Justin Bieber Batman vs. Superman Script “Funny or Die”

Justin Bieber Batman vs Superman script

Justin Bieber stirred up some fans when he posted an Instagram shot of himself with a script for what appears to be Batman Vs. Superman.

Justin simply captioned the pic: “#robin ??.”

The script features a “Bieber” watermark, suggesting that it’s meant specifically for him. But while Beliebers were arguing the merits of Justin’s playing a role in the film and fanboys were lamenting the idea, he tweeted out a tidbit that may be a clue to it all. He wrote: “Off to do something funny or…die :).”



    • kennedy

      don’t be stupid, it must take one to know yourself. jb is not gay you are. stfu and get away from here people like don’t deserve anything good in your life. such haters.

    • Mariah Bieber

      Don’t call Bieber gay! Anyways stop calling him gay becuz he’s not and ur just ashame becuz he is was sexier than u idol/idols!

      • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

        oh i’m glad biber is gay and not bieber

  • MEEE

    why do u wanna be black bieber please stop ,i’m ashame

    • kennedy

      how is he acting black, because the way he dress. i don’t think so and i met lot of white boys who dress like that. you should be a shame of yourself.


    @Elton and @meee, if u r haters why r u on here? if u r gonna hate him then leave. I don’t understand when people do that, I mean come on! go eat a burrito, watch tv, read a book on how to talk to giraffes, but most importantly get a life!! With that being said, I love u Justin! excited to see u on funny or die!!! :)

  • Belieber*Forever

    Excited to see juju on funny or die :)

    • Kalani

      Wow, I highly doubt that justin wants to act black. He does have black friends. And likes hip hop.

  • Mariah Bieber

    I’m so excited to see Justin! Ahhhhhh I cant wait!

  • maria

    Omg that is so cool im so happy for you justin I love you, you look so hott on that picture I love you so mouch

  • Krista

    Ya know Justin aint gay your just jealou because last time i checked you aint famous so you need to shut up and back off

  • Justins belieber

    I am excited. waiting………

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    aww im so exited for him yay