports, she had to pay at least $60,000 to invite Justin in her birthday.

FYI: Erica is the same girl that met Justin in a private jet in Atlanta weeks ago on August 12. They met at a small airport in ATL. We believe her parents own private jets or something. She and her friend posted video on youtube, but they removed it due to the “hate” comments. Watch Justin & Erica.

Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 3.34.43 PM

Checkout the beliebers reaction on Twitter:

@thisgomezlife: “@justinbieber why does that girl pay u 60k for u to show up at her birthday ? And then says she’s not rich and has met you before Aint fair”

@SlayedJustin: “Can Justin perform at my birthday party? Please mom, it’s only 60k”

@proudofbieberr : “You have to pay $60,000 for Justin Bieber to sing a song at your birthday party”

@avontario_: “@justinbieber doing a private concert for 60k for some rich ass kid”

@ayeitssneha: “I really wish I could afford to pay 60k to have Justin Bieber at my sweet sixteen. HA. man. I mean i love Justin Bieber with my whole entire heart, but 60K is ridiculous for like 15 minutes.”

@iTwerkTheBiebs: “Ok guys, saving up 60K so I can have @justinbieber come to my quinceanera next summer! Who’s coming? xD”

Please do not leave rude comment to Erica, she’s just a huge belieber who happens to be rich and lucky!

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