Justin Bieber at Rich Fan’s Birthday Party – Private Concert for $60k?

Justin Bieber shows up at fan Erica birthday party justinbieberzone.com 1

Justin Bieber at Erica’s sweet 16 birthday party in Toronto. According to reports, she had to pay at least $60,000 to invite Justin in her birthday.

FYI: Erica is the same girl that met Justin in a private jet in Atlanta weeks ago on August 12. They met at a small airport in ATL. We believe her parents own private jets or something. She and her friend posted video on youtube, but they removed it due to the “hate” comments. Watch Justin & Erica.

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Checkout the beliebers reaction on Twitter:

@thisgomezlife: “@justinbieber why does that girl pay u 60k for u to show up at her birthday ? And then says she’s not rich and has met you before Aint fair”

@SlayedJustin: “Can Justin perform at my birthday party? Please mom, it’s only 60k”

@proudofbieberr : “You have to pay $60,000 for Justin Bieber to sing a song at your birthday party”

@avontario_: “@justinbieber doing a private concert for 60k for some rich ass kid”

@ayeitssneha: “I really wish I could afford to pay 60k to have Justin Bieber at my sweet sixteen. HA. man. I mean i love Justin Bieber with my whole entire heart, but 60K is ridiculous for like 15 minutes.”

@iTwerkTheBiebs: “Ok guys, saving up 60K so I can have @justinbieber come to my quinceanera next summer! Who’s coming? xD”

Please do not leave rude comment to Erica, she’s just a huge belieber who happens to be rich and lucky!

  • Bieber’s Shawty❤❤

    Ok, dat kid must be damn rich to pay all those amount of money to invite justin. Shit, I can’t even imagine paying dat..

    • Swagalicious

      ummmmmmmmmm I don’t think she’s lucky because she already met him on a plane and now she’s giving a lot of money he doesn’t even need

    • Mrs.Bieber

      My 16th birthday is tomorrow if that was me I would invite him to my bedroom not a 15 minute concert lol XD

    • Selena

      Wait I have 6 freaking years I need a job and I’m saving up

  • jessica

    60k man that alot of money but congrat to her



  • nini

    Wow 60k is a lot of money. I love justin bieber but i dont have 60k for him to perform at my party

  • Karla

    That Was Too Much

  • Kathryn

    If Justin really cared for her being a fan, he would have done it for free.

    • sammy

      shut the fk up for free do you pay his dancers or the people he works with and he doesnt set the price scooter does

    • z

      if he did that then everyone else would expect him to do it. That would be a bit unfair. She doesn’t deserve to get it for free considering she’s already met him and been to meet and greets. There’s so many people that haven’t got to meet him yet.

  • Jodie810

    Lucky girl!!!! If I had that money I would go to Justin’s concerts and have meet and greet … Same thing for far less money than 60k maybe ill go 3 times!!

    • Kalani

      I guess I can understand that. A lot of celebs don’t play at parties for free. You have to pay before they can play at your party. Not a lot of people can afford celebs to play at there party. Unless you have the moola or otherwise you get clowns, or ending up going to a amusement park for your bday party.

    • Mrs.Bieber

      Meet and Greet is on $450 on Ticket Master with the presale membership card

      • Kalani

        That’s a lot of money to pay for meet and greet.

      • Beleiebr for life

        its about £300 pound in the UK

  • beebee

    Wonder if she is related to DeKanter Beiber’s guitarist?

  • melissaBieber

    she’s so lucky!!!!! i wish i had 60k to have justin at my birthday party :( But im happy for her shes a very lucky girl :)

    • kayla

      yeah mmm I am happy for her oh well

  • kayla

    I want to have a sleep over with Justin and 60k I love Justin

  • Sarah Bieber

    no offense, but 60k? they must be pretty damn rich to have that much money to burn. I’m a bielieber but I would never spend 60k just to have justin over for 15 minutes.

  • Nicki

    OMG! I’m rich but,it don’t matter about the money. But 60k is really alot of money. But at lease she had a good time. I am really happy. I’m really rich.!Yay me! I luv you justin at lease you had a good time too.

  • maria

    Well thats not so fair but everyone gets a diffrent luck in their life congratulations angela.

  • Melina

    60k is a lot of money,like wow! But congrats to her,even though she already met him.

  • rb

    NOTE: Justin had shown up to other fans homes and venues that are less fortunate for free. Just happens that her dad is rich and she wanted Justin to be at her B-day party while he should be resting before going back on tour. 60K is a good compromise. If it’s true that her parents own privates jets, then I bet her dad is billionaire and 60K to him would be like buying a $2.00 liter bottle of soda to us

  • rb

    Also look-up: Sep 1, 2013 Kanye West was reportedly paid 3 million to perform at a wedding in Kazakhstan.

  • Emily

    Hey guys…… Im one of her friends and the one that was on the plane with her when we met justin and most of your facts are false so i think you should fct check before you write something like this.

    • rb

      OK Emily, please give us the facts so this article can be put to rest!

    • beebee

      Tell us everything. You were the other girl with the long straight hair. You would make a cute couple with Beiber.

  • Xavier bieber

    Im really happy for her :) congrats im really proud you I want that much for Justin to come to my party :D

  • Belieber

    I think 60k is allot, but I’m glad she had a good time.

  • directioner

    60k? is she crazyy or whaatt ??

  • mrbieber

    if that was me I would invite him to my bedroom not a 15 minute concert lol XD

  • tj

    maroon 5 got paid 1 million for a private birthday concert. dont hate on bieber for this. u wud do it too.

  • denise

    la verdad estoy muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuy loca por justin es mas lo voy a ir a ver cuando venga para argentina el 9 y el 10 de noviembre es mi regalo de los 15 pero no consegui lugar adelante de todo solo queda en la sivori o en la genaral para el 9 y en casitodos lados menos adelante para el 10 BUEN LO AMOOOOO <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • denise BELIEBER F0R EVER

    TODOS LOS #BELIEBERS MANDEN SOLI A MI FACE ASI HABLAMOS DE JUSTIN (avisen que son ustedes o no acepto)

  • Biebergoldshoe

    It’s not her fault her parents worked hard to get well paid jobs. If you are being mean, you are a fan, not a Belieber.


  • laila is belieber until the world end

    justin please why did you do that why you let her pay 60k i mean you have alot of many and i don’t think that you need this many alot.
    i love you justin but why.
    if there is a boor girl she want to see you what she supposed to do.
    but any away i love and i will love you for ever

  • Jess

    She’s not lucky she’s rich, there’s a difference

    • Kalani

      I’m sure she was happy and thrilled to have justin there at her party. He’s such a hottie. Besides justin can get any girl he wants.

  • munas

    for my 16 birthday i dont even have a caek

  • essie j

    she’s so lucky like damn i would do anything to meet justin

  • Mr.Bieber

    That is SO NOT FAIR I will NEVER get to meet him and I mean NEVER get to meet him I love him so much. But 60k is ALOT of money there are so many other fans that will never get to meet him but no she get’s to meet him that is SO messed up.