Justin Bieber Posing w/ Floyd Mayweather, After Winning Over Canelo [Video]

Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather Boxing Ring 3

Justin and Mayweather posing in the ring! Floyd “Money” Mayweather gave his young opponent from Mexico Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, a lesson in the art of boxing Saturday night.

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[Controversy] Judge C.J. Ross scored the bout a draw.

Most fight fans who were watching the 152-pound catchweight championship bout thought that it was a clear win for Mayweather. After all, he out struck the young Mexican fighter Canelo, and landed the more significant punches when they engaged.

So it came as a surprise when ringside announcer Jimmy Lennon announced that the fight was a majority decision. The only way that could be possible was if one judge scored the bout a draw. That’s exactly what happened as Judge C.J. Ross scored the fight 114-114.

This isn’t the first time that C.J. Ross has been the center of controversy. When Manny Pacquiao fought Timothy Bradley, she scored the bout 115-113 for Bradley, which essentially handed “Pac Man” an incredulous loss.

There is no word yet from the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) if there will be an investigation.

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  • MaroonBieber

    I love the way you lie Justin Bieber Zone. Mayweather Lost for goodness sake!

    • Swagalicious

      Yeaaaaaah *claps claps claps* love u Justin……….. wait what he lost? :o

  • MaroonBieber

    What was Justin’s face Justin Bieber Zone? YOU LIED FACE IT BELIEBERS

  • Zoey

    Mayweather fuc*ing won. YOU ARE DELUSIONAL

  • rb

    The video shows Justin and Money May’s reaction to when the announcer announce Judge C.J. Ross decision to call the fight a draw, however Mayweather won!

  • Kalani

    He probably was surprised knowing that it was a draw.

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    i should have watched it dammit

  • @Bieber_AMahone

    I have Justin’s number

    • maria

      Please tell me his phonenumber please

      • Kalani

        Justin would never ever give his phone number to any of his fans. It’s only for his family of course his boys and his entourage. His entourage is big. He does ride in phat rides. I love justin.

  • Krista

    Look i couldnt care less about who won or lost but justin looks so hot!!!!!!!!!!!Luv u Justin

  • ivone

    I smell re-match. BOTH boxers were great, they made it to the 12th round.
    They gave their audience lots of entertainment. I will be in front row next fight, wherever they decide to have it at. I did not understand what Lil Wayne was singing but JB looked great.

  • Rebecca Bieber

    Justin I love You soooooo much <3333333 Belieber Forever my idol, hero and inspiration and kidruahl and congrats Mayweather ;)

  • ivan

    My parrot sounds clearer than Lil Wayne when it talks. Some criticized Justin, as usual, for being in Floyd’s group not realizing he’s been his friend for years. Also, Justin has gotten boxing tips from Several boxing champs such as Mayweather, Tyson, and A former British heavyweight champ of which there is a video on you tube.

  • shy girl 101

    i luv biber but i’m dissing l’il wayne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate him. i luv justin he’s sooooooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BELIEBER4ever

    I also watched the fight not just cuz Mayweather and canelo were gonna fight, it was cuz justin bieber was gonna be there ! :Di supported canelo but until I saw Justin supporting Mayweather I was like awww man </3 but idc anyways I just wanted to see Justin lol <3 #truebelieber

  • Justins belieber

    yeah Justins face reaction to the score how he looks but still cute

  • Tabitha.Morales

    Hell yea Lmfao jb will b glad

  • Jennifer Bieber

    I voted. For Canelo but justin voted fo maywhether but I’m stl love justin. <3

  • Mariah Bieber

    Lol this face was too cute and funny! He looked sexy#Belieber4life