Justin Bieber Loses $40,000 Gold Chain during Toronto’s Nightclub Attack!

Justin Bieber attcked at nightclub justinbieberzone.com

Justin Bieber reportedly lost a $40,000 gold chain when he was attacked by a random male clubgoer at Uniun nightclub in Toronto early Saturday morning (August 31), according to club staff.

The club operations manager Orin Bristol said:

The fan was just a small little guy. He wasn’t being aggressive. Security was a bit aggressive. There weren’t punches thrown really; it was more of a shoving match and pushing match.

Pictures of the confrontation were circulating online and show Justin and his entourage standing around someone on the floor.

Bristol added no one was hurt, but at some point during the clash, Justin lost his gold chain, which was reportedly worth $40,000.

Other eyewitnesses in the club, Joallore Alon (40) said he was at Uniun when Justin and his crew showed up around 2 am.

Alon told Canoe showbiz:

From the back entrance they came in and stayed for a bit. He took off his shirt and had his sunglasses on and was hanging out in the VIP section behind the DJ’s stage.

Apparently, Bieber suddenly walks with his security into the dance section and that’s when the alleged altercation happened.

Justin Bieber looked calm, he didn’t look like he was agitated. Someone was screaming, “Where’s his chain? Grab his chain.”

Multiple reports have stated Justin attempted to defend himself during the attack by kicking out at the male clubgoer. Justin and his crew reportedly left Uniun nightclub shortly after the clash.

It remains unclear whether a gold chain was lost, stolen, or snatched in the rumpus or indeed whether it has now been found.

Police at 14 Division had not heard reports of the incident on Saturday night and said they were not investigating the matter.

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