Justin Bieber Sending Ariana Flirty Text Messages?

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Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande revealed in an interview that Justin has her phone number, and that his messages to her are more than just a little friendly!

Ariana said the moment they first exchanged texts in an old interview with M magazine:

Justin’s the most famous contact I have in my phone. I felt so cool when he texted me. I didn’t believe it was him at first. “What’s up cutie?” and I dropped my phone and thought, “That did not just happen.”

I did a cover of ‘Die In Your Arms’ and Justin tweeted it and said he liked it and that meant the world to me. The fact that he did that means that he thinks I have some credibility as an artist. I’d love to work with him one day, I think he’s adorable and amazing.

Note: This interview was about a year ago.

Ariana’s reportedly dating Nathan Sykes from THE WANTED.

  • michelle kirby

    wow she is lucky that he has her phone number , GOD BLESS YOU JB .

  • jutinscoolbb

    They’re just friends, I mean I don’t think if they are together or they will be together, ever ariana’s datiing nathan and she’s not the type of justin’s girls ( my thought) but it wouldbe adorable if they’re dating.

    • Kalani

      Any artist is lucky to work with justin. He’s amazing.

    • Bob

      I agree with u 100%

    • SamanthaLuvsJustin

      She’s not even dating Nathan bcuz he already has a gf I don’t remember her name but I saw a pic of them kissing in the ocean and they were definitley together.

  • Tanny

    Wow i wnt to work with u

  • Kalani

    There are so cute together. I hope they collobrate together one day. There so adorable. I love justin.

  • Kalani

    I love justin. He’s so adorable. I hope justin and Ariana do get to spend more time together. They are freakish adorable.

  • Suzanne Smith

    They definitely need to date! She is a cutie and talented as hell! They would make a cute couple!

    • Kalani

      Um No, she’s reporting dating Nathan Sykes. He’s a cutie. There friends. I would love to see them collobrate together. I Repeat Collobrate together.

  • jessica

    they look so cute together i mean i like Selena but i think arianna is alot more sexier than her and i wouldnt mind if they would go out

  • Use To Be #BieberForever

    Justin is old and his music is stupid. One Direction is way better, and mature. Justin is just all about the $.

    • hann ah mahone bieber

      why the hell r u on here if u dont like him.i guess u do bcuzz u go on here and u comment on everything.and one direction isnt better than justin .they couldnt even beat him at anything -,-

      • laura-anne smith

        Arians grande is so epic n damn pretty it would take a miracle 4 any guy 2 have her – no affence justin but u must try ur best.( it looks like u 2 really like each other alote !!! )

  • beebee

    If beiber went on a date with Ari her brother who is a Over-The-Top fan would go crazy when he would pick her up for the date. lol.

  • Belieber

    That’s so cute. Justin and Ariana would make a cute couple.

    • Kalani

      I disagree. There friends. Besides I do hope they collobrate together. They amazing together.

  • maria

    They will make a beautiful couple together , I hope they get together one time

  • mrbieber

    Omq why justin imcont realy like that girl she is not pritty like selena gomez but dont date her please and she is not hot i tell u whomis pritty is selena gomez i know that u still liker and missmher and u need to get back with her am not to happy about that that u text that girl u two are friends not like gf and bf plz dont date her date sg

    • hann ah mahone bieber

      @mr.bieber dont tell him who and not to date.he could date whoever he wants ok ?

  • Krista

    As much as i want to b with justin i think him and ariana would be a really cute couple and eventhough i wih it could be me justin is so great to his girlfriends Ariana would be more than luck to have them as long as it dosnt become a distraction from his music and making me happy it would be adorable.

  • Desss

    YAAASSSSS they would be so cute if they were a couple

  • hannah mahone bieber

    awwwww thats so cute .they should really date,they would be sucha cute couple :)

  • Rebecca Bieber

    Awww they wil make a cute a cuple Jarianna <3 i am belieber i love Justin so much

  • Rebecca Bieber

    They will make a cute couple Jarianna <3 I am belieber i love you Justin and Arianna you are beautiful Jarianna my #1 FUTURE couple ;)

  • Lizzie

    O.o Ariana is not dating one of the wanted boys band she is dating that boy she always be with name Jai brooks.

    • Lizzie

      Okay maybe she is dating one of the wanted boys so Jai really not together with Ariana so stupid cause Justin kiss her on the cheek smh.

      • Lizzie

        Wait it must be a rumor.

    • Kalani

      No she broke up with jai. She and Nathan are trying to figure things out between them. She even said that.

  • beebee

    I don’t know if it a good idea for Beiber to have a girlfriend in a competing career. Maybe she be with someone who can put god 1st him second, etc.

  • Nicki

    Awwww, that’s really sweet. I bet it will nice any day to work with Justin. That will be great Ariana. Also they will be a cute couple,better than selena.

    Luv you Justin and Ariana<3

  • Barasha

    Is Ariana and justin couples now????

  • Fine Ass Belieber

    follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/Whatupguy96

  • daniel

    justin BB and ariana look cute


    That was a while ago.

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    i would drop my phone if Justin called me a cutie

  • kidrauhl’s girl♥

    Ariana is cute and sweet if they date or if they are it would be great actually I love Ariana and Justin but it would be okay if they were just friends

  • essie j

    how the hell is that flirty?

  • Fernanda vargas

    i think justin is trying to look somebody very similiar selena poor him , he need to move on and make good things not destroy his life because of selena , i love him i want the best and the grestest things for him , he,s everthing to me , respect him plssss ! i love one direction too!

  • jazzy bieber

    omgb they are so adorable … I love u Justin mauh

  • jazzy bieber

    I love you Justin …mauhh <3