Justin Bieber Batman vs. Superman Script “Funny or Die”

Justin Bieber Batman vs Superman script

Justin Bieber stirred up some fans when he posted an Instagram shot of himself with a script for what appears to be Batman Vs. Superman.

Justin simply captioned the pic: “#robin ??.”

The script features a “Bieber” watermark, suggesting that it’s meant specifically for him. But while Beliebers were arguing the merits of Justin’s playing a role in the film and fanboys were lamenting the idea, he tweeted out a tidbit that may be a clue to it all. He wrote: “Off to do something funny or…die :).”

    • how is he acting black, because the way he dress. i don’t think so and i met lot of white boys who dress like that. you should be a shame of yourself.

  1. @Elton and @meee, if u r haters why r u on here? if u r gonna hate him then leave. I don’t understand when people do that, I mean come on! go eat a burrito, watch tv, read a book on how to talk to giraffes, but most importantly get a life!! With that being said, I love u Justin! excited to see u on funny or die!!! :)

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