Justin Bieber & Ryan Butler on Madison Beer’s Video “MELODIES”

Justin Bieber and ryan butler Madison Beer Melodies

Justin Bieber and his bff Ryan Butler appear on Madison Beer’s music video ‘Melodies’. The video opens with Justin & Ryan sitting on a couch, a scene reminiscent to Justin’s first video “One Time,” listening to “Melodies.

Watch the video:

Madison tells MTV news about Justin’s cameo:

I was a huge huge fan, like I was obsessed with him. I used to wear purple on his birthday to school with my friends.

I remember watching Justin’s first video and now Justin is in my first video and it’s just weird that I’m even saying that. They are just listening to the song, and he’s like, ‘Hey, watch this,’ and he signs a pair of headphones and puts them in a box and then closes the box and sends them off to me, and then the video starts with me opening up the box and putting the headphones on.

Justin has been really, really involved in this whole thing and that is just incredible to me because I’ve always been such a big fan of his and I’ve been to a bunch of his Believe Tour concerts and he’s just like a great performer. And to have someone like that behind me is just incredible.

Do you like Madison’s first music video?

  • SamanthaLuvsJustin

    This is soo cool!

    • Justins belieber

      nice beginning. jb u r so cool and cute. like u .

  • beebee

    Such a Up song! The headphones at the start is a great opening. Much success!

    • Kalani

      Such amazing performer. She’s so cute. I love justin and his bestie Ryan butler.

      • Swagalicious

        great video 4great best friends :D

    • sophie thomas

      i have not even heard the song

  • Kalani

    There so cute. I love justin. He’s Amazing. Him and Ryan are adorable.

  • sup

    i just watched it bc of justin and rayn

  • beebee

    I know this doesn’t have anything to do with Madison’s music. Beiber shaved and I just wanted to say on Mrsgarfieldx tuts twitter acct. Beiber was beginning to get tuts wirey wiskers especially on the chin. Just thought it was funny.

  • Faith

    Great Song , Great Video !

  • Faith

    Great Song , Great Video

  • Diana.Garrido

    nice Madison cool video I love your song

  • eubene

    Oh Justin you are so amazing yea also your friend Ryan butler he is so young yea :} you should come to my high school it is called peninsula high school I don’t want the girls get freak out about you so um I have a idea I will let borrow my jacket just act like a girl ok don’t worry I don’t like the security

  • eubene

    Oh I love Madison beer she is so amazing yes indeed I love justin bieber’s hair yea it so handsome yes

  • MollyBieber

    I actually don’t like this song or the girl that sings it I don’t know she just seems really fake to me! I don’t know if it’s my ears or her voice but it just sounds like nasily and not very good!

    • Mrs.Bieber

      It was an amazing song. Your jealous juju would have never appeared in that girls video if she wasnt talented. Wtf is wrong with you bringing other people down.. at least she got somewhere in life. You are definitely not a nice Belieber Justin hates people like you :-(:-(:-(:-(

      • MollyBieber

        Just because I don’t like the song, doesn’t mean “justin hates people like me” you have your option I have mine I think it sucks, I only came for Justin And Ryan!

    • Briah

      Yeah I’m not really a fan of her voice. I mean she’s pretty ill give her that but he dosent have a good voice to me. But I think she should take modeling she woul be great at that.

    • Jennifer

      Ya it sould a lot more audio then usual people us. I don’t know but people say she was a bullying people back then in elementary school.

  • Bridgett

    Just like Justin’s part , lmao that’s it that song sounds like a Disney song ain’t bout that

  • zari

    Love it!!!!;;;

  • maria


    • Kalani

      Um I highly doubt justin would ever give out his number. He likes to keep it private. I would guess a lot of celebs don’t give out there numbers. Otherwise there phones would blow up and would never stop ringing.

    • hannah mahone bieber

      yea right nobody could get justins number.he doent even give it out to anybody.if u did talk 2 him prove it -,-but i do know his fan number its 12895889090

    • Lizzie

      Girl that a fake number no Celebrities is going to give out nobody their number unless you are really his friend so you making your self look stupid.

  • honey

    Meh this is miss for me. I don’t really like her voice at all and I think the only thing that will get her views is Justin being on it. I don’t see her becoming a big star. No hate I’m just not a fan

  • Krista

    That is so cool!And everyday of that month i wear a diffrent purple shirt starting with the tank top i made it could be belo 0 degress and i am walking around in a purple tank top for justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you so much justin

  • Nicki

    I think it was okay! I do the same thing I wear purple or blue because they are Justin favorite 2 colors. I wear it because Justin is really special to me. They are me and Justin favorite colors too. My birthday is March 25 and his is March 1. We have alot if things in common too. (Luv you?! :D

  • Lo

    Justin is so guilty of a hicky. With the stupid (mosquito bite tweet) bs

  • Arlene

    I liked the video a lot …very catchy toon.

  • Belieber4ever

    Not to be mean but she dressed like ariana grande,cuz ariana dresses like that but I mean everyone can wear whatever they want but it fits better on ariana not on Madison (not to be mean)just saying the truth

  • Lizzie

    It’s almost like a throw back from the one time video when Justin and his friends sitting on the couch without playing video games.And it’s Madison first time making a music video so her video is alright.

  • hannah mahone bieber

    shes very lucky that she got justin on it and shes very good :) i think shes really talented and pretty :)

  • Jennifer covarrubias

    It’s cool (: Justin I love you! <3

  • Belieber

    I liked Justin & Ryan’s part. I thought it was a great and creative way to start the music video.

  • Kidruahl’s Lover II ❤❤

    Love da beggining.. reminds me Of 2009 ..

    • Kidruahl’s Lover II ❤❤

      Opps “beginning”


    Yes , I like this song because it’s very nice .

  • Jazmyn Beadle

    yes Madison finally gave a music video out!
    love Justin and Ryan’s part, it was a HUGE throwback of one time.
    and Madison has the same record as Justin.
    Her song is amazing, her video is amazing, she is amazing, amazing performer, come on people dont hate on her. i understand that some of u are like “she seems so fake” but just give her a chance okay?! but i always supported Madison, AND I ALWAYS SUPPORTED AND WILL SUPPORT JUSTIN<3 Same with Madison<3

  • Melina

    I love Justin and Ryan,like a throwback form 2009 lol Madison’s song was okay…it’s kinda catchy :)

  • bieber’s shawty forever

    ombbbbbbbbbbbbbb I heard this song yesterday and that’s the amazing an sooooooooooooooooooo amazing songggggggggggggg she is so sweet and cuteeeeeeeeeeeee and Justin Is looking soooooooooo hot aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • biebergirl

    amazing song, amazing video! :D