Justin Bieber Shirtless Photoshoot by Mike Lerner

Justin Bieber High Quality Shirtless Photoshoot by Mike Lerner Bieberzone

Justin Bieber High Quality Hat Photoshoot by Mike Lerner 2

Justin’s photoshoot by Mike Lerner.

  • Barasha

    Omg he is sooo hot when he is shirtless!!!!

    • nairalyn

      he is like the sexiest person on mother earth right now, im done!!!!

      • Swagalicious

        I know they say no one is perfect but daaaaaaammmmmnnnn that is the perfect most sexist body I have ever seen :D :D :P <3

  • Barasha

    I love u justin so so so much

  • Kalani

    Oh my goodness hottie. Love the hat.

    • richard torralba

      super hottest picture :::: so pretty boy”

  • lily

    Hot I love him!!!!!!!!!!

    • jemma

      i love you my sexy i love your body

  • ivan

    Justin Bieber, the next Indiana Jones! What do you think?

  • Mariah Bieber

    Ahhh he so skinny and he loos sooo sexy in that pic!

    • shaylie

      omg i know right.

  • Justins belieber

    Justin u r so amazing. like u sooooooo much . I wish u come to India next time

  • Kidrauhl’s Girl ♥♥♥

    That is so hot I love the tats they make him look greatt I love the black hat :)


    hotter …
    Justin bieber!!<3

    • Justin’s sexy new girlfriend Samantha

      I Love you Justin & the picture of you in the black hat& top&and I can see you doing a movie called MagicJustin
      As a sexy male stripper
      Because I think Justin can pull it off really well becuz
      He is hot &sexy

  • jazzy bieber

    so hot …muahh

  • jazzy bieber

    hot ….hottter

  • Melina

    Oh Damn! He is too sexy

  • abigail

    I lol justin in 9

  • alessia bieber

    omg love him so much i know all about him i know how many freckles he has

  • abigail

    You mine mine alone

    • shy girl 101

      i want him tooooooooooo but i can’t afford concert tickts. i wish icould meet him!!!!!!!!

  • Miss Belieber

    So wow like always ,love u Justin

    • ruth

      I love him the is the best I will marrei him

  • ivan

    Wonder why some guys go on his instagram to check out his pics and than trash him as gay, etc? They are probably miserable morons who don’t have a life. I might join just to tell them off.

  • shy girl 101

    why does he have a tatoo of an indeain chieff on his back? he’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy and hot shrtliss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lizzie

    My sexy babe posing with out a shirt.

  • maria

    That is so cute , love you fan for ever

  • Belieber

    Damn! Those pics. are fudgin’ sexy! He is the sexiest guy ever and he will always be ;)

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    omg my baby is so fucking sexy with no shirt ugh

  • Krista

    OMB seeing that takes my mind off of all the problems im having and i dont ever want to stay away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love you so much Justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kalani

      I think I like him better then someone else. She gets on my nerves. She’s Not a good singer. But I do love her fashion. Other then that I don’t like her.

  • Rihanna

    When is he not shirtless?

    • KALANI


  • Nicole

    Justin is looking Sexy!!!

  • Averie

    omb!! he’s so freakin’ hot when he’s shirtless! he is looking amazing, like always! love him!

  • essie j

    damn he’s so hot ;)

  • Mrs,Bieber#1


  • Liliana

    Sexy man. I love you so much Justin.

  • hannah mahone bieber

    omg hes sooooooo freakin hot.justin why r u trying to kil me what didi ever do to you omg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im dying