Justin Bieber, Terrell Owens & fans at Pinz Bowling in Studio City

Justin Bieber bowling at pinz bowling

Justin Bieber hanging with American football player at Pinz Bowling in Studio City. Also watch video Justin with fans

  • bieber’s shawty forever

    awwwwwwwwwwww all luckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • belieber&jelenator


  • Kalani

    Justin looks amazing and so hot with his stache.

  • Frances

    Take your shades off and smile baby. We are here for you. We are your Beliebers and we want that kidrauhl smile. Not a face half-covered in shades. We love you and we just want to make you happy. Ok?

  • essie j

    they’re so lucky damn

  • zari

    Holy shit!
    lucky ass beliebers!

  • kidrauhl’s girl♥

    Justin looks hot and sexy but I agree he should smile more………………..

  • Lizzie

    Lol he clubbing in his bus nobody isn’t invited.

  • Krista

    OMB they are so lucky

  • Nicki

    (LOL)!I hope that you had a good time at the “Pienz Bowling. You guys be safe. Justin you know how to bowl? (LOL)! I luv you!

  • Barasha

    I cant weat for justin’s new album….i m sure it will be fabulas!