Justin Bieber or Male Stripper?



  • belieberswagga

    there is missing a word. he is MY stripper :* joke. justin isn’t rude

  • maddie

    most of you got the answer wrong

  • Jbs girl

    Seriously does this girl know how much hate shes gonna get from posting that? That’s kind of rediculaus to say…

  • LucyBieber

    OMG. Hahaha i would totallly watch ! :O


    Justin Drew Bieber NOT a male stripper!

    • lena

      i think it’s jb

  • Lizzie

    What in the world is he doing??

  • Bieberchanel6

    Hi first i just Wanted to say!!! I FUCKIG LOVE YOUR BLOG!! PMFG i check IT atleast 4 times a day so thank you for doing this…
    And I wanted to share with you that Justin is following me and I want more beliebers to know the feeling so I will dm beliebers to Justin.. But I’m not a big account so I wonder if you can help me out…? Spread the word? I know you probly gets a lot of this but I can put my life on this… I’m not lying ❤❤ and I’m so sorry if you hate this.. Don’t block me form your your blog i swear i cheak it everyday xoxo https://twitter.com/bieberchanel6/status/375691040092868608

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    in my head he is my magic Mike ;) but um in reality he Justin bieber

    • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

      i am not kidding

  • Use To Be #BieberForever

    Justin Bieber or Male Stripper?
    Male Stripper.
    He isn’t the Justin I knew 3 years ago.
    He strips more than he sings.

    • Kalani

      No he doesn’t. He hates wearing shirts. He looks amazing shirtless. I love justin. He does love not wearing a shirtless. I love his shows. Looking forward n hearing his music. I bet it’s going to be incredible.

    • Monica

      He grew up chick everyone does i love Justin threw everything that happens that is a real Belieber. He hasn’t done anything no one else hasn’t done at our age, he still give to charity, and he loves his fans. Nothing has changed if your looking at his personal life then you’re wrong for judging him on that he is still Kidraul just taller and hotter.

      • hannah mahone bieber

        i agree with monica

  • LovedByJustin

    Oh my dear lord

    • Susie

      My thoughts exactly…:) I wanna say I wouldn’t go see him but I’m not so sure… ;) (Only half kidding!)

  • Belieber

    Justin Bieber! He’s my sexy beast ;)


    he is not a stripper he İS A SEXY MACHİNE <3 !!! İT'S İN HİS NATURE

  • rb

    Justin Bieber will be in the Guinness World Records (GWR) 2014 book for the; “Youngest Solo Artist to have five US No.1 albums!” Put emphasis to all the haters that you blog, that him being in the GWR legitimatize he winning the Milestone award at the 2013 BBMA’s. Congratulations JB!! PS; if smoking pot helps you break records, by GOD keep on smoking!! I mean breaking records!

  • essie j

    lmfao he’s so hot ;)

  • Melissa Bieber

    Justin Bieber or Male Stripper?? Who cares he is hot anyway. Besides even being a stripper he could be awesome and cute anyway.
    So, I have a little message for u Miss lawyer. Wherever u are. U better answer now cause I am starting to think that u are messing with me or playing with me. I gave u my twitter profile and u didn’t answer me. I don’t want to have trouble, but u are going to make it. So, u better fix this and now Cause if u lied to me. We are going to have a big fight!!!

  • Belieber for life


  • ivan

    A couple of bands [one was the Janoskians] only wore underwear in a TV awards show in front of men, women, and teens, that watched the show last month. The media hardly made a big deal of it. If Justin had done it, he would have been trashed as a deutsche forever. Machine Gun Kelly, the rapper, had a girl perform oral sex on him on stage a few weeks ago. Hardly anything in the media. Imagine the uproar it it were Justin.

    • Susie

      @ivan I know right!!! That is disgusting and wrong and everybody should get slapped upside the head for it,not just Justin!! I hope (And I think!) that Justin would never do that though.Half the things he gets trashed for he didn’t even do.

  • Monica

    Please do become a stripper baby boy he is so beautiful show it off.

  • vusi mlambo

    Here’s my email justin vusi.mlambo57@gmail.com

  • Krista

    He is beautiful talented and it is my dream for me to just meet him hes not a stripper people need to gt over themselves.

  • Mirela

    His groin was bound to come out. What a reaction I would have…

  • mrbieber

    Omq u are realy hot and sexy i iwsh thatu were in my bad and we going to go out sometimes i am so in love with u justin am your number1 of your believer i think that am that number1 of your believer and i wish that could see uin person and in my bad

  • ivan

    Can you imagine if he accidentally drops his underwear and stands there naked? The President might have to call in the Army, Navy, and Marines to restore order.

    • Melly Bieber

      @Ivan Lol XD ilr
      The media is such drama queens

  • Kat Spencer

    I love Justin so much but the media really needs to stop obsessing over everything that he does- it’s ridiculous. Whoever this girl is- don’t insult Justin by calling him a stripper- he’s a teenage boy and they all do things like that.. Just thank God that he’s so hot so you at least have something nivce to look at.. On a separate note- will all Beliebers please learn to spell properly- we get mocked everyday and one of those reasons is because everyone thinks every Belieber is 12 or younger.. Well, looking at some of the outrageous spelling errors in people’s comments I kind of see where they would get that impression.. By the way- I am 19.

    • Jujubee1996

      Jeez don’t get your panties in a twist!!! I’m sure she doesn’t mean that he’s an actual stripper!!! Juju looks hot as always and if he wants to strip on stage I won’t be the one complaining yummy ;-) ! And I’m sure more beliebers agree with me :-p……

  • Fine Ass Belieber

    what the fuck :))
    follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/Whatupguy96

  • Bieber is awesome

    I think they meant to say male model!!!!

  • Ariella

    Justin’s on stage shirtless and his pants are a bit down.Justin’s super cute.I also wanted to say that I saw some videos of Justin on stage and he was showing off his abs.I love when Justin does that and when Justin’s not shirtless he’s still cute. :)

  • Ariella

    I love you Justin!!!! :)

  • Kidrauhl♥


  • Jessica

    I think he is dreamy and adorable but he needs to stop hanging out with lil twist and lil Zara there bad influence for him, if he keep hanging out with them he can go to jail for years and I would not like because he has a zillion beliebers that love him.