Justin Bieber Filming “Funny Or Die” 2013 /w Jacque Pyles

Justin hugging his friend Jacque, on the set of funny or die

Justin Bieber arrives at studio to film “Funny or Die” skit with his friends Lil Za and Lil Twist. When he got out of his van he gave ex-gf Jacque Pyles a hug and grabbed her hips. He also played some basketball with his friends before going back into the studio.

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  • Life

    WHo is that girl. I guess she is so happy

    • rb

      A fan as fair as I can tell. The thing is, he left the girl to go play ball, and then went back into the studio.

    • Emily

      It’s Jacque Rae Pyles! She’s an old friend of Justin’s.

    • Shouldn’t Hate.

      “…Twist. When he got out of his van he gave ex-gf Jacque Pyles a hug and grabbed her hips. He…”

  • Life

    La la la I was the first

  • Lizzie

    Justin does have a cute smile that one the thing I like.

  • rb

    Where are the grabbing the butt pic’s?? All I see are hands on hips pic’s, and no PDA’s?? He left the girl too play basketball with his male friends?? ‘This is not JB’s MA with videos of him and his x.’ then he went back to the studio without the girl of course. My woman says she loves his smile, and he’s a really good looking man. Should I be jealous? No! If I said the same thing to her about a female celebrity, I’ll be in deep shitz

  • Kalani

    He’s so cute. He’s with his boys. The girl reminds me of Sean Kingston’s friend.

    • Emily

      It’s Jacque Rae Pyles!

  • hannah mahone bieber

    maybe shes a girl on funny or die

  • MyBabyJB

    It’s Jacque……..

    • rb

      Jacque and Justin are good friends. He would have kissed her on the cheek. The article says “a girl”. It’s not Jacque!

      • Emily

        It is Jacque. I met her in NY at the hotel like a couple of days ago & the girl in the picture looks like her

    • Oh justin

      I think it is her

  • Sarah

    OMG !!!! He’s so beautiful I wish He would live in my life

  • Noor

    I Love Basketball. If Justin will play basketball with me it would b a dream come true

    • Kalani

      That’s so cute that justin still has his boys with him. I bet half of the stories about him or his boys are not true. Why would scooter kick Justin’s boys out of the house. That’s just stupid. Besides justin is way smarter then that.

  • Mariah Bieber

    Awww That Should Be Me!!!!!!!!! Lol for reals tho that sould be me! #Belieber4life

  • Oh justin

    To me it looks like it could be Jacque Rae but yhu can’t really tell



  • biebergirl

    aww… love his smile. Lucky girrllll

  • eubene

    Justin is so cute and handsome he just amazing I really love him he was born in London, Canada wow that so awesome who is that girl by the way

  • Bieber’s Shawty❤❤

    Where does it say it’s Jacque.? , plz stop making up things..

    • Bieber’s Shawty❤❤

      Opps I was wrong its Jacque

  • kidrauhl’s girl♥

    Jistin is so cute and sweet he’s smile is just too perfect :)

  • Becky♥

    She’s SOOOO Lucky♥

  • Becky♥


  • Glice Lover

    Look at the pictures…by now y’all realise it’s Jacque, right? Not hating her, but in my opinion Justin should date a more high profile person. I would love it if Justin would date a Victoria secret model (doesn’t have to be Barbara) but just a truly gorgeous long legged model. But then again it’s endearing that Justin’s so humble and loves the ordinary next door type latin girl LOL

    • 1

      I hoe its not jaque justin dates selena

  • Garima Verma Belieber

    I love uh.!! :-)) U r jst perfect.!!

  • essie j

    omg he’s so cute :)

  • 1

    It kinda looks like selena
    It could be a scene from the film.
    Or jacque or a fan
    I hope it’s not jacque
    U know justins rose tattoo it has a S in the middle and his angel tattoo looks like selena. #ilovejelenatheyarefereva

    • Justins belieber

      I think the same. it does not look like jacque

    • Zoey

      No the rose is just a rose there is no s in the middle. You are delusional. And that IS JACQUE. Jelena is over.

  • 1

    It really looks like selena I know she is on tour but it looks like selena

  • Jblove

    Guys it’s Jacque. Just look on twitter. She was with jaxon in one and you could definitely tell it was her.

  • Samantha

    How do we know for sure that she is cute if we can only see her side tf her outfit is cute tho -___-

    • Justins belieber

      Samantha are u from india

  • Rebecca Bieber


  • Melina

    It’s Jacque……

  • Melina

    And I for sure know this,because on Twist’s Instagram there was a video of Za dancing,and at the back Jacque was there,but it didn’t show her face,just her top and jeans.

  • Belieber

    Okay, so it’s obvouis thats Jacque! That doesnt seem like a fan to me, if she wouldve been a fan, she wouldnt be alone. THATS NOT SELENA hahaha

    • Kalani

      Wait I highly doubt that justin is dating her.

  • Krista

    Well someones pretty happy i love justin so much more than anybody i think we should get maried

  • Frederikke bieber

    Do u guys Think it could be Madison Beer?❤