Justin Bieber Loses $40,000 Gold Chain during Toronto’s Nightclub Attack!

Justin Bieber attcked at nightclub justinbieberzone.com

Justin Bieber reportedly lost a $40,000 gold chain when he was attacked by a random male clubgoer at Uniun nightclub in Toronto early Saturday morning (August 31), according to club staff.

The club operations manager Orin Bristol said:

The fan was just a small little guy. He wasn’t being aggressive. Security was a bit aggressive. There weren’t punches thrown really; it was more of a shoving match and pushing match.

Pictures of the confrontation were circulating online and show Justin and his entourage standing around someone on the floor.

Bristol added no one was hurt, but at some point during the clash, Justin lost his gold chain, which was reportedly worth $40,000.

Other eyewitnesses in the club, Joallore Alon (40) said he was at Uniun when Justin and his crew showed up around 2 am.

Alon told Canoe showbiz:

From the back entrance they came in and stayed for a bit. He took off his shirt and had his sunglasses on and was hanging out in the VIP section behind the DJ’s stage.

Apparently, Bieber suddenly walks with his security into the dance section and that’s when the alleged altercation happened.

Justin Bieber looked calm, he didn’t look like he was agitated. Someone was screaming, “Where’s his chain? Grab his chain.”

Multiple reports have stated Justin attempted to defend himself during the attack by kicking out at the male clubgoer. Justin and his crew reportedly left Uniun nightclub shortly after the clash.

It remains unclear whether a gold chain was lost, stolen, or snatched in the rumpus or indeed whether it has now been found.

Police at 14 Division had not heard reports of the incident on Saturday night and said they were not investigating the matter.

  1. why must people attack him can’t they just talk? maybe he lost it when the push and shove started he must not have know it. that’s too bad for Justin.

    • I feel sorry for justin. He seems like the media always portray justin a bad which he’s not. It’s the ugly media and the stalkerazzi that’s causing all the trouble. They always make up stories.

  2. Whoever stole his chain should give it back to him because then they are going to get in a bigger trouble and because it cause a lot of money but if he lost it there is nothing to do I feel so bad for you justin but dont worried things always happend in life.

  3. Whoever stole his chain should give it back to him because then they are going to get in a bigger trouble and because it cause a lot of money but if he lost it there is nothing to do I feel so bad for you justin but dont worried things always happend in life.

    • I feel bad for justin. He always gets scrutize for everything he does. It’s not like Selena is perfect or anything neither are her friends. There stupid. Besides justin is amazing and adorable.

    • Seriously, people are stupid and ignorant about justin. I’m sure the chain meant a lot to justin. Yeah he can afford another one. It’s the principal that’s matters. Just cause he’s wealthy. Doesn’t mean he buys things that are high end things or he shops At stores like Lids, or footlocker.

  4. That was alot of money for that chain. Justin must be made. I’m sorry Justin. I hope whoever find it give it back. I’m really rich but I wouldn’t still buy another one. I luv you

  5. if he didn’t lose yet i hope that he is happy but if he lost it i hope that he will finde i because i don’t want justin to be mad

  6. Honestly, I don’t even think he cares. $40K, ALOT of money, but let’s be real. Justin is a millionaire, he can just buy another necklace. 40K to him is like what $100 to him?

  7. he always dances behind the dj lol. (helps stay away from the ladies too cuz if he talked/danced with one she wud be a celeb and they would write shit bout it)

  8. This story is incomprehensible. Was he attacked? Was he not attacked? Was he mad? Was he not mad? According to this story, all of the above.

  9. I feel so bad for him i dont know why people have to push him he needs his space i mean if i met him i would hug him but i would never make him lose a chain worth that much.OMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. It’s ridiculous how Justin can just use the amount of money of a year of my college tution to buy like a necklace, and I can’t even afford a taco.

  11. The story is confusing because the owners of the place claimed there was no violence. They say this guy was a fan who wanted his pic but the security took him down. I think that’s not true. The pics and witnesses indicate that this guy rushed at him, grabbed him by his shirt and tried to take him to the floor but could not. Justin kicked at him as security took him down and out of the place. The managers may downplaying it to protect the place’s reputation. They did the same thing in London at his birthday in a club lying regarding what happened. According to one report another person snached his chain and ran; but according to others, he lost it during the incident with that guy.

  12. How did justin lost his gold chain it was wort 40,000 oh ok he shouldn’t lose it I feel bad for Justin like this guy I swear I will punch him in the face yea he need get beat up ok I don’t care justin was so frightened in the Toronto nightclub

  13. Listen justin I talk to you yes you you need to stand for yourself you only 19 ok so you have to be carefully don’t get hurt by this crazy guy

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