Justin Bieber & Ryan Butler on Madison Beer’s Video “MELODIES”

Justin Bieber and ryan butler Madison Beer Melodies

Justin Bieber and his bff Ryan Butler appear on Madison Beer’s music video ‘Melodies’. The video opens with Justin & Ryan sitting on a couch, a scene reminiscent to Justin’s first video “One Time,” listening to “Melodies.

Watch the video:

Madison tells MTV news about Justin’s cameo:

I was a huge huge fan, like I was obsessed with him. I used to wear purple on his birthday to school with my friends.

I remember watching Justin’s first video and now Justin is in my first video and it’s just weird that I’m even saying that. They are just listening to the song, and he’s like, ‘Hey, watch this,’ and he signs a pair of headphones and puts them in a box and then closes the box and sends them off to me, and then the video starts with me opening up the box and putting the headphones on.

Justin has been really, really involved in this whole thing and that is just incredible to me because I’ve always been such a big fan of his and I’ve been to a bunch of his Believe Tour concerts and he’s just like a great performer. And to have someone like that behind me is just incredible.

Do you like Madison’s first music video?

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