Justin Bieber in Las Vegas – Attending Mayweather vs. Canelo Fight

Justin Bieber mayweather

Justin will once again accompany Mayweather to the ring on Saturday night for his much-anticipated fight against Canelo Alvarez. It will be the third time that Justin has been part of the #MoneyTeam during Mayweather’s entrance to a fight (he was also present during Mayweather’s fight against Miguel Cotto in 2012 and at his fight against Robert Guerrero)

  • Mariah Bieber

    OMBBBB!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh I wanna go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m gonna cry if I don’t go!

  • Lizzie

    Justin wanna learn how to fight.Is it that why he acting all bad?

  • zari

    Oh shit!
    I’m might be a girl but I love may weather like nobodys business he is the BEST FIGHTER EVER!!
    Bieber might learn some tricks

  • Mrs.BieberYE$!

    #TheMoneyTeam !!!!!!!

    • Kalani

      What’s the money team.

  • Barasha

    Omg justin u r sooo cool….i love u justin!!!